23 October 2006

Shebaa farms - the truth will out!

Sometimes it takes only a sharp eye and a sharp mind to uncover a several millennia old plot. This is what happened recently with the advent of Rima Fakhry, a Hezbollah Council member, as reported by Harry's place. The esteemed Council member published a groundbreaking article with a single sentence that easily accomplished what generations of explorers and investigators could not.

The Resistance exercised its right, if not duty, of resisting the Israeli occupier in the Lebanese Shebaa farms which is considered a vital piece of the Lebanese land, and is known for its natural beauty, as it contains the most important ski centres in the region, besides its richness of water.
Yes, this certainly did the trick. Now the truth must start coming out, if reluctantly. For even the brightest minds of National Geographic could not penetrate the diabolical system of smoke and mirrors created by the Elders, hiding from the humanity this gem of nature called Shebaa Farms. But now everything changes, and no more empty rhetoric by the Elders' and their running lackey dog UN about the Shebaa Farms belonging to Syria and all these stupid demarcation lines. Hezbollah do not need no stinking demarcation lines! Hezbollah will settle the score with the Arab traitors like the Al Hayat that say:
The issue over these farms was created to justify resistance operations from Lebanon after the UN had created the Blue Line following Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon. The Shebaa farms were placed inside Syrian territory. It should be noted that Syria, which claims that the farms are Lebanese, has not presented a single document to the UN to prove it.
But this is not really the issue here, the issue is that the real Shebaa farms were hidden by the Elders and their Zionist agents. Now is the time to show that this seemingly puny piece of real estate, presented in a pedestrian way by Wikipedia (no doubt another Zionist organ), is a real Nature treasure of humanity. What was considered a nondescript mountain slope, dry as a camel's tail in the middle of the summer and almost devoid of vegetation, will open its real beauty and size to all.

This is a picture of the Shebaa farms shown by the Zionists to the world:

Here are some first glimpses* of the real Shebaa.

A humble view of the real property as reported to the Hezbollah Council:

One can easily discern the difference between the Zionist ugly lies and the truth in all its beauty. You can see the endless El-Lahudra lake in the background, here is another view of it:

It's a rare bird that is able to cross the El-Lahudra lake and it will take a Leviathan to reach its bottom. Shoals of fishes of all kinds and tastes rise to its surface and vie for the fisherman's net, and only the dreadful Zionists are allowed by the Elders to fish there, and only for the disgusting gefilte fish at that!

A vast system of underwater caves like the one in the picture above connects El-Lahudra lake to all major lakes, seas and oceans in the world, and only the Zionist submarines are using it for their nefarious purposes.

And no one (aside of the Zionists, of course), has counted yet the myriad of mountain streams like this one:

It is really a mystery what these cursed Zionists do with all that water. Probably their camels (may they be cursed to the seventh generation!) take a bubble bath thrice a day...

Numerous ski resorts like the one above dot the slopes of the mountains whose size and beauty the world has not seen yet and will never see if the proud yellow flag of Hezbollah is not placed on their proud summits.

The next edition will deal with the wildlife of the area, including many species so far unknown to the scientific community.

(*) Pictures courtesy of Reuters.