31 October 2006

Solomon's decision

The row between German navy and Israeli air force continues. German navy claims that two missiles were launched at their vessel, while IAF denies, explaining that what seemed as missiles to the sailors were in fact just benign protective flares.

Both sides are entrenched in their positions, even after Olmert's attempts to appease:

According to Olmert, nothing tragic occurred and the moment the pilots identified the German helicopter, they evacuated the area. The problem apparently lay in the clash of German and Israeli identification systems. He said Israel would establish a coordinating system directly with the Germans.
So I would like to offer a number of measures that must satisfy both sides:
  1. IAF will purchase only German identification systems from now on.
  2. IAF will purchase only German flares from now on.
  3. If the IAF internal inquiry shows that the pilot pushed a wrong button and launched two missiles at the vessel:
  • The pilot will be court-martialled for a) inattention and b) poor marksmanship
  • IAF will purchase only German air-to-sea missiles from now on
That should settle it.



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