26 October 2006

First full-face transplant to be performed in UK

That's according to Indy. But there is a catch:

Patrick Butler, of the Royal Free Hospital, hopes to carry out the operation within months and is already in the process of selecting the first patient to undergo the procedure.
So, it's obviously a question of finding a candidate that will be a) in a clear and present need for the transplant and b) willing to undergo one.

We have two candidates to offer to the Royal Free Hospital. Both are more than compliant with the requirement a), we have polled 687 people of all genders about it and the agreement was unanimous.

And both are so afraid of the Jooz that they will do anything, simply anything to change their appearance.

Click on the images to enlarge - but try to guess who beforehand.

P.S. There is also a question of the new face to be matched to each candidate. Proposals welcome. The results will be published.