Jewish Che Guevara affair

One of the significant "achievements" of this here blog was to expose the surfers to the real - Jewish Che Guevara, a fact unknown to historians, politicians and the enormous crowd of indoctrinate, naive or simply stupid wearers of the T-shirt. The fact of Che Guevara's Judaic roots and related parts of his checkered bio will remain unknown to historians, due to a simple reason: it's all bullshit, of course.

However, there is a lesson in this affair. Lots of readers started with the first published item:

However, not many were patient enough to get to the second, complementary item:

And only the most patient ones have read the final revelation:

We hope that this time you will read it all in the appropriate sequence. But in any case don't miss the last installment, where all becomes clear. And remember this: