31 October 2006

Solomon's decision

The row between German navy and Israeli air force continues. German navy claims that two missiles were launched at their vessel, while IAF denies, explaining that what seemed as missiles to the sailors were in fact just benign protective flares.

Both sides are entrenched in their positions, even after Olmert's attempts to appease:

According to Olmert, nothing tragic occurred and the moment the pilots identified the German helicopter, they evacuated the area. The problem apparently lay in the clash of German and Israeli identification systems. He said Israel would establish a coordinating system directly with the Germans.
So I would like to offer a number of measures that must satisfy both sides:
  1. IAF will purchase only German identification systems from now on.
  2. IAF will purchase only German flares from now on.
  3. If the IAF internal inquiry shows that the pilot pushed a wrong button and launched two missiles at the vessel:
  • The pilot will be court-martialled for a) inattention and b) poor marksmanship
  • IAF will purchase only German air-to-sea missiles from now on
That should settle it.




New peace plan for the Middle East

No more Oslo, roadmap, disengagement and other complicated schemes. Here it goes*:

(*) For the readers having trouble with the heathenish languages:

The Russian text (in red): "It's a good plan you have..."
The Hebrew text (in green): "Only the Green Leaf!"**

(**) An Israeli party that has legalization of the weed on its agenda.

Hat tip: YS


28 October 2006

Fox furious?

I have read this article several times, trying to understand it. But some fine details keep escaping me, and the meaning of it remains hidden.

Relations between the US and Mexico today took a turn for the worse after George Bush signed legislation for a 700-mile border fence to counter illegal immigration into the US.

The move was universally condemned by Mexican leaders. Vicente Fox, the country's president, told reporters that the fence would not stop millions of Mexicans from heading north in search of jobs.

"It is an embarrassment for the United States," Mr Fox said. "It is proof, perhaps, that the United States does not see immigration as a subject that corresponds to both countries."
There must be some mistake, surely. I understand that every Mexican just born considers it his/her birthright to be able to cross the border with US unfettered. For some reason or other the fence pisses the Mexicans off.

On the other hand, that part of Mr Fox's speech about "immigration as a subject that corresponds to both countries" - wouldn't the fence keep the hordes of Norte Americanos away as well?

I am totally confused. Where is that universal confusion sign?


27 October 2006

The bright side of anti-Semitism

This is quite an ancient story, but I have promised to tell it, and a promise is a promise.

Once upon a time there was a big under-developed area (Area further in this document) of a size exceeding that of the Benelux, located in the middle of one of the less traveled continents, which name, for reasons of Political Correctness (PBUH) I am not able to divulge. The Area, while being full of wonders of nature, was populated by tribes that were, how to say it politely, at a very low stage of their cultural and otherwise development.

It so happened that the Area was not off the map as far as the efforts of the UN (or was it the League of Nations at the time?) subcommittee for eradication of the anti-Semitism were concerned. Just the opposite - the subcommittee has seen it as one of its noblest goals to eradicate the scourge of anti-Semitism in the Area. To this end, a special envoy of the subcommittee was sent to the Area and spent several years there. Follows an excerpt of his report to the subcommittee.

Dear ladies and gentlemen of the subcommittee,

As you may know, I have dedicated the past ten years of my life to the noble cause of fighting anti-Semitism in the Area. I can say without bragging that I have given my best to the cause, and all my hours were spent in the effort to bring the light of reason and understanding to the remotest and most dangerous regions of the Area. I braved the most inaccessible trails to reach every tribe, fought lions, snakes and huge spiders, overcame uncounted local diseases - but I left no corner of the Area untouched by the message of humanity and acceptance of the tribe of Israel.

Ladies an gentlemen, I have used all means of persuasion put in my disposal by the subcommittee. I have lectured, I have shown pictures, I have sung, danced and in all ways possible lauded the people of Moses. My effort was incomparable, I am not too humble to state.

[Some technical details of the report omitted]

And it was all in vain, my dear colleagues.

They would not agree to eat the Jews.

London JCC JCast - the first ever

  • How can Jewish community help the Islamic community in UK in its time of trouble? Opinions differ. (Yes, Jews played an important role in the fight against apartheid in US and helped the black community quite a lot, but in this case the community is not that receptive...)
  • Ethnic/religious schools in UK. As far as I am concerned, all religions could go packing, but let's not be too prejudiced.
  • JDate - success and horror stories. I cannot say I don't see the possibilities, but for me it's a bit too late.
  • Borat - is he good for the Jews? A good question.
And much more. On top of it, the JCast airs the "strangely posh voice" of David T from the inimitable Harry's Place - all for the same price of listening for half an hour to this tightly packed high quality podcast.

Even if you happen to be of anti-Semitic persuasion, it is worth listening to. You shall be exposed to some high quality English, like what your mom wanted you to master, but did not succeed.

Good stuff, JCC!


Freudian slips? Nah...

More toilets for new Thai airport is not a very pompous headline and does not point to a scoop hungry journalist or editor behind it.

The article, however, contains some hints of its author's sense of humor, such as: "following a flood of passenger complaints" and "visitors to the airport will find convenient relief".

Not bad. Not bad at all.


26 October 2006

First full-face transplant to be performed in UK

That's according to Indy. But there is a catch:

Patrick Butler, of the Royal Free Hospital, hopes to carry out the operation within months and is already in the process of selecting the first patient to undergo the procedure.
So, it's obviously a question of finding a candidate that will be a) in a clear and present need for the transplant and b) willing to undergo one.

We have two candidates to offer to the Royal Free Hospital. Both are more than compliant with the requirement a), we have polled 687 people of all genders about it and the agreement was unanimous.

And both are so afraid of the Jooz that they will do anything, simply anything to change their appearance.

Click on the images to enlarge - but try to guess who beforehand.

P.S. There is also a question of the new face to be matched to each candidate. Proposals welcome. The results will be published.


Weekly Lec*

I prefer the sign NO ENTRY to the one that says NO EXIT.
(*)See here what it is all about.


Unbiased kidnappers

AP (via Guardian) brings up a list of journalists kidnapped in Gaza during the last 2 years.

- Oct. 24, 2006: Morenatti is abducted in Gaza City and held for 15 hours.

- Aug. 14, 2006: Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig of Fox News are kidnapped in Gaza City. They are released on Aug. 27.

- March 13, 2006: Yong Tae-young, a correspondent for Korean TV, is held for a day along with two aid workers.

- Oct. 12, 2005: Knight-Ridder Inc. reporter Dion Nissenbaum, an American, and British photographer Adam Pletts are held for several hours in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis.

- Sept. 19, 2005: Associated Press Television photographer Nicky De Blois escapes a kidnapping attempt in Gaza City with the help of a Palestinian colleague.

- Sept. 10, 2005: Italian journalist Lorenzo Cremonesi of Corriere della Sera newspaper is held for four hours in Gaza.

- Aug. 14, 2005: French TV reporter Mohamed Ouathi is kidnapped in Gaza City; he is set free Aug. 21.

- Jan. 8, 2005: Spanish journalists Ramon Lobo and Carmen Secanella from El Pais are held for an hour and a half in the Khan Younis refugee camp.

- Sept. 27, 2004: CNN producer Riad Ali is held for one day in Gaza City.

- May 20, 2004: New York Times correspondent James Bennet escapes a kidnapping attempt in Gaza City.
After perusing the list, trying to find a fault with it, I have to admit: there is no visible preference of any race, nation, religion or political persuasion. This is what I call unbiased.

There is still hope for the Middle East, ladies and gentlemen!

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Fatah preparing showdown with Hamas

That's according to a JP headline.

From the past experience, it's more likely that Fatah is preparing a show of a showdown. With lots of enthusiastic "militants" (using PC lingo) in a variety of fancy uniforms running around horribly beweaponed, shooting off their Kalashnikovs in the air. Hitting mostly the air and, if they get lucky, an occasional bystander in a window on a higher floor.

So - what else is new?

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25 October 2006

BBC: now some tranquilizer

Helen Boaden, director of BBC news, addresses or, rather, tries to address the accusations of bias. It is significant that, instead of using the big guns at her disposal - an editorial or an article on the main site, she chooses instead the low profile Editors blog. Hardly the caliber matching the artillery used against BBC, but so be it.

So what are the points of contention Ms. Boaden found necessary to counterattack?

  1. There was no "official" admission of bias of BBC by BBC, she claims - the quotes of Andrew Marr and Jeff Randal are no more than their personal opinion. The answer is a poor attempt to wiggle out: after all, aren't Andrew Marr and Jeff Randal loyal enough to BBC and part of the establishment? Why disown them so suddenly?
  2. The mere use of the poll on BBC truthfulness is a feint, poor at that. An experienced newsperson, Ms. Boaden cannot ignore the fact that the other side of the coin was not questioned: whether BBC is telling the whole truth? In any case, being truthful (partially or not) does not equal being unbiased, and I am more than sure that Ms. Boaden is fully aware of this. Falling back on the poll re truthfulness is another unsuccessful maneuver.
  3. "The situations aren't real; the discussions aren't binding and they certainly don't define BBC policy." Another feint: the people present who, when discussing a hypothetical situation with Ali G. throwing some cult objects into a dustbin, agreed they could all be thrown into the bin, except the Koran for fear of offending Muslims - these same people will prevent it from happening in any BBC production. It is so painfully clear to all, so why even try?
  4. "The seminar was part of a bigger project kicked off by Michael Grade earlier this year to re-examine the underlying principles of impartiality in the digital age when boundaries between conventional broadcasting and the new platforms will increasingly disappear." I have tried to give my best to this quote. No matter how much good will I poured on it, it stubbornly remained in my eyes what it, most probably, is: a dose of meaningless tranquilizer. What the heck does impartiality have to do with the nature of the media used? Is digital bias significantly different from the analog one?
But all the points above pale into insignificance compared with the main question: why this lighthouse of impartiality (according to Ms. Boaden) fights so fiercely (and expensively) against the publication of the Balen report? Isn't the free uninhibited flow of information one of the principles of free and impartial press? For some obscure reason Ms. Boaden does not mention this confusing fact.

All in all - poor show, Ms. Boaden.

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Wanna kill people on the cheap?

Here is the answer:

French naval shipbuilding, systems and support group DCN has unveiled a new low-cost coastal submarine concept aimed at navies looking to recapitalise their existing submarine force or acquire a submarine capability for the first time.

According to Jean Gauthier, naval architect within DCN's submarine design department, SMX-23 has been conceived "to address a perceived market requirement for a robust, affordable and supportable submarine, capable of performing a range of littoral defence missions.

Paddles for emergency situation - optional.


Ed what?

No, really, come on, Ed - we have enough trouble as it is with people saying that we are pulling all the strings. Now running openly for a district supervisor post? Being named Ed Jew?

Now, now, Ed - just continue pulling them strings from behind the scenes, as we all know exceedingly well how to...


24 October 2006

Lieberman to stop Iran

More than half a year ago, we have posted here the idea of Yaakov Katz (JP) that this character could stop Iran. Or anything else, for that matter.

Now, according to Ynet, the penny dropped

Olmert pins hopes on Lieberman to stop Iran

That puts an end to speculations. Worrisome no more. I can only repeat our advice to Iranian Ayatollahs and their pet president: gentlemen, you are fucked.

And add a corollary: you should have listened then, it may be too late now.

This face shall quickly become your major nightmare. You asked for it...


Elvis lives!

If this is not the proof, I don't know what is.


Haveil Havalim #90 - The Real Thing

From the Founder himself this time. And set aside a day to go over the offerings.

For a fresh father who sleeps less than a man deserves, Soccer Dad continues to display some stamina, I can tell you!


BBC liberal? My foot!

It will be superfluous to join the chorus of the indignant voices that have just "discovered" or are simply gloating at the latest scandal about the BBC bias. Daily Mail being what Daily Mail is, its thirst for scandals paid off this time. The mere fact of BBC bias is hardly news to anybody, and BBC's tooth and nail fight against publication of the damning report is admission of guilt enough.

Of course, the arrogance of this fine establishment after the fact leaves one breathless. I do not know whether this quote from Andrew Marr is precise:

The BBC is not impartial or neutral. It's a publicly funded, urban organization with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people. It has a liberal bias not so much a party-political bias. It is better expressed as a cultural liberal bias.
I also don't know whether this quote is absolutely true:
One veteran BBC executive said: 'There was widespread acknowledgement that we may have gone too far in the direction of political correctness.
But if it is, it shows how far the BBC establishment has gone in its self-delusion.

No, it is not about bias. There are quite a lot of biased media around, and it would be hypocritical to blame BBC alone. Although, as a taxpayer-funded organization BBC could do better, of course. But Fox, to take one example, is no less (rather more) biased, for that matter, although Fox is not funded by taxpayers.

What really takes the cake is the insistence of BBC in defining itself as a liberal outfit. To remind ourselves:
Adjective: Liberal

1. Showing or characterized by broad-mindedness
2. Having political or social views favoring reform and progress
3. Tolerant of change; not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or tradition
Could BBC that enforces a perverted politically biased dictionary like in the famous case of the "terrorist - militant" pretend to be broad-minded?
Could BBC that fights publication of a report on its bias pretend to be tolerant of change, favoring reform and progress, fighting orthodoxy?

But first of all, liberal means tolerance of a dissident view and freedom of information, and BBC has consistently proved that it is anything but tolerant. Its Big Brother behavior, arrogance, filtering of information and hypocrisy explain only too well how the word "liberal" became an expletive so beloved by right wing and left wing extremists.


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23 October 2006

Gracie is back!

Yes, she is. A bit pale still, but at home, and there is nothing like home.

The local gang sends their greetings and wishes Gracie a speedy recovery:

K.: "Stay near Meryl all the time and keep away from that fat bozo. I have one here as well, they are all the same. Poison."

S.: "Food! Food is the ticket! Eat more, sleep more and everything will be fine. Bring it on!"

Get well, Gracie!


Shebaa farms - the truth will out!

Sometimes it takes only a sharp eye and a sharp mind to uncover a several millennia old plot. This is what happened recently with the advent of Rima Fakhry, a Hezbollah Council member, as reported by Harry's place. The esteemed Council member published a groundbreaking article with a single sentence that easily accomplished what generations of explorers and investigators could not.

The Resistance exercised its right, if not duty, of resisting the Israeli occupier in the Lebanese Shebaa farms which is considered a vital piece of the Lebanese land, and is known for its natural beauty, as it contains the most important ski centres in the region, besides its richness of water.
Yes, this certainly did the trick. Now the truth must start coming out, if reluctantly. For even the brightest minds of National Geographic could not penetrate the diabolical system of smoke and mirrors created by the Elders, hiding from the humanity this gem of nature called Shebaa Farms. But now everything changes, and no more empty rhetoric by the Elders' and their running lackey dog UN about the Shebaa Farms belonging to Syria and all these stupid demarcation lines. Hezbollah do not need no stinking demarcation lines! Hezbollah will settle the score with the Arab traitors like the Al Hayat that say:
The issue over these farms was created to justify resistance operations from Lebanon after the UN had created the Blue Line following Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon. The Shebaa farms were placed inside Syrian territory. It should be noted that Syria, which claims that the farms are Lebanese, has not presented a single document to the UN to prove it.
But this is not really the issue here, the issue is that the real Shebaa farms were hidden by the Elders and their Zionist agents. Now is the time to show that this seemingly puny piece of real estate, presented in a pedestrian way by Wikipedia (no doubt another Zionist organ), is a real Nature treasure of humanity. What was considered a nondescript mountain slope, dry as a camel's tail in the middle of the summer and almost devoid of vegetation, will open its real beauty and size to all.

This is a picture of the Shebaa farms shown by the Zionists to the world:

Here are some first glimpses* of the real Shebaa.

A humble view of the real property as reported to the Hezbollah Council:

One can easily discern the difference between the Zionist ugly lies and the truth in all its beauty. You can see the endless El-Lahudra lake in the background, here is another view of it:

It's a rare bird that is able to cross the El-Lahudra lake and it will take a Leviathan to reach its bottom. Shoals of fishes of all kinds and tastes rise to its surface and vie for the fisherman's net, and only the dreadful Zionists are allowed by the Elders to fish there, and only for the disgusting gefilte fish at that!

A vast system of underwater caves like the one in the picture above connects El-Lahudra lake to all major lakes, seas and oceans in the world, and only the Zionist submarines are using it for their nefarious purposes.

And no one (aside of the Zionists, of course), has counted yet the myriad of mountain streams like this one:

It is really a mystery what these cursed Zionists do with all that water. Probably their camels (may they be cursed to the seventh generation!) take a bubble bath thrice a day...

Numerous ski resorts like the one above dot the slopes of the mountains whose size and beauty the world has not seen yet and will never see if the proud yellow flag of Hezbollah is not placed on their proud summits.

The next edition will deal with the wildlife of the area, including many species so far unknown to the scientific community.

(*) Pictures courtesy of Reuters.


Jewish mom

The plot and the settings are a bit too fanciful, but the dialog is so true...

In the year is 2012 the United States of America elects the first woman and the first Jewish person, Susan Goldfarb, as president.

She calls up her mother a few weeks after election day and says, "So, Mom, I assume you will be coming to my inauguration."

"I don't think so. It's a ten-hour drive, your father isn't as young as he used to be, and my gout is acting up again."

"Don't worry about it, Mom. I'll send Air Force One to pick you up."

"I don't know. Everybody will be so fancy-schmantzy. What on earth would I wear?"

"Oh Mom," replies Susan, "I'll make sure you have a wonderful gown . . . custom-made by the best designer in New York."

"Honey," Mom complains, "you know I can't eat those rich foods that you and your friends like to eat."

The President-to-be responds, "Don't worry Mom. The entire affair is going to be handled by the best caterer in New York City. Kosher all the way."

So Mom reluctantly agrees, and on January 21, 2013, Susan Goldfarb is being sworn in as President of the United States of America.

In the front row sits the new president's mother, who leans over to a Senator sitting next to her.

"You see that woman over there with her hand on the Bible becoming President of the United States?"

The Senator whispers back, "Yes I do."

Says Mom proudly . . . "Her brother's a doctor."


22 October 2006

Open letter to Mr. John Karen

Dear Mr. Karen,

I have received an unsolicited e-mail from your desk that I, with(out) your kind permission will partially quote here:

Manager,Credit and Foreign Bills of Coutts and Co.

My name is JOHN KAREN the Manager,Credit and Foreign Bills of Coutts and Co. Iam writing in respect of a foreign customer of our bank with account number-708-14-256-112 whose name is Mr. Sheikh Yassin an Israeli citizen who was killed during the Israeli and the Palestinians war in middle east crisis after Hizbollah Guerrillas captured two Israeli soldiers and killed up to seven Israelis in violence on either side of the Lebanese on 18 July 2006.

Since the demise of this customer, i personally has watched with keen interest for someone who will claim his money all has proved abortive as no one has come to claim his funds of US$15.5M (Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thoudsand United States Dollars) which has been in our bank since the middle east crisis.
Mr. Karen, I am grateful for your confidence and your proposal to partake of the above mentioned funds. There are two main reasons that prevent me from undertaking the mission you have so trustingly put in my hands:
  • I am still awfully busy with a similar operation involving much higher amounts of money in Benin. What with the issues re my looming conversion to Islam, second marriage and many other, lesser problems, my hands are tied.
  • The funds you describe belong by rights to the IAF (Israeli Air Force), they being the natural inheritors of the late Sheikh. You can write to IAF via this site, and I can assure you of a very warm and considerate reception.
I hope my advice will prove useful and will resolve the financial conundrum you and your esteemed bank seem to have encountered.

Oh, and a technical detail: the Hon. Sheikh Yassin expired, with some assistance from IAF, much earlier than your message indicated. Since, according to Mr. Yassin's ideological heir, Ismail Haniyeh, the above mentioned assistance from IAF provided "the moment Sheikh Yassin dreamed about", you can rest assured that my reference to IAF is indeed correct.

With best wishes,


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BBC, bias and freedom of information

How sad it is when a news organization, once respected for its commitment to the truth and the highest standards of journalistic professionalism, fights with the tenacity and bravery of Kitchener, the eloquence of Disraeli and the financial resources of the British public, to uphold the right to lie.
From here. Read it all, it's a good one.


Close encounters of the fourth type

Avraham Yosef was 25 years old when he died for the first time. "I was an electrician, and I was working in an industrial building when I unplugged the drill I was using, slipped, and got electrocuted," says the now 63-year-old, turning over his hand to reveal the small, rectangular scar on his right palm where the electrical plug struck him.
Thus starts an article with an intriguing headline: Close encounters by Erica Chernofsky. The subsequent events are no less dramatic:
...the voltage was increased to 1000 watts - a quantity the physicians admitted they had never attempted when administering an electric shock to a patient's heart.
Voltage is not measured in watts, it should be stated clearly, not is voltage "a quantity", but all this is in the realm of boring details, so we better proceed with the exciting part.
And then suddenly, while sitting at home one day, Yosef remembered everything, and as his doctors predicted, he would never be the same again.

"When I died, my soul went up," he states calmly from his home in Jerusalem. "There was a room I was standing in, and in front of me was an open door. Everything was white, but not white like the walls, a pure white, a white that we don't have here in this world.

"The doors in front of me opened and I saw a spectacular sight: In front of me was a man sitting on a high chair, two men sat on either side of him, and on either side of me were six other men. They looked like regular people, but were wearing this pure white, with pure white beards and white hair. They had no wrinkles or blemishes on their faces and their eyes were glowing, as if there was fire or light emanating from them. They were all beautiful."
The insistence of the witness on the color white leaves us with only two possible options: a clean room in a semiconductor manufacturer's like Intel or the monthly meeting of the Elders' Council. Since at the time of the incident there was no Intel or other plant in the vicinity, the second option is the only explanation. The lack of wrinkles or blemishes, glowing eyes and the beauty fits the members of the Council as a glove*. As does the following:
The government and regime of Israel is corrupt and must change their ways.
That's true, mate.
Those elected to the Knesset must be chosen according to the rules laid out in the Torah, and not according to money and power.
Let's give it another think, buddy. OK?
If the leaders of Israel don't change their ways, Yosef was warned, just as the Holy Temple was twice destroyed, so too the Zionist state will be destroyed - in 2012.

"A charismatic leader from an Islamic state will gather two million soldiers from all the Islamic countries and they will attack us, killing one-and-a-half million Israelis," Yosef explains in his surprisingly calm voice. "We will launch the atom bomb and kill 10-15 million Arabs in two days, and tens of millions of others will die from radiation poisoning."
More or less matches what you were told during your presence on the Council's meeting. There definitely are some re-arrangements of the current status in the pipeline, however the dates and the details are still being worked out.

But one thing should be clear: all this doesn't have anything to do with the "leaders of Israel". Mere clowns, all of them, so rest assured - you do not have to bother your head about it.

So what do we have here:
  • A case of tele-transportation of a person under the guise of a near death experience
  • Elders' Council trying to pass a message to the general public via a human medium
  • Message gone awry due to the medium being under a major influence of his unfortunate pedigree
The experiment is unclassified by now, but deemed a total failure and any further attempts to convey messages in this manner are discontinued.

(*) The white beards are fake and are just a part of a tradition. The same beards that serve this Santa Santa Claus gescheft are usually purchased.


21 October 2006

Zionist Unity: A Manifesto

Follows an article by Ami Isseroff, appearing here in full with his kind permission. It could be found at:



I have discovered another evil aspect of the "Zionist conspiracy." The campaign of anti-Zionists to portray Israel as a villainous illegitimate state, and paint Zionism as evil, owes a great part of its success to the Zionists.

A dangerous and destructive dynamic has evolved within the Zionist movement, motivated by differences of opinion over the fate of the "territories," and differences of approach to solving the Palestinian problem. In the process it was forgotten that we are all Zionists. That is, we all support the national revival of the Jewish people and the right of our people to self determination, and we all will pay dearly for erroneous policy decisions, foolhardy risks and missed opportunities.

The average Jewish person in Israel or abroad may think somewhat like this:

"I love Israel as I love myself. If it were only possible, I would like to be smart, rich and handsome or beautiful. I would also like Israel to be safe, and to be as large as needed to comfortably contain all the Jews who want to live there and to include all the sites that are dear in the national memory of the Jewish people. However, I understand real-world constraints: the limitations of military force, the need to make peace with Israel's Arab neighbors, and the pressure of the United States and other countries. I am not happy about the brutality incidental to Israeli settlement and military presence in these areas. On the other hand, I fully appreciate the evil intentions of the Hamas, the Hezbollah, and similar organizations, as well as the obvious fact that given the choice, the Arabs, and especially the Palestinians would like a Palestinian state to replace Israel, in the same way that we might fantasize about a greater and greater Israel.

Therefore we must pursue a judicious and pragmatic policy, choosing the best course between often unappetizing alternatives, while at the same time upholding the right of Israel and the Jewish people to exist, and resisting racist anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic propaganda.

Unfortunately, the hypothetical average Jewish person is not well represented in the different Zionist political and action groups. On the one hand, there is a strident Greater Israel lobby, that discredits and excoriates "leftists" at every opportunity, and claims to speak in the name of "Zionism." Anyone who does not agree to Jewish presence in Hebron or Gaza finds themselves branded a traitor. This animus began by targeting the extreme left of Israeli and Jewish politics, a tiny minority of anti-Zionists. It is now often extended to include Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert and other Israeli government leaders. The Zionist right has alienated a sizeable number of Jews from Zionism by insisting that if you are Zionist, you have to support Greater Israel. In the United States, it often insists on being more "pro-Israel" than the Israeli government. For example, the AIPAC lobby lobbied against Israeli policy, trying to scuttle US aid to moderate Palestinians who are considered by the Israeli government to be essential allies against the Hamas. It is one thing to air policy differences in Zionist forums. It is quite another to try to intervene with a foreign government against the policies of the state of Israel. How can a "pro-Israel" movement be sabotaging the policies of the Israeli government?

On the other hand, there is a vociferous "anti-occupation" lobby that is in large part Zionist, but which constantly and single-mindedly inveighs against the "occupation" in a way that discredits not only the occupation, but all of Zionism and Israel, and sometimes Judaism as well. It echos and amplifies all the shibboleths of the anti-Zionist conspiracy. Occasionally, its adherents will wake up to reality and be horrified to find themselves surrounded in their struggle by "comrades" who are anti-Semites as well as anti-Zionists. The Zionist or "pro-Israel" left has alienated mainstream Jewish opinion by siding with the enemy on more than one occasion and using their slogans. Rabbi Lerner of Tikkun got himself arrested for advocating an "international force" at the height of the Intifadah. This policy was the policy of Yasser Arafat, who wanted this force as a shield that would allow terrorist violence to continue unmolested by the IDF. The "pro-Israel" Brit Tzedek v'Shalom group tried to lobby congress against the Israeli security fence, claiming it is a "land grab." These groups raise the banner of "compassion," but show little compassion for fellow Jews and Israelis. The net effect of their efforts is often to aid the propaganda of anti-Zionists, who are usually glad to accept their help. They have no effect on Israeli policy or mainstream Zionist thinking, because they have put themselves outside the Zionist movement.

When Israel and Zionism and their supporters were subjected to a vicious campaign of delegitimization, slander and intimidation in North American campuses, "pro-Israel" and "Zionist" groups like Brit Tzedek VeShalom were nowhere to be seen. Nobody among them was willing to come forward and defend Israel against "one state" initiatives and fantastic claims that "Zionism" comes from the Hebrew word for penis. This task was left to small groups of rightist Zionist activists. One "progressive Zionist" student group offered a brochure for activists featuring a film lauding Arab MK Azmi Bishara. That was their contribution to support for Israel in its time of need. Not surprisingly, this ruined the credentials of that group among supporters of Israel and helped marginalize progressive Zionists. Laudable stands against anti-Semitism and blind hatred of Israel were taken by liberal and left groups, not necessarily Zionist or Jewish, such as Engage and the Euston Manifesto group, but the progressive Zionist groups were mostly silent or engaged in adding fuel to the fire, with few exceptions.

Most Jews did not remark on the problem, but an Israeli did. Ismail Khaldi, an Israeli Bedouin who is Israeli consul in San Francisco said,

How can Israel's voice be heard if the Jewish students don't have the facts or the knowledge to speak up? I don't take the mass of Jewish students to task for not agreeing with all of Israel's policies, but I do take them to task for not caring about Israel or what happens there. It is the apathy which allows the anti-Israel propaganda to strengthen itself more and more over time.

Surely. it is absurd when Ismail Khaldi has to remind Jews and Zionists of what we should be doing. Surely, something is wrong when Lebanese expatriate Brigitte Gabriel or Palestinian supporter John L. Strawson are more willing to defend Israel and Zionism in public than certain "Zionist" organizations.

With too few exceptions, moderate Zionists just weren't there to protest campus anti-Zionism, and in some cases they sabotaged the efforts of other groups. Progressive groups usually confined their criticism of boycott issues to bland statements on their Web sites. Only anti-Israel initiatives became action items.

On the other hand, right wing Zionist groups in Israel or abroad only very rarely speak out against excesses or even admit that there are ugly incidents and injustices perpetrated by settlers and the IDF, or problems in implementing the security fence. Checkpoints are regrettably necessary to stop terrorism. Rudeness and bureaucratic intransigence at the treatment of Palestinians at those checkpoints is not necessary -- it is harmful. Whether or not Jews should live in Hebron, stoning Arab schoolchildren and forcing the IDF to guard them is not helping Israel or Zionism. It is wrong. It is eating away at the fabric of Israeli society. Silence about these issues that are hurting Israel is not "patriotic." For concerned Israeli patriots, silence is dereliction of duty. It is we, supporters of Israel, who should be most urgently interested in stopping these evils, because they are sabotaging Israel and Zionism.

The original founders of the Israeli mass peace movement were IDF reserve officers. Nobody could question their loyalty to the cause of Zionism, which they had demonstrated over many years. The same credit does not necessarily accrue to U.S. Jews who never lived here and were never active in support of Israel. On the other hand, you will forgive me if I find it absurd when a "Zionist" in California or Indiana takes it upon themselves to be the arbiter of who is a "traitor" or an "anti-Semite" in the Israeli government.

The center, which most probably represents the majority of Zionists and supporters of Israel, may be uncomfortable defending Israel when excesses are publicized, but is equally afraid to speak out against the excesses and mistakes for fear of hurting Israel. However, knaves and fools step in where angels fear to tread. Instead of constructive criticism we are therefore left with the shrill cries of anti-Zionists and "compassion" yuppies. The public defense of Israel is too often entrusted by default to the extreme right, who paint Zionism in the image beloved of its detractors - an inflexible, aggressive, expansionist and "racist" movement.

I know that these words will not be received with equanimity. They strike at the core of the programs of left and right. Anti-Zionists and anti-Semites use the issues to delegitimize Israel and slander the Jewish people. The Zionist left wants to force a change in Israeli policy by embarrassing Israel and withholding support. The Zionist right wants to force its political agenda on all Zionists by insisting that anyone who doesn't support Greater Israel is a traitor.

Human nature being what it is, many readers may respond to this plea for unity by defending their particular political convictions, or the actions of their particular group. That is not the point. The point is to defend the legitimacy of Israel and the Zionist movement in the best way possible, and to unite the support of Jewish people everywhere.

It is not to be expected that all differences of opinion will vanish, nor should they. We do not need to all adopt the same policies in order to defend the right of Israel to exist. Likud members and Meretz people fight on the same side in the IDF. All sides have the right to present the political views and policy positions that they think are best for Israel. However no side has the right to represent themselves as exclusive spokespersons of Zionism or the Jewish people, and no Zionist or pro-Israel group should neglect the defense of Israel and the basic tenets of Zionism.

Regardless of political differences, all Zionist and pro-Israel factions have to remember our principles and adhere to them. Both sides must present the case for Zionist legitimacy and the right of Jews to self-determination. Both sides have to criticize what is inexcusable in a balanced and constructive way that will really bring about a change in policy. Both sides have to present a humanitarian and positive image of Zionism and Israel.

Ami Isseroff

Original content is copyright 2006 by the author. Posted at ZioNation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, http://www.zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000269.html where your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. Disributed by ZNN list. Subscribe by sending a message to Znn-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Please forward by e-mail with this notice, cite this article and link to it. Other uses by permission only.


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20 October 2006

The power of a compliment

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has been overheard joking about the virility of his Israeli counterpart, who is accused of multiple rape. A Russian journalist said Mr Putin joked that President Moshe Katsav was a "mighty man", adding "we all envy him".
Gee, thanks, Mr. President. I am sure we, the Elders, could pull some strings. Come over when our Mr. president is in the nick and we'll let you spend some quality time together. You will be serviced by an expert, as you already know...

to Will


A new chapter in stand-up comedy

Mahmoud the Mad, the most popular Middle-Eastern stand-up comedian is not content with being recognized as such. He is striving for recognition in new markets, in this case the European ones.

Toward this goal, Mahmoud is developing several new techniques, hitherto undiscovered in this genre. One of these techniques is creative use of the nature imagery:

We inform you that the nations are like an ocean that is welling up, and if a storm begins, the dimensions will not stay limited to Palestine, and you may get hurt.
The ingenious invocation of powers of nature is very impressive, being funny as well at the same time.

Another new technique, doubtless inspired by his elder colleague Mr. Khamenei, is the use of a finger.

He is even trying to outdo Khamenei, sporting a golden ring on the hand he uses. Possibly stolen during the days of his youthful zealotry when ransacking the US embassy in Tehran...

So far the European spectators of this latest number have not responded, being obviously in deep contemplation of this novel form of self-expression. The Elders, however, are unanimously supportive of the novel approach to stand-up comedy. We have decided to offer Mahmoud this flag - to serve as a background to the scene and to remind him that there is more than one finger that could be used.

Take care, Mahmoud!

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Corpse scam? Up yours, BBC!

BBC heaped scorn galore on the brave unselfish American undertakers who risked their good standing and, indeed, their exalted position in the eyes of the conservative and hypocritical "public opinion", salvaging body parts where possible and transferring them to the needy sufferers.

Seven undertakers in the New York area have admitted being part of a scheme to steal body parts for transplants. The criminal operation saw body parts removed from corpses without the consent of relatives and sold to biomedical companies.
And much more in that wretched article. Of course, the reason for the eagerness of BBC to attack the unsung heroes of the spare parts frontier is easily found in the article:
The body of veteran BBC broadcaster Alistair Cooke was among those used.
No comments required in this case, I am sure.

Anyway, we, the Elders, fully understand and identify with this courageous team of undertakers. What with us being blamed for harvesting body parts everywhere in the world, this operation will be definitely ascribed to one of our departments, and we are ready to adopt it as our own and take the blame.

This is a good time to cast some light on our intentions in this direction. Instead of vesting the delicate business of spare parts in the hands of amateurs, gifted as they may be, we are in the last stages of negotiating with Wal-Mart a world-wide arrangement of marketing the produce provided by us. Soon every citizen in need will be able to visit the Wal-Mart and choose* a liver, an eye, a heart or whatever he/she desires and according to her/his medical insurance or lack of thereof.

(*) Remarks
  • Payment by installments as well as mortgage of a substitute body part (yours or your family member, friend or neighbor) - by arrangement.
  • Food stamps not accepted. Credit card or cash only.
  • Internet orders being considered, however in some cases a visit is required for measurements.
  • A special department for extraterrestrials will be open soon, watch this space.
  • Additional conditions (such as, but not limited to, transfer of ownership on soul) may apply.

19 October 2006

On British diplomatic ingenuity

Stuff of legends, that British ability to resolve anything using nothing but diplomatic wit and savvy. The Sun, under a rather shrilly headline Brave heroes hounded out, displays a shining example of that famous British tradition. Tragicomedy in 3 acts:

Act 1: the roots of the problem

Four young Household Cavalry officers (same unit where Prince Harry serves, incidentally) return home after a tour of duty in Afghanistan. They decide to rent a house together, to have some R&R after months risking their lives on the frontline.

Their choice falls upon £3,000-a-month detached home in picturesque Datchet, Berks, less than a mile from Windsor Castle. They visit the home, everything is to their liking and the deal is struck.

Act 2: The incident

Some neighbors do not like the fact that the British army officers are going to inhabit the house, and two days after the officers' visit the house had bricks thrown through windows and was daubed with messages of hate. The perpetrators happen to be, according to The Sun, "Muslim yobs".

Sources inside Windsor's Combermere Barracks - where the officers are based - confirmed Muslims had made calls threatening the men.

To those who lost the plot because of the length of this post, a reminder: this happened in United Kingdom, very close to the Queen's Windsor Castle.

There is some outrage by the vandalism, for example:

Last night furious Shadow immigration minister Damian Green said: "This is a shocking development."

Colleagues of the officers branded the vandalism a "disgrace". A source at the regiment said: "These guys have done nothing but bravely serve their country -— yet they can'’t even live where they want in their own country."

A Household Cavalry insider said of the Muslims' insult to Britain's heroes: "Everyone in the regiment is really upset. It's one thing coming under attack in Helmand in Afghanistan but quite another getting this abuse in England."

Act 3: The solution
They [the four young officers] were yesterday forced to look elsewhere to live - after top brass warned them against inflaming racial violence near the Queen'’s Windsor Castle home.
There is some other word that describes that fit of diplomatic ingenuity, but I have forgotten it at the moment. I am sure it will come to me later, though, so please stay in touch...

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Via J of Justify This.

Reading Ynet

Parties and drugs in Tehran

Many young Iranians lead secular lives. A young Tehran-based computer technician and DJ told Ynet of parties he organizes in the capital, where young Iranians are drawn to the tunes of western music, drugs and alcohol.
Really encouraging, that. Who knows, we may yet see a new generation of Ayatollahs showing off their breakdance skills. Under influence, that is.

Gaza: 5 weapons-smuggling tunnels uncovered
IDF forces operating near the Philadelphi Route in south Gaza uncovered five weapons-smuggling tunnels on Wednesday. The army has unearthed 20 tunnels used to smuggle arms and explosives since it has stepped its efforts following the kidnapping of Corporal Gilad Shalit last June.
Our valiant minister of defense commenting on this:
From my standpoint, Israel's security means foiling the attempt to turn Gaza into south Lebanon.
Be interesting to know how we'll manage to accomplish that, after failing for years to prevent the south Lebanon turning into south Lebanon.

Aussie communal leaders consulted over envoy's fate
Senior Australian Jewish officials have been consulted by the Israeli Foreign Ministry about the fate of embattled Israeli envoy Nati Tamir, following his controversial comments about Asians, the AJN has learned.
Real sneaky, these diplomats. What exactly they are trying to get an answer to: whether the dope should be grilled or pot roasted? Or whether he should be served with gravy?
(To remind you).

The murderer of Yitzhak Rabin demands conjugal visit
The vermin petitioned to the Tel Aviv District Court, asking judges to allow him a conjugal visit with his wife Larissa Trimbobler for fertility reasons. The two have already received authorization to bring children into the world through artificial insemination but the vermin claims that they do not need a medical procedure, which is endangering his wife's health.
Just continue to rot, vermin. And for conjugal visits, dead goat will be a most fitting visitor.

Haredim: Jerusalem gay parade may lead to another war
Thousands of ultra-Orthodox protest at Jerusalem's Sabbath Square against holding of 2006 Gay Pride Parade in city; "war in Lebanon broke out as soon as the parade was announced," haredi man says. Head of Eda Haredit rabbinic court: We did not succeed in Lebanon due to promiscuity in Holy Land.
"Fuck off" would be a most fitting reply to the Head of rabbinic court mentioned above. But will he get the delicately nuanced poetry and the sublime metaphor of this statement?

Breslov Hassids impersonate each other
What did the honorable Breslov Hassids do to allow their colleagues, who had a criminal background, to visit the tomb of Rabbi Nachman in Uman? They lent them their passports. During the High Holiday period 12 thousand Breslov Hassids left Israel on 80 flights to visit the tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

While passengers were going through passport control, border police noticed that several passengers were using passports that didn't belong to them. Police investigations revealed that the holders of the passports had a criminal background and were banned from leaving the country. Apparently, the suspects had contacted their friends who resembled them physically and asked to use their passports.
Hmm... I guess the trick is relatively simple:


Weekly Lec*

One wise man always managed to bow before the ruler so as to show his behind to the courtiers.
(*)See here what it is all about.


18 October 2006

Are you depressed? Not yet?

I swear I wasn't depressed this morning. On the contrary, I was as chirpy and cheerful as the next slave of the Elders' inhuman oppressing sweatshop.

Then something real bad happened. I have stumbled on the next stupid questionnaire from the Blogthings. And then the day went south.

Somewhere in the middle of the list I felt that I am at the bottom of the deepest well of anguish and despair ever experienced by a human being. I felt like that Armstrong bloke that stepped on the Moon. But in the negative sense, of course.

No, I did not finish the darn thing. You go and do it.


Only in Russia

The article (some of you will have to believe me, I know) starts with the news about a theft of a new novel written by Victor Pelevin, one of the outstanding contemporary Russian writers.

An electronic copy of the novel, bearing the marks of formatting and other preparations for the print, is being distributed all over the net. Obviously lifted from the publishing house.

So far it is a report on a theft that, while definitely being a dirty deed, could happen anywhere in the world. The author of the article, some Alexandr Amzin, does not even express any outrage about the act of thievery. This, most probably, comes from being a really impartial professional observer and reporter.

And then comes the surprise. Instead of stopping at this point, Mr. Amzin jumps into a learned critical essay on the novel. Which, obviously, he read in the purloined version...



Sexologist pleads with burglars: Please return my equipment

Two suitcases carrying 40 vibrators stolen from sexologist Shelly Pasternak. She's begging thieves to return them as cases contained receipts from customers who purchased sex toys from her. Whoever broke into Shelly Pasternak's Hyundai on Friday afternoon in northern Tel Aviv and walked away with two metallic suitcases is now stuck with 40 vibrators, in an assortment of colors, sizes and vibration options.
Yeah. It was a dastardly deed. Still, I think that the perp will be caught eventually. The onset of blindness and the hair on his/her palms will betray the dolt.


17 October 2006

To the blogstalkers

Dear stalker,

We do appreciate the (unwarranted) attention and the (somewhat twisted) thoughts that you put in your (mainly repetitive and boring) comments.

But please remember that it takes but one tiny click on the mouse to delete your pearl of self-expression.

With best wishes,


P.S. This is not a warning!


Two gems

From Sandmonkey's notebook:

"This is the one thing that I could never get about her when we were dating. I would be like: Sweetie, you wear the veil and give religious advice and lessons in the morning, and yet every night you come over to my place and we have sex. Please EXPLAIN THAT TO ME."

Another friend at his house.
This friend of Sandmonkey is plainly pushing his enormous luck asking such questions...
"Sweetie, if it wasn't for Hamas, there would be an israeli soldier in every egyptian home right now."

A friend's brother, after she told him that she thinks that Hamas are stupid and ruining everything.
Methinks if we had enough soldiers to put one in every house in Egypt, we would have been in Beijing by now already...


A tale of two lawyers

Generally, mentioning this profession is as likely as not to cause a few derisive remarks. In this case, though, we are talking about two jailed lawyers. Which, again, may serve as a source for another remark or two, but let's look at the cases first.

Chen Guangcheng (China)

Chen Guangcheng, a blind lawyer from Shandong province (See An "independent" legal kingdom and a blind lawyer). While Chen has been an advocate for the rights of ordinary citizens for many years, he attracted the attention of the local government when he publicized its abuses of power in implementing family planning, including forced abortions and sterilizations, which are illegal. A central government investigation confirmed Chen's discoveries, but local officials kept him under house arrest and finally charged him with "intentionally damaging public property and inciting traffic disorder", even though he had been under their watch during the times he allegedly committed these crimes.

Chen faced trial on August 18. A few lawyers in Beijing had agreed to defend him but they were not allowed in the court room. Instead, two lawyers chosen by the state represented Chen. Later in the week, Chen's sentence of four years and three months in prison was announced

Lynne Stewart (USA)
Attorney Lynne Stewart, who was convicted of helping an extremist Egyptian cleric pass messages from prison urging his followers on the outside to launch terrorist attacks, was sentenced to 28 months behind bars.

Stewart, 67, was charged with aiding a U.S.-designated terror organization, the Islamic Group, wage a broad murder and kidnapping conspiracy. Federal prosecutors said she and two men convicted with her helped her former client, the blind sheik, Omar Abdel Rahman, transmit messages to the group's leaders in defiance of prison restrictions. The government had asked U.S. District Judge John Koeltl in New York to impose a 30-year term. In a plea for mercy, Stewart implored the judge to "Permit me to live out the rest of my life productively, effectively and righteously.''

Koeltl said he handed down a lighter sentence because of Stewart's "extraordinary personal characteristics,'' including her decades of service as a defense lawyer. Her attorneys had asked the judge to impose no prison time, citing Stewart's poor health. She's recovering from a bout with breast cancer.
Interesting, isn't it? In China a person gets four years and three months for the same qualities that shortened the sentence of the American lawyer by something like 10-15 years...

Now your comments, please. To make your analysis easier:
Stewart, whose clients have included mobsters and radical leftists, had said she was prosecuted for her role as an outspoken lawyer.
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Is this character drooling when he talks?

I shall step aside for the moment from the Elders' universal and humane tradition of eliminating with extreme prejudice only the people who must be eliminated to protect our WD (world domination) - related interests.

I would like to say that in some situations our field agents should be given a less rigid brief and allowed to use their common sense. Like in a case like this:

Israel should utilize its strong links with Australia to expand relations in Asia, said Israeli Ambassador to Australia Naftali Tamir this week. ... He continued: "Israel and Australia are like sisters in Asia. We are in Asia without the characteristics of Asians. We don't have yellow skin and slanted eyes. Asia is basically the yellow race. Australia and Israel are not - we are basically the white race. We are on the western side of Asia and they are on the southeastern side."Israel has a past and present in Europe, but no future. Israel is a part of Asia," he added.
Here is Naftali Tamir:

The picture is obviously staged, so you cannot see him drooling. But he must be.

Naftali is a career diplomat, it appears. He thinks that he belongs to the white race, whatever it means for him, but he obviously belongs to that global race of the village idiots. At least he knows his geography, it must be allowed.

Noorster thinks that he must be stopped. There is stopping and then there is stopping, methinks. The impact on the gene pool has to be investigated too, I am afraid...


16 October 2006

WTF is uguagliance?

Spiritof1976 has dedicated a post to the unsung supporters of the glorious DPRK and its leaders. My initial impression was that he is pulling the collective leg of his readers, but there indeed is a forum for these people, where they come under the cover of darkness (I guess) to share their love to the diminutive Kim and his unbelievable Workers' Party (WPK). It takes all kinds...

Spirit, however, not being versed in the WPK lingo was stumped by the following quote:

Is beautiful that in the DPRK there is uguagliance and a lot of free servicies, contrary to other western countries where the proletarians live the black book of capitalism...
  • To start with - uguagliance is an alliance of GULAGs - it's basic WPK-speak and has nothing to do with no Italian language, as another commenter there guessed (wrongly).
  • The free services provided in uguagliance are: 24x7 guard, shooting the escaping folks and subsequent burial.
  • The access to the library of successive Kims' books is optional.
  • "The black book of capitalism" is a typo: it should read "The black bock of capitalism".
That's more or less the end of the in-depth analysis of the quote. As a useful side result, however, it could be derived that the person quoted considers DPRK to be another western country. However, if you circle the globe from NK in the eastern direction, the first serious land mass will be that of Mexico (more or less). Strange, that...


Israeli sex life - the latest rave

Follow two snapshots of two different Internet sites:

The first one belongs to BBC, the second to Jerusalem Post. The similarity is striking, even to the choice of the same picture.

Is this another confirmation of the unwavering attention of the world to everything Israeli, including the sex life of a third rate politician?

Should we rejoice in pride because of our importance?

Should we grieve about the bad publicity?

Should we just shrug it off and move on?


Khamenei brandishes a Kalashnikov

Or, in its full form: Khamenei Brandishes a Kalashnikov at US and Israel

This is a headline of another Debka opus, classified as "DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis".

The powerful spectacle of Iran's be-turbaned supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei clutching an automatic rifle, displayed exclusively by DEBKAfile, drew on the belligerent imagery of Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein. The Iranian media suppressed this particular shot in its coverage of his sermon at Tehran University Oct. 13, the third Friday of Ramadan. But the AK 47 toted by the ruler of the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism was not missed by the political and military leaders in his audience and accentuated his war message.
That quote sounds very ominous, as most of the Debka's productions. I must add my two bits, though:

Bit 1: The way Hon. Ayatollah holds his gun will surely earn him some cruel punishment in the hands of any, even the most slovenly, sergeant.

Bit 2: Could it be just a new fashion on canes for senior citizens in Iran? It is not that I would dare to cast a shadow of doubt on the rest of this Debka's exclusive analysis, but...

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15 October 2006

Is the entire universe going crazy,

or just the "civilized" Western world?

This fairly reasonable question is asked by Gregory Curtis Trotter from Sacramento, California, which is apparently in USA. Gregory asked this question after reading this article that starts with:

A teenage schoolgirl was arrested by police for racism after refusing to sit with a group of Asian students because some of them did not speak English. Codie Stott's family claim she was forced to spend three-and-a-half hours in a police cell after she was reported by her teachers.
I am as flabbergasted as Gregory here, but Gregory has done an excellent job on following his own question up, and I shall deviate from my habit of blabbing, letting Gregory talk instead:
Just as there is no legitimate place in humanity for racism and other social evils, neither is there a logical place for the kind of idiocy that promotes mere "political correctness" as a remedy for racism, etc. People need "human" correctness, the kind of thing the Bible refers to as "love" for your neighbor. Political correctness doesn't promote social love; it is only a fabricated attempt to avoid the appearance of racism. Political correctness be screwed, along with mindless adherence to its precepts.
Yeah. I would like to share a few brews with you, Gregory. Meanwhile, best wishes to you.

Via TinkertyTonk.


Ambition shines bright in Iran. Up to a point.

Robert Tait of The Observer sometimes produces interesting articles about Iran and its frequently ugly reality of religious and political oppression. This time, however, he has chosen a light and playful approach. Two different persons, both looking for success in his/her own professional area are written up in the article. The first - an inventive shoe-shine expert with his e-mail address and a cell phone.

Rather than wait hopefully for business, Hasankhani cycles across Tehran to where he knows customers are in need of his services. He plies his trade expertly in cafes and restaurants frequented by well-to-do professionals who have come to rely on him to keep their footwear gleaming. Hasankhani's email address - aliwaxima2000@yahoo.com - and telephone number are proudly emblazoned on his kit box, which also bears the ultimate customer-friendly motto: Have A Nice Day. In a further innovation, he is setting up a website.
While admiring Hasankhani's business acumen, I can hardly see how it revolutionizes the bleak reality of the country. But I wish him success anyway.

The second protagonist of the article is known much better to the international public, it is the Laleh Seddigh, the first woman to be crowned Iran's national motor rally champion.

But her success has never been accepted by the traditionalist male-dominated hierarchy of the racing federation, who, in effect, ensured that she would not repeat it by recently barring her from a race at Tehran's Azadi stadium. Seddigh, however, remains defiant. Certain that right is on her side, she has embarked on a campaign to secure legally binding written permission for any woman to compete against men in motor races. She is also trying to break another taboo - the prohibition on men training women to become rally coaches. That is banned on Islamic grounds, on the basis that unrelated members of the opposite sex should not be alone together in an enclosed space.
No, it is not an opportunity for bashing Islam. Other religions, Judaism included, have their own quirks that treat women not much less unfairly than Islam. However, saying this, at least the West does not adopt this policy on the regime level, as it is practiced in Iran and other Muslim theocracies.

Says Laleh: "We are totally covered. There is no question of breaking Islamic laws."

Dear Laleh, you may be right at that, but here is the bitter truth:

Feet, you see, here is your problem. Quite a lot of years (more than 150, I guess) ago and in some other land the mere mention of the word "foot" where a female was concerned would have been considered a rudeness. Not to speak or dream about showing a foot or a fragment of it to the general public.

Wrapped in a burqah and at home, raising children - this is how many of your countrymen prefer to see (or, rather, not to see) you and all Persian women. It may take another 150 years to dispose of this taboo, I am afraid.

I wish you all the best and hope you will be able to break the walls some little men are raising around you.

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Haveil Havalim 89. Wow!

What can one say? Take a look at this first:

Batya, she of many blogs, is not only omnipresent, but omnipotent as well, judging by the size of this one. Besides, you can watch it in stereo now - from two different blogs.