Our Charter

The Simply Jews Charter

The purpose of this document is rather to remind ourselves what is this all about when we stumble on this place after a rough night.

1. Why is that site out here?

For the sheer hell of it.

2. What to do if I do not like this place?

Fuck off – quietly or not, we do not care.

3. The word “fuck” and all its derivations are not swear words in this domain – if you do no like it, see  article 2.

4. What do we stand for?
Sanity (in moderation), love, poetry of being, peaceful coexistence of all life forms and extermination of serious people.

5. Are you Jewish?

Yeah, well, so what? What are you hinting at, you anti-Semitic bastard?

6. Serious people.

Caused more grief in the history of humanity than any other life form. Should be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly. Unfortunately, the only serious person who was dealt with in a totally appropriate manner was Adolf Eichmann. 

7. Who can comment here?

Whoever the fuck wants to. However, if we do not like what you say, feel free to complain to the moderators about our response. We are the moderators.

8. What is Zionism?

A nationalist movement no longer relevant or needed. We are here, we’ll stay here and if you do not like it – see article 2.

9. What is anti-Zionism?

See articles 8 and 2. Also the tab "To anti-Zionists".