03 October 2006

Strange goings-on down under

"Are UFOs whizzing over our heads? ", asks Australian Sunshine Coast Daily. As it routinely happens in the age of the digital cameras, the question is addressing the result of the new toy field test:

Trying out his new digital camera behind his Sunrise Road home around 3.30pm one recent afternoon, Charles McKenzie took a photo which revealed a small grey object that looks very much like a flying saucer. The keen photographer said he had no reason to suspect the brand new $600, six-megapixel Canon PowerShot s3IS camera had malfunctioned as none of the other photographs he had taken showed any abnormalities.
Of course, and see what an expert says:
Glennys Mackay - Australian National Director for the Mutual UFO Network and Queensland UFO Network spokesperson - said the image had all the hallmarks of a spacecraft, including a distinct electromagnetic field.
Distinct electromagnetic field. Yeah... Not to keep my readers in suspension - there are lots of different electromagnetic fields out there. Some of it is called (for us mortals) simply light.

Truly something is whizzing in someone's head here. And it is not the poor photographer's head...

Oh, and Charles: $600, even in Australian dollars, means that you have overpaid a bit for that camera. Enjoy it, anyway.

And the last remark: Australian newspapers should not have a rubric "local news". There is nothing "local" in Australia, for crying out loud!