08 February 2010

Ahmadinejad discovers Avatar

"Wow, dude!", were the first words issued by Mahmoud the Mad after viewing the movie.
"It is like... like my dream come true," he told the journalists afterward, "I always knew that the American shaitan imperialists are bad, but that bad? I mean, watch these poor Na'vi - just like we and our oil, they are protecting their Unobtanium from the Big Satan".

"Uranium? Enrichment? What are you talking about? I am into movies now. The next movie that infidel Cameron will make is going to be under my personal supervision, and see if two of us can't shear these capitalist sheep for $10B! Who needs uranium?"


Dick Stanley said...

He doesn't look half bad in goggles. Helps mask the madness in his eyes.

jams o donnell said...

Ah and there was I thinking that they were beer goggles!

Anonymous said...

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