17 February 2007


It is a long time since I have last treated our customers to an edition of especially remarkable searches that bring some of the surfers to this here blog. Time for a refresher. So, here are the questions and our answers - earnest and to the best of our humble abilities and knowledge.

Q. Humour Ahmadinejad?

A. Yes, lots of - a regular comic, should start doing it full time.

Q. Spawn of the devil?

A. Right place, right question. And the devil himself is here too.

Q. Judaism and food elimination?

A. Judaism is all for food. And for elimination. Not for food elimination, though...

Q. Throw a wrench in my bailiwick?

A. Gladly. Keep your head down meanwhile.

Q. Diego Maradona committed adultery?

A. Not here anyways.

Q. Jews awesome?

A. We sure is.

Q. Life without testicles?

A. Could be arranged, call us for a follow - up meeting. Home visit possible.

Q. Diego Maradona love Israel.

A. Yeah, like I love being knocked on the nogging by a phone pole. What is your beef with Diego, anyway?

Q. Pray jews behave powerful greedy dislike?

A. Prozac time, amigo. Let your dear and near tuck you in and have a refreshing wank.

Q. Gilad Atzmon Israeli agent?

A. OK, this operation will have to be rolled up, it is out in the open now...

Q. Real Jews dont like Zionists?

A. Real Jews eat Zionists for breakfast. Bones, buttons and kippas included.

Q. Hummus flatulence?

A. Oh boy. Think vulcano...

Q. Bernanke another Jew?

A. Nah. He is just making out like one. With our help too...