19 July 2016

Immigrant executed by gendarme on the streets of Nice

A Tunisian immigrant was executed by French Police on the streets of Niece during Bastille Day celebrations as fireworks decorated the evening sky. This occurred as his truck veered out of control and plunged into the crowded streets of the Riviera promenade. Our local news affiliate on the scene reported that “the driver appeared to veer left and right in a desperate effort to avoid the crowds, as police armed with automatic weapons seemed eager to snipe the fraught driver”.

No, just a “Guardianesque reportage” on similarly tragic vehicular terrorism in Israel.

11 July 2016

Law and disorder

Looking at the latest tragic events in Dallas and other major cities across the US, seems like sanity and common sense have finally given up on this stubborn, selfish, violent human race. But life beats even the best soap operas. Relief and a glimmer of hope came from the least likely place and the least likely people.

Yes, this is real.

A Texas jailer who suddenly stopped breathing is now alive and well — thanks to a group of inmates who busted out of a holding cell to save him. 

Weatherford, Texas.

Dallas. Texas.

Quo vadis, Texas?

Obama whitewashing the killing of white cops - calling it an "attack on law enforcement" was dishonest after Micah Johnson himself confessed he wanted to kill white people -  came as no surprise, of course, but his mentioning "failures of the criminal justice system" in relation to  black-on-white revenge was rather hilarious. O. J. Simpson, anyone?

01 July 2016

Jeremy Corbyn Appears to Compare Israel to ISIS During Antisemitism Speech

That term "Appears" is taken obviously from a Guardian article so titled. I kept it for its irresistible cuteness. There are two reasons I post this. The first is for documentation: lots of Corbynistas hurriedly declared that the words of the Leader were invented or, at least, misinterpreted by the enemies of the people. So here it goes:

In prepared remarks, Corbyn said: “Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel or the Netanyahu government than our Muslim friends are for those of various self-styled Islamic states or organisations.”
After all it wasn't a slip of the tongue, so typical for a somewhat senile old Socialist (like this one, for instance), but a prepared remark. If Harriet Sherwood, the notorious anti-Israeli journo who penned the article, says so, you must believe it in this case.

Now to the other reason this should be kept for ever and ever:

Did Jeremy Corbyn really mention ISIS in a negative sense?

Fork me sideways...