03 February 2007

To Yacov from Ashkelon

Well, what do you know: Bradley Burston, being beset by all kinds of Internet maniacs posting in the Haaretz Talkback, decided to write a reply, where he is coming out (can we call it an outBurston?). Makes a good reading, as with most of his pieces.

And what do you know: the ink in the article has barely dried, and the first talkback is already spraying the screens of the readers with spit:

Burston: As phoney as a 57-shekel coin

Burston claims to be a Zionist? Yet everyday he publishes articles that are as anti-Jewish, anti-Israel as any neo-Nazi skinhead rag in the United States. I lived over 50 years in the U.S. but had to come to Israel and read Haaretz on line to see such a steady stream of Jew-bashing and Israel-bashing anti-Semitic propaganda. The most rabid Jew-hating groups in the U.S. did not produce such a steady stream of propaganda as do Levy, Hass, and the gang under the protection of Burston. For Burston to say he is a Zionist is about as honest as if Hitler would crawl out of his hole in hell and claim to be a Zionist. You have no shame, Burston. You should be publishing in Syria or Iran, not Israel.
The author of this overdose of venom, one Yacov from Ashkelon, has obviously made one mistake during his 50 years of preparations for the fateful move to Ashkelon from United States: he forgot to bring over his prescription for Loxapine. Which is a pity.

Anyway, this post is in no way intended to be a defense of Bradly Burston. The latter does an excellent job of it by his own mighty self. This post is just reflecting my bad mood, exacerbated by stumbling on this shining example of free thought, unfettered by any old rules of reasonable behavior, minimal politeness or, come to think of it, any vestige of intellect.

You see, Yacov, coming as you have, from a great democracy, you could have grokked in no time that this here country is populated by all kinds of Jooz - the lefties, the righties, the centrists, the left of center - ists, the right of ce... anyhow, even north, south and north - eastern varieties are presented, and I have even heard rumors about the south - western subtype, although it is still left to be proved.

And you know what - they all have to find ways to get along (oh my, I am starting to sound like a schoolmarm already). And calling one another Nazi Jew-hater is a strict no-no. Even if you are tardy with your daily pills allotment. Capite?

Because if non capite - fuck you and the horse you rode into Ashkelon too.



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