30 June 2016

Another sad confirmation of Golda Meir's quote validity

This is not exactly a day to score political points, although it's not about politics but about inhuman barbarism permeating the Palestinian society at all its levels. The relentless support for the cult of murder under a nationalistic guise, pushed by Palestinian media, Palestinian leaders and Islamist clerics, does its work - day after day.

And this morning started with another tragic expression of the cult:
Hillel Yaffa Ariel, a 13-year-old Israeli girl, has died of her wounds after a terrorist broke into her house in Kiryat Arba and stabbed her in her bed Thursday morning. The Palestinian terrorist climbed over the security fence surrounding the Harsanina neighborhood, infiltrated one of the houses located just yards away from the fence, and stabbed Ariel, critically wounding her. The girl suffered from stab wounds all across her upper body, and was evacuated to the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem where she later died of her wounds.
And the response of the 17 years old murderer's mother:
My son died as a martyr defending Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” the Palestinian Media Watch organization quotes the mother of Muhammad Tarayrah as saying. “Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, he [my son] has joined the martyrs before him, and he is not better than them. Allah willing, all of them will follow this path, all the youth of Palestine. Allah be praised.
Not a new response, not at all, we all have heard it countless times.

And the point I wanted to make is simple. I have encountered several times on different forums people (Jews included) decrying that old saying of Golda Meir:

Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.

Tell me again how it is wrong and racist, please.

25 June 2016

Bernie and the ghetto

I know it's a terrible state of affairs when a man is stooping to copying his own posts on Facebook. But there is no time and, besides, this case should be kept for posterity.

Now, based on the improbably idiotic quote above, here is a quick quiz. Only one question in the following list is answered by "No". Find it.
  1. Is Bernie a white man?
  2. Does Pope poop in the Vatican?
  3. Is Bernie Jewish?
  4. Was the term "ghetto" originally used in Venice to describe the part of the city to which Jews were restricted and segregated?
  5. Does Bernie have a brain?
  6. Did my (an probably Bernie's too) grand-grand-grand parents live in a ghetto?
  7. Is the turn of speech invented by מוטי פינסקי*: "Bernie's belligerently bombastic and bellicose bullshit bandwagon" great and fitting?
(*) Motti Pinsky - a Facebook buddy, with thanks to.

24 June 2016

Brexit worries

Just like the upcoming US elections, which I've decided to ignore till December (at least), I kept the same vow of silence regarding all the is related to the Brexit. Now I can say it, but it is already said better than I possibly could.

This is what was put so succinctly by George Szirtes one day before the vote. This is precisely what worried me about the whole Brexit deal. Not the British economy, be the separation more or less beneficial fiscally, nor the (indeed maddening) stranglehold of Brussels' bureaucracy, nor any other fiscal or nationalistic criteria. Here it goes:

After Brexit, and 'Independence Day' in the next few decades, what?

This is what I am afraid of. Quite seriously.

My fear is that in the next few decades after Brexit we will see the falling apart of unity in Europe, the rise of right wing governments, the persecution of minorities, the exploitation of this situation by Russia (this time a semi-fascist Russia) to take back Latvia and Estonia which will be followed by a military and economic suction effect that will be felt in Central Europe, parts of which are all too ready to go, the weakening of individual state security against agents like ISIS and its successors and the economic rundown of European states in the face of competition from giants. I fear these things because they seem part of a logical process to me. Paint me the rosy picture, if you please. Tell me what great wonders will ensue in Britain after Brexit, and how these wonders will impact on the rest of Europe.

18 June 2016

The Independent way of publishing libel, Peter Yeung and modern journalism

To start with the conclusion: if you ever expected to see dry factual information, checked and double checked by the newspaper's staff, under the rubric "News" - you can now forget it. The brave new world of the modern media has made a big step over that red line that once separated news from opinions, not to mention fairy tales and libel.

And here is one of the tools of that tectonic change: Peter Yeung, whose bio is linked and who (if you don't want to click through) describes himself in Twitter format as "Freelance journalist @Guardian @BBC @Independent @Telegraph & others".

Said Mr Yeung published in the Indy an article, which headline and the mandatory for the topic picture are:

Of course, as its big brother, BBC, uses to, the online editor was wise enough to insert quotation marks in the headline, not that it makes no nevermind to any reader, does it? The story came originally from Al Jazeera. Since publication of that article, some water has passed under the bridge. Under some pressure from CAMERA, Al Jazeera modified the article, making it a bit more palatable. As you can see in the linked CAMERA report, Peter Yeung didn't respond to their inquiries at the time.

UK Media Watch also contributed to debunking of the libelous (save the quotation marks, of course) story. It is a worthy read by itself.

But, aside of a good debunking, linked above, UK Media Watch discovered an even better pearl, one that inexorably leads to the conclusion that starts this post. While being one of the tools in that media revolution, Peter Yeung appears to be a tool in the other sense of the word, so he blurted out what, most probably, is today's unwritten editorial policy of Indy:
So how do you like them chickens? First you sell an allegation as a news item, then, since it's "only" an allegation, you might as well feel free not to correct it, when it appears to be a libelous one.

And all that is safely covered by a pair of quotation marks.

So there.

P.S. Did I mention that Indy employees and managers (freelancers included) are "the main providers of bicycle seats' sniffers, pedophiles, petty animal store thieves, flashers and vice squad stool pigeons - all at the same time"?

16 June 2016

Orlando shooting staged by government, says chris dorsey of the Virginia Militia

It looks like Press TV, the propaganda arm of the Ayatollahs, is experiencing bad times. I am judging solely by the kind of "sources", if I may use the word tentatively, that Press TV seems fit to bring to its broadcasts. Apparently luminaries like George Galloway, Jeremy Corbyn and similar are not enough or are too expensive, so here is a good example of what Press TV goes for to fill up its schedule. Meet chris dorsey*, allegedly a member of something called Virginia Militia and a candidate** for the position of Sheriff of Richmond. (The subject appears around 1'30''):

I don't know about you, but I quite enjoyed the unadorned Troof freely dispensed by Mr dorsey. And the uncommon these days combination of white shirt, black suspenders and that tasteful tie. I can see how easy it will be for him to don the Richmond Sheriff's uniform. Hope you do too.

Of course, the mention of Zionist Controlled Media warmed my heart too, but the fact that he didn't mention the ZOG (Zionist Owned Government) is somewhat disturbing and points to the need to do more work with the subject.

To complete this report, I have to add that chris dorsey is quite active on the local scene, being a considerable pain in the ass critic of the local solons. Here is one of many recordings where chris dorsey courageously and selflessly performs his civic duty. The recording, made by chris dorsey himself (I surmise), is titled: Virginia Cops/Politicians Are Treaonsous Tyrants. Enjoy.

Salt of the earth, I say.

(*) I am not responsible for the lack of capital letters, it is the man's choice. And, after all, e e cummings...
(**) At least according to him and his Facebook page. Which page, by the way, is a serious source of entertainment, if you have a few minutes to spare.


14 June 2016

Anal Jihad - now in service of peace and mutual understanding?

In other circumstances (and if I were prone to stereotyping) I would have suspected that the man in the above picture is a Jihadi who, judging by his heavy stare, is going to do something awful. However, the article that is dedicated to the deeds of the man, quickly dispelled any possibility of such notion.
Customs officers at the Hamad International Airport, in the Qatari capital, have arrested a Yemeni man attempting to smuggle more than 12 kilograms (27 lbs) of sliced bacon hidden in his anal cavity.

53-year old Abd al Rahman Shamoun, was spotted by a specially trained police dog, looking for drugs or pork meat on passengers and in their luggage.
Here are the triumphant custom officers, accompanied, probably, by a ranking functionary:

In the precise center of the table you can see four objects described in the article as follows:
The search revealed 4 large condoms hidden in his anal cavity, each containing more than 3 kilograms of bacon.
So why do I consider the story remarkable? It is because just a few years ago I have happened to reflect on the rather sad story of an Al-Qaeda wannabe martyr, using that same cavity to smuggle a bomb and to do his level best to off a Saudi prince, one Muhammad Bin Naif, Assistant Minister of Interior for Security Affairs. The attempt failed, not the least because of insufficient quantity of explosives and not enough thought given to the direction of the blast as function of its placement.

The mere fact that a man, seemingly superbly trained (a bit later on the subject of training), has decided to use his ability to transport bacon to a place that resists the siren call of that delicacy, points to Al Qaeda being on its last leg. When Al Qaeda's best and finest are turning their considerable talents to civilian use, the picture is encouraging and heartening. And I would suggest that bacon producers look closely at this, somewhat novel, business opportunity.

There are only two or three remarks/questions left to make regarding this refreshing turn of events:
  1. First of all, the picture of confiscated goods. The arrangement of the scene, where there is a custom officer for every extruded... er... object, is very symbolic and infuses one with respect for the law and its guardians. Of course, the dog would have made the picture perfect, but dogs are considered unclean animals and all that... pity.
  2. There is a paradox in the mention of that very special dog, trained to look for pork. How do you train a dog to detect pork in a country that is pork-free? Do these dogs travel abroad for that part of their training?
  3. What is being done with the confiscated bacon? Does it get fed to the dog that discovered it as a bonus?
  4. Now about that bacon. The unorthodox transportation method couldn't fail to remind me about the coffee beans produced from the digestive tract of Asian palm civet (Kopi Luwak) and the beans produced in the same manner by the Brazilian Jacu bird. These two and others, similarly produced coffee beans, are very much sought and, as a result, frightfully expensive products. Wouldn't bacon, transported in this novel fashion, attract its own connoisseurs? I am almost sure it would, but of course a detailed market study is necessary.
  5. The last, but far from the least, point. Our hero, Abd al Rahman Shamoun, cannot be a single person endowed with the ability to carry the above mentioned 12 kg of bacon in that special fashion he used. I am basing this statement on prior knowledge, related to the Al Qaeda making a supreme effort to increase the payload carried by its specially trained members. A short essay Buggery for martyrdom and paradise, or a new development in the anal Jihad will tell you about this project. Everyone thusly trained should be recruited to the new peaceful mission of bacon commerce (see point 4).
  6. OK, now the last point indeed: since the transportation method described in the above linked essay was approved by the Al Qaeda imams - wouldn't it make the bacon, carried in this fashion, halal? Just asking.

13 June 2016

Alison Chabloz without ad hominem attacks

Alison Chabloz as a product of our civilization is described sufficiently by Aussie Dave in his post Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Alison Chabloz. My attention was recently attracted by the lady's response to the massacre of LGBT folks in Orlando. Here is her comment, in all its naked glory:

How should an average person react to this? Just to remind you who Alison Chabloz is:

If you are not familiar with the specific gesture on display above, here it is.

All in all, my personal response normally would have included a few words that, while richly deserved by the lady in question, could have made this response a string of ad hominem attacks, which, while fitting this here blog, are not really required in this case. I have chosen another way to respond, letting the images of Ms Chabloz speak for themselves. So here you go, without prejudice and ad hominem.

(Hat tip - Jennanne Simpson).

Warning: click "Read more" only if you are 18+, don't suffer from a heart disease and are not pregnant. Indifference to your mental state could be also a good indication for viewing.

12 June 2016

A Christian, a Muslim and a Jew walk into a podcast

Nervana Mahmoud, prof. Matt Sienkiewicz and Ambassador Alberto Fernandez (currently of MEMRI) discuss religion, Middle East, life in an interesting meeting of minds.

Definitely worth your time.

06 June 2016

Muhammad Ali RIP. And Jews - please, just stop it!

When a celeb dies, the media world usually gets into a frenzy, milking the sad event for all it is worth. Every quality of the dear departed gets highlighted, for better or for worse. Many details, rather insignificant, when compared to the celeb's real achievements, fall under scrutiny and get inflated - thanks to that milking.

Muhammad Ali is no exception. For everyone who (like I for some years) was more or less interested in boxing, Muhammad Ali remains forever a uniquely gifted man, whose talent made him an impossible to reach example for generations of boxers to come. Nothing less - and nothing more.

But of course, this alone wasn't enough for the media. I don't want to go into details, boring or hysterical as they are, save the scrutiny Muhammad Ali's "up-and-down relationship with the Jewish world", borrowing from the headline of this JTA article. And if you doubt that remark about scrutiny, just google for "Muhammad Ali and Jews", you shall see what is going on.

What can I say? It is rather sad, when people, who have so many ongoing problems to solve, many of them to be resolved yesterday, find so much time and energy to discuss whether a professional boxer likes or dislikes them. A man whose chosen profession, I have to add, usually doesn't produce brilliant thinkers. That due to the said profession's tendency to have a rather negative and repeated impact on the brain.

So, to all my Facebook and otherwise Jewish friends: please relax. Yes, the great boxer has said these or other things about Jews. Forget it. Chill.

He was a boxer.

Noam Chomsky is a linguist. Some say he is not as good a linguist as others say, but I wouldn't know.
Norman Finkelstein is a political scientist. Of a dubious quality, but still.
Hassan Nasrallah is a sheikh. Which title is a questionable matter, but let it go.

P.S. I am going to watch a movie about another of my (very few) sports icons - Pele. Now should I check first whether Pele was anti-Semitic? Hm...

05 June 2016

Dunno Bern gets Berned - with vengeance

Sorry, it couldn't be helped. I just have to take a break from non-involvement and non-commenting policy for that one.

03 June 2016

Don't you just love Putin's version of history?

This coin is part of a new series of Russian memorial coins, carrying a common theme: "Ancient Russian Cities".

This specific one celebrates Kaliningrad:
Kaliningrad (Russian: Калининград), (former German name: Königsberg).

In the Middle Ages, the locality was the site of the ancient Old Prussian settlement and fort Twangste. In 1255, during the Northern Crusades, a new fortress was built on the site by the Teutonic Knights and was named Königsberg (König = "king") in honor of King Ottokar II of Bohemia, who led two crusade expeditions against the pagan Old Prussians. The town was successively part of the monastic State of the Teutonic Order, enfeoffed to the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, then part of Prussia and Germany (the latter until 1945).
So there.

02 June 2016

Hey, Sara, wasn't that a bit too much?

This government of ours, together with the tame Knesset and overactive Justice Minister who, in her infinite wisdom, totally relaxed the reins on the lawmaking frenzy, has really got too far this time.

Days after the state comptroller released a critical report of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s actions, Knesset House Committee Chairperson David Bitan—also from Netanyahu’s party—submitted a bill seeking to curtail the state comptroller’s authority.
The initiative came the same week that the current state comptroller, Yosef Shapira, published a scathing report on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara.
Knesset House Committee Chairperson David Bitan (Likud) submitted the bill, which aims to create a mechanism that would oversee the comptroller’s conduct—in essence acting as a comptroller to the comptroller. Bitan then exercised his authority as house committee chairperson to waive the 45-day deliberation period, creating the possibility instead of bringing it before the Ministerial Committee for Legislation within four days.
When the leaders start to bend and to customise justice to suit their personal quirks, it goes way too far. It has gone too far, in fact.

Bibi should go.

Correction: The headline of the post "Hey, Sara, wasn't that a bit too much?" should read "Hey, Bibi, wasn't that a bit too much?", but due to being late to press, there wasn't enough time to enter the correction.

No matter...

01 June 2016

Malia Bouttaia, political blackness and my immediate future

Some people criticise Malia Bouttaia, who is, according to them "also a Black Students’ Officer known for “Political Blackness” – despite being from Algeria, and not actually a black woman at all". These people also say:
“Politically Black” is a term adopted by non-black people of colour who identify with the struggle against racism and oppression. It has been repeatedly criticised for being used for political gain while silencing actual black voices within the movement.
I reject these insinuations. If people could identify themselves as dogs, cats, dragons, not to mention the proliferation of gender self-identification, why can't a person identify self as carrying any color?

Now I can get to my own problem. On one hand, I identify myself as Warren Buffett, so far without the resources this worthy gentleman possesses, but I am sure it's only a matter of time. But on the other hand, I increasingly feel the need to come out of the closet and to confess that for many years I have been Antique Fuchsia, as far as my skin color is concerned.

Now what happens if Mr Buffett doesn't share my color identity?

Questions, questions...