28 February 2010

To whom it may concern: fess up and rejoice!

You, you and you... also you. And you too, don't think you get get away scot-free.

In short - you all know who you are and you must also know that confession takes a huge load off your conscience. And some people who care about your well being have opened a way for you. So go there and join the folks who've already fessed up:

I was also a part of the Dubai Assassination Squad.

And remember: early bird gets its eggs and bacon hot and its cereal crunchy!

From Meryl Via Dick Stanley.

The next Israeli Chief of Staff

It's quite clear now:

RECENT REPORTS indicate that IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi – who strangely received a nice medal from Mullen two years ago – is the main opponent of an Israeli military strike against Iran’s nuclear installations. If this is true, then Ashkenazi must either be forced to change his position or lose his job. The Iranian threat is too great to place in the hands of a commander the US reportedly views as its “friend” in Israel’s decision-making circles.
I am getting my army boots out of... (where the heck have I put them?) for shining and my old uniform for dry cleaning. Lead us onward, Caroline!

27 February 2010

Hag Purim Sameach - Happy Purim!

This time with a wink to cannibalism:


Many thanks to Lynne T.

Haveil Havalim #258: Purim 5770 Edition

This is an early bird Purim edition, and it rocks!

26 February 2010

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh assassination - the plot thickens

After the last news about Dubai chief of police uncovering another 15 killers of the late Hamas chief, I have decided to let the subject rest for a few years. After all, when you see how the story quickly outgrows the impressive dimensions of the Murder on the Orient Express, you may want to wait till the final numbers become published. As it is today, Guinness people should already take heed and open a new rubric: a record number of killers per single person. But they, most probably, wisely decided to wait for the final report too.

I'm not sure that, as Meryl suggests, we are dealing in this case with a bumbler policeman of Inspector Clouseau type. I am personally inclined to think along the lines of a Middle Eastern version of Hercule Poirot. And I am eagerly anticipating the final scene of the story, where the master sleuth gathers all suspects and all other interested parties to disclose the Truth. Of course, the logistics in this case will be not that simple, but I hope they have a large enough stadium in Dubai, at least large enough for the suspects alone...

Anyhow, this is only a part of the master sleuth's tasks, and it seems to be going fairly well. There is another part, though, dealing with the ways and means of this killing. The more information becomes available, the more unbelievable and outlandish the story grows to be. Of course, until the moment when our Hercule P. reveals all to the masses. But still, the ways in which Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was dispatched to his heavenly rewards are baffling, to say the least. Just from these two sources:

It began with a leak that on Mabhouh's body there were signs of brute force that were evident that he was tortured before he was killed. There was even a report that his assassins tied him up with wire. In fact it turned out that for 10 days the Dubai police thought he had died of natural causes, so clearly had he not been tortured.
But then we get a lot of contradicting facts:
Initial medical reports stated that the cause of death was due to an increase in blood pressure on the brain.
I am not sure how it's done, but it's probably some devilish chemistry at work.
A local autopsy detected burns from a stun gun on his chest, under his ear and in his groin...
So it's taser or another similar electric gizmo. This version is strengthened by the following quote:
Mahmoud's brother told AFP by telephone, that an investigation showed Mahmoud was killed by an electrical appliance held to his head.
But, on the other hand:
...local doctors diagnosed a heart attack, induced by a drug injected by the hit squad.
Curiosier and curiosier. And it doesn't let up as we continue:
On January 31, Emirati Law reported that the Dubai Police Chief said that forensic examination showed Mabhouh was suffocated with a pillow by a professional criminal group. He made no mention of electrocution nor blood.
The list includes another curious mention:
The Indian Siasat Daily reported that the Dubai Police Chief told Gulf News that a Hamas member had played a significant role in the killing.
But I think we shouldn't include the Hamas member in the list of the ways and means, unless he is to be considered a blunt instrument.

There is, however, another element of the mystery that I've intentionally left for the end, for real connoisseurs of murder thrillers: the locked room mystery :
On Wednesday the 20th January 2010 at 1.30 pm, Al Bustan Hotel's administration opened the door to the victim's hotel room, which was locked from the inside with the latch and chain in place...
I really don't know what to say. Aside of the strong sympathy I feel for the Dubai chief of police. The man is dealing with a formidable mystery here. Or a formidable foe. Or both...

Just as a last line of defense, I would offer the chief a following sequence of events that conforms to a simple case of suicide:
  1. The deceased (D) locks the room and puts the security chain on.
  2. D tasers self on his chest, under his ear and in his groin.
  3. D injects self with a drug that eventually increases blood pressure in the brain.
  4. D injects self with a drug that eventually causes a heart attack.
  5. D connects self to the wall power outlet, probably using a table lamp cord with a switch.
  6. D ties self up with a wire and lies down on his bed (while connected to the electricity source)
  7. D bites on a pillow to suffocate self, while simultaneously pressing (with his toe or something) the switch that electrocutes him.
  8. D expires.
But of course, we shouldn't forget: there is another fallback, to be used in a dire emergency only: the death notice of January 21, 2010, talking about D's demise of a natural cause.

So, I think that, all things considered, the Dubai chief of police is in a good shape re this case. All venues are still open. Cool.

Update: as Finzz correctly suggests in the comments, all steps 1-8 were undertaken while being seduced by a person of a female persuasion dressed in in a hotel uniform.

25 February 2010

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey: so what's going on with him?

The rising volume of hits on Simply Jews with the search string "Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey" is showing an unusual interest in this rather obscure subject.

I have indeed written a post related to this odious character some time ago. However, not being much into western lackeys of Pravda, I've quickly forgotten that episode.

What on earth could have happened to this blighter to be of possible interest to anyone? An answer will be appreciated.

Update: no need, I have found it: Vancouver: Mutton Dressed as Lamb. Yeah, it's a choice selection of excrement to throw at anyone. Want a sample? Here:

We all know Canada has problems with the future lines drawn on Arctic maps and we all know Canada lives in the shadow of its larger neighbour to the south. The abject cruelty shown by Canadian soldiers in international conflicts is scantily referred to, as indeed is the utter incapacity of this county to host a major international event, due to its inferiority complex, born of a trauma being the skinny and weakling bro to a beefy United States and a colonial outpost to the United Kingdom, whose Queen smiles happily from Canadian postage stamps.

Maybe it is this which makes the Canadians so…retentive, or cowardly.
Cruelty? Cowardly? Retentive?

Are there any Canucks near the bastard to clean his clock for him?

The bad, the ugly and copyright

On throwing out the baby with the water. Well said.

Terry Glavin reporting from Afghanistan

. . . All this talk about reconciliation [with Taliban] is very tempting for the international community, but this is a charade. Who is talking about fighting corruption? Everybody is talking about reconciliation, and it doesn’t have a foundation, it doesn’t have a basis. If you pay bribes to people through the same corrupt system, then all you’re left with is corruption.
Afghani opposition leader Abdullah Abdullah.

This and more from Terry Glavin.

24 February 2010

Dubai has identified 15 new suspects in the Mahmoud al-Mabhouh assassination

Dubai police said Wednesday the total number of people believed involved in the death [grew] to 26.
It looks more and more like some secret agents' convention. At this rate, in a few months it will appear that all the hotels in Dubai were booked by Mossad. Aside of that one single room.

And that all foreigners crossing Dubai immigration control are, in fact, Mossad operatives.

Murder on the Orient Express is left standing...

Jim Gibbons: a man who hasn't had sex in 15 years

It's the first time I hear that the post of the state governor goes with a pledge of celibacy.

According to a recent deposition given by Republican Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons, he has not had sex in 15 years, he didn't sleep with a former Playboy model, and perhaps most surprisingly, he doesn't tell jokes very well.
And I really can respect a man who confesses to all this. It goes a long way to show his willpower and determination. What is unusual in this case is that Mr Gibbons decided to present a list of people he didn't sleep with. It's unclear how that list supports the celibacy statement.

On the other hand, it may be a good idea for every man thinking of some side activity to get himself busy instead, preparing a list of women he didn't sleep with. With the world population being what it is, this occupation may keep many a man out of trouble.

Hat tip: David A.

Keith Olbermann and Tea Party

I freely confess to being invariably turned off by pundits, be it the left wing ones like Noam Chomsky or right wing retards of Glenn Beck style. These pompous and self-inflated gurus of a cause who usually don't doubt anything in their polished and stagnant world view are the best argument against the cause they push - for me, that is.

And so, without prejudice and without taking sides, the case of Keith Olbermann getting his face slapped by the Dallas Tea Party was really a breath of fresh air. Enjoy:

Hawk Panther Commercial

This is that kind of BS surfers thrive on? Oh boy...

23 February 2010

How God rewards a female suicide bomber?

Regarding the male martyrs, everything is clear cut: where there is a deed, there is a precisely defined award:

  1. The Shahid's sins are forgiven
  2. He sees his place in Paradise and lives a full life of joy with Allah
  3. He is protected from "the Great Shock" on Judgment Day
  4. He is crowned with a crown of honor
  5. He marries 72 dark-eyed wives
  6. He will be able to intervene on behalf of 70 of his family members on Judgment Day, thereby ensuring them the reward of Afterlife
And, behold this miracle of miracles: Palestinian Authority TV has even achieved something that in the previous century and before would have been thought impossible: a first ever view of the virgins:
I only hope that the dresses in the picture are not representative of the virgins' wardrobe in general (color-wise, form-wise and otherwise), and that these are uniforms for the ceremonial part (reception of the martyr, registration process, necessary speeches, executive meetings etc). But, on the whole, the virgins, what could be seen of them in the picture, look not bad at all. Makes one think some positive thoughts about Semtex one has never entertained before...

And, financially speaking, the whole deal is something no mother would miss for her son. Just think how much, in terms of bride price, mom and dad will have to spring for 12 brand new virgins, not to mention 72? It's no wonder that the mom in that article says: "My message to every mother is to sacrifice her child for Palestine".

But, on the other hand (this is why we usually have two hands), how about a female martyr? Its' a murky issue, really, and the Islamic theology slinks away from answering this question. However, some feminists have already turned their turrets in this direction.
If male martyrs can expect to find 72 virgin maidens in paradise when they die, what rewards can female suicide bombers expect?
I say it's a totally reasonable question, and even an MCP (male chauvinist pig) could see where it makes sense. After all, a contract is a contract and ten pounds of Semtex are ten pounds of Semtex, no matter who is thumbing that button.

I believe that, for the sake of fairness, the number of males provided to the female martyr should be the same. Only one minor correction, though: I would suggest to dispense with the notion of providing 72 virgin males. I mean, who needs the hassle?

And my suggestion to the shakers and movers of Islamic establishment is to produce the goods asap. Otherwise the feminists will get into the fray, and you will end up with an endless bargaining, apologies and who knows - Islam may end up with two separate Edens... who really needs it?

How to write metaphorically

She grew on him like she was a colony of E. Coli, and he was room-temperature Canadian beef.
This and more, here. Thanks to Jams.

Lauren Ashley Opposes Same Sex Marriage

They say.

Looking at that picture I can see where I could agree with her... in this specific instance... for now...

22 February 2010

Israel unveils drone that 'can reach Iran'

The armament and the effective radius remain undisclosed. Details.

Mossad hairdressers' activities questioned

Here. And more.

Joe Stack's daughter, Samantha Bell labels dad hero

Another martyr in the making, this time on American soil. I wonder how soon his name will become a battle call for all kinds of deranged militias. And his daughter...

I wonder what does the family of this man think about Stack and Stack's daughter.

Chief scientist vs Darwin

Education Ministry's chief scientist unhappy with evolution theory, doesn't agree to be a descendant of monkeys. As an argument offers his 20 years of Likud membership.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was a cheapo!

Says the travel agent of the late terrorist.

A Hamas leader assassinated during a visit to Dubai last month exposed himself to attack when he breached security protocol by talking about his trip over the phone and making hotel reservations on the Internet, the militant Islamic group said Saturday.
The Secretary General of Universal Union of All Travel Agents, Morton Fly Ing, in the tastefully decorated (Hallmark) "Thanks from the Bottom of my Heart" postcard sent to Mossad DG, has written:
Dear Mr Dagan,

In the name of all travel agents I want to express my gratitude for eliminating that cheapo, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who was known as the kind of person that would rather walk and/or sleep on the beach than make a flight and/or hotel reservation via a travel agent and pay the agent's commission.

Keep up the good work, and I hereby confirm the existing arrangements re our discounted commission to Mossad, accumulation of MI6 operatives' mileage on Mossad account (let them figure it out, I say) and all other existing understandings.

With best wishes,


21 February 2010

Haveil Havalim #257: The "Moshe Rabbeinu Birthday/Yahrzeit" Edition

Haveil Havalim #257-- The"Moshe Rabbeinu Birthday/Yahrzeit" Edition is not only an excellent edition, but is accompanied this time by an exquisite flower show. Warmly recommended.

Oil sheiks brace for decline in worldwide oil demand

According to this news:

Officials said Riyad has been discussing options ahead of forecasts that demand for crude oil would peak over the next decade, a development expected to harm the kingdom's energy industry.
According to other information, more farsighted of the oil sheiks have decided to stock on the vital products:

This Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren fully built in White Gold

Notice the sheiks are queuing for the purchase. It's frightful how poor state of economy pushes people to the extremes.

20 February 2010

The tactless Meircans

Tee hee...

Purim revisionists: Vashti vs Esther

Some attempts to revise history make you mad, some make you sad. This one is hilarious. Unfortunately, the revisionists in this case are largely humorless fanatics of the cause, unable to see the funny side of their activities no matter what. But we, at least, could enjoy watching them. Please do so.

Tiger Woods apology for Scotty Lago racy pictures

Will not appear here, as usual, but it's time to issue a soothing view:

You are being watched, so calm down and behave!

18 February 2010

Austin: Joseph Andrew Stack and Piper Cherokee vs IRS

Tragic, stupid and in the end IRS wins, it looks like. We'll wait for more local news.

Tom Friedman the scientist

My respect to the "multi Pulitzer Prize winning author" already hit the rock bottom after his histrionics re the much hated Internet and the bloggers. So nothing much changed in this respect when I read the op-ed column titled Global Weirding Is Here. The message conveyed by the article, however, is another matter.

In the article Mr Friedman offers free advice, sketching the way that in his opinion the most distinguished scientist communities should take to put an end to the dissent on the GW subject:

In my view, the climate-science community should convene its top experts — from places like NASA, America’s national laboratories, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, the California Institute of Technology and the U.K. Met Office Hadley Centre — and produce a simple 50-page report. They could call it “What We Know,” summarizing everything we already know about climate change in language that a sixth grader could understand, with unimpeachable peer-reviewed footnotes.
I am not a sixth grader and happen to know that scientific papers usually don't look the way the author desires, but this is not that important. It's the following text that is of note: Mr Friedman has already prepared the (four points) conclusions for the "50-page report". Not that I've noticed any formal scientific titles in Friedman's bio, but he is, probably, a brilliant autodidact, judging by the way he dispenses instructions to the above listed scientific centers. Smashing, that...

But this, in fact, is not my main point, it's just a bit of background to show the level of self-importance to which our august journo has elevated himself. This post is, actually, about another tirade from the same article:
The climate-science community is not blameless. It knew it was up against formidable forces — from the oil and coal companies that finance the studies skeptical of climate change to conservatives who hate anything that will lead to more government regulations to the Chamber of Commerce that will resist any energy taxes.
The sleight of hand in this quote is a bit crude by NYT standards, but still quite amazing. Apples vs oranges is nothing to Tom, when he so deftly pitches the "climate-science community" as a united single-minded group against the all-powerful economic and political foes - also united and single-minded group, all bad, of course.

And why should any indoctrinated in GW belief reader analyze that quote, instead of swallowing as a whole something he/she believes in? Of course, one-dimensional "truth" that Friedman dispenses doesn't need complications like mentioning many a scientist challenging the science behind some of the global warming theories. Or mentioning the green industries that are eagerly clamoring for federal handouts that will run into uncounted (yet) billions. Or political undercurrents, where for some reason that still escapes me (or not), the split between the pro- and anti-GW theory occurred precisely along the political divide...

Not that it should be of interest to anyone, but the author of this post is sitting on the fence where the GW theory is concerned, preferring to let the scientists do their work*. The glaring bias and pompous buffoonish preaching like these of Tom Friedman can hardly change my point of view.

As for Friedman's outrage that "the grandchildren of Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma are building an igloo next to the Capitol with a big sign that says “Al Gore’s New Home,”", what can I say: at least someone is having fun on account of a man that tried to frighten me by 20 feet waves.

Feh, Thomas...

(*) It was quite a disappointment for me to see the Friedman's article in question appearing in the column "Calls to action" (the pro-GW theory side of that site). As if it is really contributing something.

17 February 2010

New Mossad suspect in Dubai Mahmoud al-Mabhouh affair

A new, 18nth member of the assassination team was discovered by the Dubai police. However, confused Dubai policemen decided not to publish the details. Of course, there are no secrets to be kept from the Elders, so here it goes. The name used by the assassin (purported to be the real leader of the team) is James Gordon Brown, passport number 8364891453. The picture in the passport:

"No comments" response was obtained from Downing 10.

Avigdor Lieberman, however, was more responsive. "The situation is, according to our policy, ambiguous. It could have been Gordon Brown indeed. On the other hand, with proper makeup it could be me as well. Go figure...", responded Lieberman.

Palin or pain and Paulites' eulogy for dead anti-Semite

Andrew Ian Dodge has published an interesting article Palin or merely pain?. With a usual disclaimer of not understanding enough about US internal politics, I can only say that Andrew's description of Palin's affair with the Tea Party movement is highly educational.

On another kind of affair (via Andrew Ian Dodge as well): Ron Paul Fans Post Tributes to Rabid Antisemite:

Maybe it’s just me, but when someone says that Jews drink the blood of gentile children, I could not possibly care less about his opinions on the Federal Reserve.
Right. And "rabid" is a pretty mild description of Eustace Mullins' state of mind. I had a doubtful honor to blog about this character. Bleh...

15 February 2010

Goldstone facts: when the messenger is the message

When I have first looked at the site that carries on its masthead a proud statement "Goldstone facts", after browsing its main page and several links I became uncomfortable. I was unable to dispose of a feeling that someone went to great length to perpetrate a hoax that will further undermine the flimsy foundations of the Goldstone report. It took me some considerable time to make sure that it's not so and that this site is quite serious and indeed supports the report, albeit in a way that leaves the report in shambles.

They say that it's impolite and generally politically incorrect to attack the messenger - one should concentrate on the message itself, proving or disproving its contents. The case at hand, however, is too glaringly absurd to follow that maxim. I am confident that this is a case where the messengers themselves are a message, loud and clear at that.

I offer you a snapshot of the front page of the report, with a video clip as its centerpiece, played and stopped at a point where I have ended up laughing my head off. Click on the picture below to see the details.

So who are the messengers? Lets' start with the "sideboard". Amira Hass and Gideon Levy - two Haaretz scribes that lost their last shreds of respect and credibility so long ago that no one (aside of the worst Israel bashers) would use their articles for anything having to do with facts. Norman Finkelstein - a pathetic individual that carries out some deep psychological trauma, expunged by academic community and living of the Holocaust memories in his own perverted way. Uri Avnery - a truly comical figure that passed into obscurity years ago, after his career in a yellow tabloid, friendship with late Yasser A. and other shenanigans. And these are the token Jews chosen to laud the Goldstone report? Pathetic.

Now to the principals:

Factual Findings narrated by Ross Vachon
Cannot say that I have been familiar with the name, but these two links: one to Vachon's opus SEMITISM GONE WILD The Psychopathology Of Neo-Conservatism: A Clinical History and one to a person being harassed by Vachon: My Nasty Mailers, should suffice for everyone. And now: the crown jewel:
Factual and Legal findings narrated by Noam Chomsky
Mastermind of the Century, no less and no more... Well, Noam C. with his well known strict adherence to facts... no, it sounds sarcastic, and sarcasm doesn't play well with this case of an unsmiling, pompous, self-important luminary. If you need someone to play loose with facts and to manipulate history to customize the results to your own ends, you can't do better than recruiting Noam. Let's say it shorter: the man is a liar. But now, I see, he is also credited with being a legal expert - will the wonders ever cease?

So this is the pair chosen to present the "factual and legal findings" of Goldstone report. Were these findings presented by Baron Munchausen and Hodja Nasreddin, we would have been at least entertained by the presentation, but no such luck.

And now to the centerpiece: the clip. As you can see, the hapless creators of the clip have used the famous crudely photoshopped Joozilla the Super Dozer, without any, no matter how feeble, attempt to check the veracity of the story. Here comes a better picture:

Of course, the picture of the whole sordid affair wouldn't be complete without mentioning the three members of Mr Goldstone mission: Ms Hina Jilani - a Pakistani (sic!) judge who signed an open letter, published 16 March 2009, condemning Israel before the Goldstone committee was convened; a law professor Ms Christine Chinkin, who is “categorically rejecting” Israel’s right to self-defence against Hamas rocket attacks; and the last but not the least, quite an odious character, Desmond Travers, a retired Irish army colonel, who rejected out of hand any evidence presented by IDF, is concerned with the devious Jewish lobby and claims that Israeli soldiers had "taken out and deliberately shot" Irish peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon. Mr. Travers should become famous (but probably wouldn't) for the following quote alone:
"Gaza is the only gulag in the Western hemisphere; maintained by democracies; closed-off from food, water, air" says Colonel Desmond Travers, co-author of the Goldstone report, in an exclusive MEMO interview.
I guess that Mr Goldstone didn't check with Mr. Travers in advance in what hemisphere (or, indeed, on what planet) the good colonel thinks he (and Gaza) is located. Obviously, checking the mental state of his fellow committee members wasn't in Goldstone's brief. Too bad.

And this is how the history is made these days, ladies and gentlemen.

Afterword: about my own opinion on the Goldstone report and its aftermath. I still belong to the minority (I haven't any statistical data, though) that considers it necessary to set up our own commission of inquiry. I think that it was a mistake to disregard the Goldstone mission to start with and that now we are paying the price. I am sure that the civilian casualties were inevitable in an urban combat situation when the enemy has done their considerable best to increase the number of such casualties. But if the commission of inquiry would have found cases where the casualties were a result of willful action by IDF, the guilty should have been punished. And no, I've no hope that the results of an Israeli commission of inquiry, had such commission been set up, would have been accepted by UN - I am not that naive about the automatically anti-Israeli setup of this august outfit. Still, there is some hope yet.

Hat tip: Laurence.

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14 February 2010

Baroness Tonge: where Meryl wouldn't dare to tread

Here it comes, beware - watch no more than 5 seconds:


They might as well make it legal

Tee heee...

Everything, headline included, lifted from The Whited Sepulchre. Who, in turn...

Chodesh Adar Tov! Havel Havelim Rosh for Chodesh Adar, Not A Joke

A brand new double-barreled Havel Havelim # 256 celebrates here and here, thanks to Batya.

13 February 2010

Muzzle Watch - watching what?

I've discovered recently a hit coming from a post titled Notorious Masada2000 site taken down, time to call the FBI? in a blog named Muzzle Watch. Apparently some commentator linked one of the posts on Simply Jews for some reason. Anyway, I was in a hurry and assumed that this Muzzle Watch blog is geared to be gleeful about some other blogs being taken down. Since this time the post was about Massada2000, which is a nest of some mentally challenged folks indeed, I shrugged the incident off and resumed the usual Elders' mayhem.

Today, though, I have found that I left the page open in one of the tabs and decided to give it another look. The masthead says: "Tracking efforts to stifle open debate about US-Israeli foreign policy." It sounds interesting: after all, stifling debate is all we, the bloggers, are notoriously against. Although one may want to inquire what kind of animal is "US-Israeli foreign policy", when it roams free and unfettered? Or is this expression some kind of a hint?

So I've looked into "About Us" tab of the blog:

MuzzleWatch is dedicated to creating an open atmosphere for debate about US-Israeli foreign policy by:
  • shining a light on incidents that involve pressure, intimidation, and outright censorship of critics of US-Israeli policy
  • showing that there is a real environment of intimidation that keeps people from speaking honestly and openly
  • making groups that use silencing tactics accountable
While the site encourages people from across the political spectrum to debate freely and vigorously, personal or excessively abusive attacks will not be tolerated. Repeat offenders may be banned from the board.
Oh, and the blog is affiliated with Jewish Voice for Peace, an organization that displays on its Facebook profile this strange picture:

Refusing to occupy is perfectly fine with me, but why would a nice Jooish meidaleh paint half of her face blue? Is it some kind of Braveheart disguise? Strange, that...

Anyway, starting with that strange gleeful post about Massada2000, something didn't seem quite right with this blog. If it is concerned with open unmuzzled debate, why so much happiness about some folks, wacky as they are, being muzzled? So I have started to page through the blog, trying to understand what it is about and to find where it uncovers cases of "pressure, intimidation, and outright censorship", "real environment of intimidation" and "groups that use silencing tactics".

To start with, a long, muddled and unpersuasive explanation of why Muzzle Watch doesn't allow comments. Sounds even stranger, does it? Muzzle Watch that doesn't allow comments... mmm... there is an internal something in this sentence, something that doesn't jibe...

And you know what: after paging through few tens of posts on that blog, I have found everything you want, especially sharp criticism or pro-Israeli that or pro-Israeli another, refusal of this or another (obviously pro-Zionist in a sinister way) organization to host this or another anti-Israeli speaker (no explanation why it does constitute "muzzling"), a lot of names that made my poor head dizzy. But no proof of muzzling. Accidentally, no mention of why many a Israeli (or pro-Israeli) speaker is being heckled off the scene in some choice universities in US - which, in my book, does constitute muzzling - but let's leave it alone. And all in all - a lot of anti-Israely hooey mixed with some real facts and lots of propaganda.

But then, I have stumbled on something even more amazing in this post, where the author, Cecilie Surasky is explaining about the "battle of language and images":
This battle is actually global, though the stakes in the US are obvious- unconditional diplomatic and financial support for Israel while it pursues its dream of a Greater Israel [emphasis mine].
Uh-uh... that's not cool, Cecilie. It's year 2010 when you have written this, and hardly a right-wing dreamer still pursues that specific dream. It's five years since that Israel, which in your description is akin to a single-minded monolith that pursues that or another dream, left a part of that "Greater Israel" called Gaza, it's more than 30 years since it left another part called Sinai, and the list is not final, I suspect. You know what I mean, Cecilie?

Another point or two, Cecilie: besides being somewhat libelous and somewhat absurd, that statement a) displays your, how to say it gently, innocence re the term "Greater Israel" - look it up at an opportunity; and b) is very well in tune with one of the Hamas chief propaganda masters, one Mahmoud Al-Zahar, who still blames Israel in designs to get it all between Nile and Euphrates. And Mr Al-Zahar is not a nice bloke, Cecilie.

And how does that misleading, libelous and hate-promoting statement match what you say about yourself here:
...within Jewish Voice for Peace, we strive to use a language that does not dehumanize or promote hate, but rather illuminates complex moral issues.
Well, striving is good, but in that case, Cecilie, you clearly gave in to your desires without striving. Unless I am confused. And I readily confess that Muzzle Watch is very confusing...

Or is it?

P.S. Time to air and display that confusion sign again. Aha, here it is:

Cat owners cleverer than dog owners - is it really news?

People who own a cat are more likely to have a university degree than those with a pet dog, a study by Bristol University suggests.
Ha! On the other hand, though, it could be that them intellectually superior cat owners spend too much time in Bristol University and similar places, indulging in all kinds of monkey b unnecessary "research" funded by the unsuspecting dog lover taxpayers...

Noor Rashid - huge and unlubricated

A mandatory reading, I would say.

Hat tip: Andrew Ian Dodge.

12 February 2010

So Roger, is Iran a totalitarian state?

Reading the latest news from Iran, I cannot but be reminded of the definition of Iranian "flawed but vibrant democracy" by Roger Cohen, the NYT luminary. These judgment was announced about a year ago. With the addition of "Iran is an un-free society with a keen, intermittently brutal apparatus of repression, but it’s far from meeting these criteria [of a totalitarian state]".

So lets' take a look:

  • Mass arrests of protesters
  • Show trials
  • Execution of political prisoners as "enemies of God" (just replace "God" by "the people")
  • Jamming of foreign broadcasts
  • Closing of Internet services
Reminds you something? Eh, Roger?

Open letter to Robert S. Mueller, III, FBI Director

Dear Mr Mueller,

I have received your letter as presented below:

Attn: Beneficiary: It has come to notice of Federal Bureau of Investigation that your long awaiting funds worth US$10,500,000.00 only has been transferred to Bank of America to credit to your account. However, we decided to inform you about this good news so that you will be ready to receive the huge sum of money with any bank account of your choice. Moreover, we have instructed Bank of America to hold on until we receive what is called "Diplomatic Immunity Seal of Transfer (DIST)" from you to prove the legitimacy of the funds approval from Nigerian government. Furthermore, more details and the contact information of above stated certificate responsible issuing officer shall be given to you in my next e-mail. Note that we shall conduct immediate payment cancellation and then charge you for money laundering.The FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division processes these requests to check illegal activities in U.S.A.


Robert Mueller, III, FBI Director‏
Thank you for your personal attention, dear Mr Mueller. However, I consider your attention to be an unwarranted and unwelcome interference into my relationship with the much esteemed Nigerian government. The amount mentioned in your letter (US$ 10,500,000.00) is indeed long awaited, and there are good reasons for the money be transferred in full to my personal account immediately. Details of my personal account will be forwarded to you in a separate e-mail.

This request is unconditioned and final, and I expect your personal intervention, any insignificant and, frankly, absurd arguments to the contrary notwithstanding. The artificial and spurious requirements, such as that "Diplomatic Immunity Seal of Transfer" (seal - shmeal indeed) are a typical bureaucratic ploy designed to prolong FBI's hold on the money that legally and morally belongs to me and that was paid in good faith by Nigerian government for services rendered.

Saying this, I do believe that your immediate intervention to resolve the issue and to expedite the transfer of above mentioned amount to me deserves a remuneration, to the tune of US$ 500,000.00. The said amount to be transferred to you immediately after my personal account is credited by the full amount of Nigerian government payment.

To this end, dear Mr Mueller, I will need some personal information from you, including:
  • Your personal e-mail address
  • Your permanent residence address
  • Your home and mobile phone numbers
  • Your bank account and main credit cards details
After I receive the above listed information, I shall contact you to discuss further details regarding the transfer of the US$ 500,000.00.I sincerely hope that the whole issue will be resolved to our mutual satisfaction.

Kind regards,

Your STG

11 February 2010

A challenge for PETA: feeding zebras to starving lions

That's in Kenya:

Kenyan wildlife officials are ferrying thousands of zebras and wildebeest to a park in the country's south to feed starving lions and hyenas, and prevent a conflict with humans.
This is a golden opportunity for PETA to make a stand and to teach the lion community how disgusting and revolting is their predilection to meat. How healthy, humane and overall nice is to switch to all-vegetarian diet. Like Patricia De Leon, whose health vastly improved after becoming vegetarian... and more after becoming a PETA card-carrying member.

It's a time for a PETA mission to Africa to save helpless zebras and wildebeest and to change the lifestyle of the lions and hyenas who just don't know better.

And if the worst comes to worst, to sacrifice their lives so that z. and w. will be saved. No, thanks, I'll prepare the list of candidates for the mission myself.

American Airlines' arithmetic problem

If a blue fleece blanket and an inflatable neck pillow set is sold to a passenger for $8, how many sets should AA sell to pay the fine that will be most certainly slapped on AA by FAA, if the fine amount is:

  1. $5 million
  2. $10 million
  3. $20 million
A correct answer to all three questions will entitle the answerer to a free blanket/pillow set and a complimentary (non-alcoholic) beverage*.

(*) The offer is valid on all domestic flights excluding Hawaii and Alaska. The list of free non-alcoholic beverages is presented to the passengers during the flight and may be changed by the airline without prior notice

The Point of "No Return"

Intelligence services world over from CIA and MI5 to Mossad are asking themselves one simple question: when will Iran acquire a capability to attack other countries using nuclear devices?

Here at The Elders we can give you the precise date as long as you promise not to give away our little secret.

Put it this way... You may want to pencil April fool's day into your calendars. This time around it won't be a laughing matter. Here is how we derived the date:

1. Iran already has more than enough U-235. According to the IAEA Iran has over 2 tonnes of UF6 giving us over 1300kg of enriched uranium. At 3.5% enrichment we have almost 50 kilos of U-235.

2. President Ahmadinejad issued an order to enrich his stockpile to 20%. As they are using a starting point of 3.5% enrichment I estimate that assuming they are using all the centrifuges at full blast it will take Iran a couple of months to enriched all they have to 20%.

3. At 20% enrichment (20% U-235 isotope in the total Uranium mix) we have the so-called "HEU" - Highly Enriched Uranium. It's not weapons grade (90%) but you can make a nuclear bomb out of it. In fact you only really need 6% enrichment; it's just that at 6% you need an awful lot of uranium and at 90% you can manufacture modern nuclear weapons combining Pu-239 and U-235 charges. In fact, Uranium used in the Hiroshima bomb wasn't "weapons grade" either.

4. At 20% enrichment you'd need about 25 kg of HEU to make a simple nuclear bomb. You would need a lot less if you have beryllium or other neutron reflectors but let's assume Iran does not have beryllium. That gives them 10 nuclear devices based on the quantity of U-235 they have in the enriched uranium stockpile.

5. Many people assume that once Iran has HEU it would have to build a complex missile warhead with a sophisticated trigger and electronics - something similar to what a US ballistic nuclear missile would have. That is false.

You could make a simple gun joining two halves of a critical mass charge to initiate a nuclear explosion. Or you could have a suicide bomber creating a nuclear charge in his own arms, a little bit like these Canadian and Russian scientists did a few years back.

In both of these cases devices were just over the critical mass point but a larger charge will result in a full-scale nuclear explosion. If properly executed each of these ultra simple improvised nuclear devices could lead to an explosion much larger than what could be achieved by any conventional bomb - not to mention radioactive pollution. Due to fizzle yield problem such devices won't be able to release the full potential energy or even achieve the yield of the Hiroshima bomb without going to a slightly more sophisticated implosion technology but they could still decimate a town like Sderot.

So, what would be so special about April 1st 1010? For the first time ever the world would acquire a nuclear-armed government openly and proudly supporting terrorism and indeed executing terrorist attacks on civilian targets in locations from South America to the Middle East.

Remember those Iranians chanting "death to Italy" just the other night? Now THEY CAN! Florence would probably make a small enough target to be destroyed altogether.

And the US? Much harder to bring in fissile material than it used to be just a few years ago. Much harder and yet it is still really easy and always will be. The improvised device I am talking about would be too inefficient to destroy the whole of New York or even Detroit. Yet it would be more than capable of wiping out Manhattan or central Detroit.

Does it all look very gloomy to you? I agree but even in this dire situation one can always find something positive. Always.

I never really liked the centre of Detroit that much.

10 February 2010

Google broadband: if I were a guru

When I saw this at first, I said to myself: how good it would be to have a speedy access to really everything. Then I had me a few stray thoughts. Why the sudden philanthropic move from Google - the folks that certainly know where the money is? Just to sell broadband connection - a business that carries a lot of competition, which competition is not going to leave the field just because Google decided to play. And I think that if I were a guru, I could have guessed the answer: Google is going to get us back to the centralized computing - to the olden days of the glass citadels and end users deprived of that multipurpose toy called PC on their desks.

I am old enough to remember the uphill fight IBM had keeping its mainframes alive. Followed by derisive laughter, the old "dinosaurs" of centralized computing left (or almost left) the scene, to be replaced by seemingly agile, small and easily configurable UNIX, Linux and MS servers. Everyone nowadays has on his/her table a PC or a laptop that complements the picture and, besides, provides some free of charge entertainment.

No matter that in a few years it suddenly became clear that the new "server farms" are not much cheaper and certainly more complicated in maintenance, creating all kinds of reliability and downtime issues.

No matter that the quantity of programmers required to develop and maintain the code mushrooming from the impossible variety of OSs and technologies kept mushrooming too - with appropriate impact on many a corporate budgets.

No matter that proliferation of desktop workstations caused another strain on same budgets due to expense and complications of maintenance and support and, on top of it, these desktop workstations appeared to be excellent desktop playstations as well, with a huge negative impact on productivity...

And more, but let's go back to Google. Some time ago Google and several other companies started promoting the idea of cloud computing. In a nutshell, the definition of this idea:

Cloud computing describes a new supplement, consumption and delivery model for IT services based on the Internet, and it typically involves the provision of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources as a service over the Internet.
Here how its' illustrated:
Does it remind you (or, at least, some of you) something you may have seen years ago? No? Then try to replace in your imagination that central "cloud" by something that looks approximately like this:

Of course, the "dinosaur" in the picture doesn't look precisely like one that Google and others have in mind, but the idea is the same: get the computing and computer geeks back where they belong - into the glass houses, get the end users back where they belong - to the work they are getting paid for. Of course, it's a crude description of the trend, but as a rough approximation of it it will do for now.

But one thing is sure: to fully deploy the framework of cloud computing, Google needs the communications with end users be as smooth and as speedy as possible - just as if the glasshouse were located in the basement of the company building where the user is located. And this is, most probably, the explanation of why Google is suddenly so concerned with the throughput of your and mine Internet connection...

So I hope you can see now where it goes. And do you know what? I wouldn't shed a tear for the oh so lame world of the so called "client/server" paradigm. Let it die.

Welcome back, cloud computing.

Joke of the week

The Explosive Implant Contest

After the advents of Assbomber and the Pantybomber, a new wave of suicide bomber technology is emerging. Reading this article, I was shocked (or not, it's up to your imagination) to discover that Al Qaeda scientists are contemplating a new approach:

Britain is facing a new Al Qaeda terror threat from suicide ‘body bombers’ with explosives surgically inserted inside them.
And, of course, the issue of location (location, location):
A leading source added that male bombers would have the explosive secreted near their appendix or in their buttocks, while females would have the material placed inside their breasts in the same way as figure-enhancing implants.
Well, this news raises a difficult issue of a catchword. Actually, two catchwords, one for the male (buttocks) explosive implant and one for the female (breasts) variety. If you take into account that the term "Assbomber" is already assigned to a specific location, the challenge is not simple.

I am not good at puns, and the only association that my puny brain was able to deliver was "Plastique surgery", but how many of the current generation remember the use of the word "plastique"? It is so sixties...

So, ladies and gentlemen, please do try to come up with a good catchy term (better two) for the new wave of martyrs. And keep in mind that trivia like "Booby trap" or "Booby bomber" will be rejected as substandard.

Bring them on!

Hat tip: Louise.

When it's sublime...

it's sublime. And they say that haiku... come on, really!

Try that.

UK Teacher fired for complaints against students who praised 9/11 bombers

From Muslims Against Sharia.

I was going to add "unbelievable", but then caught myself. What is so unbelievable, considering the time and the place?

09 February 2010

Hamas Backtracks on Apology for Israeli Rocket Attacks

Good. I've been already worried about having to kiss with this troika. Brr...

Seriosly, though: the best explanation for the retraction of the apology could be found in this quote:

Hamas likely came under domestic pressure to retract the apology after it became public, said Gaza analyst Naji Sharrab. "They are addressing two different audiences," Sharrab said of Hamas.
Since the days of the late and unlamented here Yasser A., widely known for his forked tongue, used to convey two completely different messages - one for the "home consumption" and one to the useful idiots abroad - Hamas is having a bit of trouble to follow in his steps.

So my best advice to the terrorists will be: never apologize, never explain...

BBC on the Gaza blockade: the roles of Israel and Egypt

In a fairly wondrous turn of events, BBC discovers Egypt:

Just Journalism has today published a study suggesting a shift in editorial policy at the BBC News website regarding the blockade of Gaza. ‘BBC on the Gaza blockade: the roles of Israel and Egypt’ shows that for most of 2009, the Gaza blockade was associated solely with Israel, rather than with Israel and Egypt. However, more recently, the Corporation’s website has reflected more consistently the role of Egypt in enforcing the blockade at its shared border with Gaza.
Read the full report here.

08 February 2010

Ahmadinejad discovers Avatar

"Wow, dude!", were the first words issued by Mahmoud the Mad after viewing the movie.
"It is like... like my dream come true," he told the journalists afterward, "I always knew that the American shaitan imperialists are bad, but that bad? I mean, watch these poor Na'vi - just like we and our oil, they are protecting their Unobtanium from the Big Satan".

"Uranium? Enrichment? What are you talking about? I am into movies now. The next movie that infidel Cameron will make is going to be under my personal supervision, and see if two of us can't shear these capitalist sheep for $10B! Who needs uranium?"

Brooke Hundley, Steve Phillips in dockers free pants

None of the above will appear on this here blog, but a nice relaxing picture just might. Here it is:

Now breath slowly and shallowly... relax

07 February 2010

Haveil Havalim #255: post - Groundhog Day edition

The reason why this edition is called post - Groundhog Day is that there were no meaningful holidays in the vicinity. And the only Jewish/Israeli connection to Groundhog Day (the animal in question not being kosher) is our local variety of that animal:

My initial sentiment was to expect him out of his bunker this time. But, upon second thought, why not let him be? He is pretty well used to the underground way of life by now, and besides - what do we all need him for above ground?

Anyway, let's go to the reminder - what HH is about:

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means "Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'havel,' or in English, 'vanity.'
Now that we are all on the same page we can start: again with a picture by Dzeni:

If you are not into Ferrari or something like this, the ad for a Tu Be Shvat - friendly car should appeal to you too.

So, Israel?

PLO/Fatah has a new charter. And here is why this charter wouldn't bring peace.

Are we indeed preparing for The Great Expulsion?

How Many Kids Can One Man Abuse? Apparently a lot, although to be frank, the problem is not resolved in any democracy. It's not a simple one.

The Aral Tradition. Interesting angle.

On The Beauty of Hebrew. Amazingly (great minds thinking alike?) on the same subject.

You Don’t Need to Be Dyslexic to See the Fink in the NIF. Indeed. More on the same subject: New Israel Fund Funding End of Israel and New Israel Fund supports anti-Zionist propaganda.

While we are all proud of IDF effort to help the victims of Haiti disaster, some people cannot help Exploiting Israeli aid for politics and Israel-bashing. Well, the dogs they are a-barking, but the flying aid continues.

I looks that it's not only I that came to Inescapable conclusion: Israel must probe the Gaza war. We were successfully painting ourselves into that corner, and here we are. More on the doofuses who...but of course we'll continue to disagree on this, as on everything else.Which doesn't necessarily have ought to do with the fact that Goldstone is the result of 40 years of the perversion of international law. Or The goldstone rumor mill. Not to forget: Goldstone, Oy!

Responding to a peace activist: a difficult task well done.

Fit for a king (David). If you like the man or not - he is a guest. I would much prefer to see Carlos Santana, but he ain't coming anytime soon, it seems. Still, OK, Italian Prime Minister Has Meaningful Visit. So be it.

To 443 or not to 443? Is it a good question or is it a good question?

Preparing for the Israeli Earthquake. I guess we'll be as prepared as we are for anything else. At least we are great in the afterthought.

When in need: computer professionals support groups in Israel.

Abbas probably never saw it coming - yep.

How many rocket attacks in a ceasefire? Do you still count?

Surprise, surprise! Gazans don't think they benefit from tunnels.

There are good things one could say about Lieberman, but he's clearly in the wrong job. I could add that I don't know whether he was a good bouncer, but this is neither here not there.

Aardvark Israel is Launched: What Does It Mean? Curious? Just read it.

Why El-Al Threatens to End South African Route - with a good reason.

I Explained That They Were Like Spies. Why "like", Batya? Diplomats, spies - same difference.

Madonna At the Kotel - not what you think about (too much, if you ask me).

Very Private Prayer on the Public Bus - that's fine. No one should mind, I guess. Unlike the Battle at the Kotel and the "mehadrin buses" battles, which many of us do mind.

Judaism and Jewish Culture

Maghen Avraham synagogue in Beirut - a monument to the past.

More Unites Us Than Divides Us: An Observation. Should I add to that: united we stand? Doesn't work very well for us, does it? Also: Halachah Question: Beis Din.

Something different for a change: on the books by Sydney Taylor.

"Yeshivish" as a second language - quite amazing.

Ayn Rand and R' Shimon Shkop - it's about balance.

Did all the nation *see* the sounds? Like in "And all the people saw the voices..."

Uncle Why Answers More of Your Jews Questions. In details, too.

More on Religion and State in Israel. And more.

Splitting Sea, Miriam's Tambourines, Manna Cookies - don't you just love it?

Our Tu b'Shevat Seder? Nu nu... and I thought... oh well.

Cantorial Music: An A-choired Taste? Interesting question. Not to speak about R' (or "Know when to walk away").

On Being Grandparents, not Cash Cows. And I thought these were synonyms...

Thoughts and Musings on the 2010 Kosher Restaurant & Wine Experience. Reading this, I wondered about the author's classification: somewhere between three different kinds of religious Jooz and one kind of non-Jooz he lost one (granted, less important) category... you guess which one.

Men Mind the Home As Women Arrive At Chabad Headquarters. And more power to the women, I say!

Want to spice your son's bar-mitzvah with a First Class Piper?

General (politics and other trifles)

Remember Enderlin, he of Al Durah affair? The man hits bottom, keeps digging. Let him keep at it, and the deeper the better.

Chomsky theology - this invention made my day. Bulls' eye.

You want to kill the Jews? Sure, dad/mom...

Kill dependency on foreign energy and we kill support for Islamists. Good point. Remember it when you stop at the pump next time.

The Greeks had a word for it: hypocrisy. They sure knew what they are talking about.

The Porajmos never really ends. No, it doesn't.

This why I consider going for a Hummer: Climate change boss owns FIVE cars and has chauffeur.

If you are not with us, you are against us! Good stuff, only one remark - it's a paraphrase of Lenin's reference to some other party at the time. Mr Vinogradov used it for his own purposes.

England is the breeding ground of fundamentalist Muslims, some quite respectable people dare say. Would I argue?

Do You Get Drained By Other People's Energy? I do.

Protesting Galloway’s Terror Roadshow. Doesn't usually help with that vermin.

A short lesson in defamation. Goes a long way to understanding the Independent.

More on the truth behind the smiling mug of Mahmoud the Mad.

Ladies and Gentlemen…Mr. Leonard Cohen. So good.

Legacy of Hope: Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Resistance Yesterday and Today.

When should parents stop giving? Oy vey, that's a tough one.

Osama Bin Laden, the Media and “The Memento Effect” - a great one indeed.

Taking Tea with the Taliban? Better bring your own poison, methinks.

About the State of Obama. Well, he still has 3 years of guaranteed employment...

Financial Times 2009: A year of Middle East editorials, a year of anti-Israeli crap.

Ben White, David Irving, An Israeli And Oxbridge Types. Not surprising, but educating nevertheless.

Israel has a friend in Italy, some people say. But not much of a friend. Entertaining, though.

So whom the God hates? The freaks from the Westboro Baptist Church surely don't think it's them.

Some morning briefs that may save your coffee expenses: your adrenalin will surge without it. And the news the wire services don’t report. Why should they, indeed?

Where do you expect to find the backer of Iraq's Chemical Ali? Of course you are right, in the UN Human Rights Commission...

French Catholic Church's Dhimmitude - an interesting point, isn't it?

To drill or not to drill? Even in Israel they are drilling like mad, so why not in US?

Guardian vs. the IDF response to the Goldstone report - a comedy of want overcoming wit.

Tony Greenstein aka Tony Greenstalin aka Tone the Tea Leaf, goes into attacking mode.


Extreme sheep LED art. Tres cool indeed!

HaHaפuch: It's Not Just a Coffee Anymore. Good. I hate coffee carrying this name.

An Israeli, a Palestinian, and Peace Negotiator walk into a Bar. Not bad.

Great Folk Tales! But the Bank Leumi express lane is not a tale - a friend of my friend personally... aw what the heck!

Are daughters smart, even when they are having a touch of flu? Definitely. And a careful blogger should take it into account.

Are meteorologists a sinister bunch of crooks? You decide.

Was Elvis Jewish, he asks? What does he mean by "was"? "Was" - what a weird notion. I talk to the man almost daily...

Aussie Dave’s Advice For the Dumb. I would add a corollary: if you insist on doing it, why waste your time on a semi-nude one?

And you thought we are done with the Groundhog Day? Not yet, read this first.

Lipa Schmeltzer concert causes Haiti Earthquake? Nu, shoin - now I have heard it all.

Should this man be banned from Trader Joe's? I say - not yet.

An Atheist's NFL Predictions (yes, I put in in the Fun section on purpose).

Iran says its 'compelling logic' scares enemy. Now tell me it's not funny.

Cats (but of course)

A touching photo-eulogy to Catschka, RIP.


Thank G-d for Family in a Crisis. So true.

I guess this post by now covers four subjects (this is a whole "WOW" for efficiency), but the granddaughters are beautiful indeed.

A lovely story about Zaydee Dovid. And a great picture too.

Another set of great and moving pictures: Great-Uncle Harold: A Photo History without Words.

Movies with Jojo - for a person who doesn't dig movies.

We don't ask for directions and we don't ask for a shoulder to cry on, even though we all want it. Nu, nu...

Laurie R. King Replies. That's way too cool. I wonder if an autograph from Stephen is possible.

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