24 June 2016

Brexit worries

Just like the upcoming US elections, which I've decided to ignore till December (at least), I kept the same vow of silence regarding all the is related to the Brexit. Now I can say it, but it is already said better than I possibly could.

This is what was put so succinctly by George Szirtes one day before the vote. This is precisely what worried me about the whole Brexit deal. Not the British economy, be the separation more or less beneficial fiscally, nor the (indeed maddening) stranglehold of Brussels' bureaucracy, nor any other fiscal or nationalistic criteria. Here it goes:

After Brexit, and 'Independence Day' in the next few decades, what?

This is what I am afraid of. Quite seriously.

My fear is that in the next few decades after Brexit we will see the falling apart of unity in Europe, the rise of right wing governments, the persecution of minorities, the exploitation of this situation by Russia (this time a semi-fascist Russia) to take back Latvia and Estonia which will be followed by a military and economic suction effect that will be felt in Central Europe, parts of which are all too ready to go, the weakening of individual state security against agents like ISIS and its successors and the economic rundown of European states in the face of competition from giants. I fear these things because they seem part of a logical process to me. Paint me the rosy picture, if you please. Tell me what great wonders will ensue in Britain after Brexit, and how these wonders will impact on the rest of Europe.