19 October 2006

Reading Ynet

Parties and drugs in Tehran

Many young Iranians lead secular lives. A young Tehran-based computer technician and DJ told Ynet of parties he organizes in the capital, where young Iranians are drawn to the tunes of western music, drugs and alcohol.
Really encouraging, that. Who knows, we may yet see a new generation of Ayatollahs showing off their breakdance skills. Under influence, that is.

Gaza: 5 weapons-smuggling tunnels uncovered
IDF forces operating near the Philadelphi Route in south Gaza uncovered five weapons-smuggling tunnels on Wednesday. The army has unearthed 20 tunnels used to smuggle arms and explosives since it has stepped its efforts following the kidnapping of Corporal Gilad Shalit last June.
Our valiant minister of defense commenting on this:
From my standpoint, Israel's security means foiling the attempt to turn Gaza into south Lebanon.
Be interesting to know how we'll manage to accomplish that, after failing for years to prevent the south Lebanon turning into south Lebanon.

Aussie communal leaders consulted over envoy's fate
Senior Australian Jewish officials have been consulted by the Israeli Foreign Ministry about the fate of embattled Israeli envoy Nati Tamir, following his controversial comments about Asians, the AJN has learned.
Real sneaky, these diplomats. What exactly they are trying to get an answer to: whether the dope should be grilled or pot roasted? Or whether he should be served with gravy?
(To remind you).

The murderer of Yitzhak Rabin demands conjugal visit
The vermin petitioned to the Tel Aviv District Court, asking judges to allow him a conjugal visit with his wife Larissa Trimbobler for fertility reasons. The two have already received authorization to bring children into the world through artificial insemination but the vermin claims that they do not need a medical procedure, which is endangering his wife's health.
Just continue to rot, vermin. And for conjugal visits, dead goat will be a most fitting visitor.

Haredim: Jerusalem gay parade may lead to another war
Thousands of ultra-Orthodox protest at Jerusalem's Sabbath Square against holding of 2006 Gay Pride Parade in city; "war in Lebanon broke out as soon as the parade was announced," haredi man says. Head of Eda Haredit rabbinic court: We did not succeed in Lebanon due to promiscuity in Holy Land.
"Fuck off" would be a most fitting reply to the Head of rabbinic court mentioned above. But will he get the delicately nuanced poetry and the sublime metaphor of this statement?

Breslov Hassids impersonate each other
What did the honorable Breslov Hassids do to allow their colleagues, who had a criminal background, to visit the tomb of Rabbi Nachman in Uman? They lent them their passports. During the High Holiday period 12 thousand Breslov Hassids left Israel on 80 flights to visit the tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

While passengers were going through passport control, border police noticed that several passengers were using passports that didn't belong to them. Police investigations revealed that the holders of the passports had a criminal background and were banned from leaving the country. Apparently, the suspects had contacted their friends who resembled them physically and asked to use their passports.
Hmm... I guess the trick is relatively simple: