05 October 2006

Airline security quirk

According to this amazing article, if you are taking a flight from a Swiss airport, the local security wouldn't mind you having a Swiss army knife. Apparently, Swiss army knife in Switzerland is considered a natural part of a person's attire.

Following this road, it will make sense to define one "ethnic weapon" for every country (or, maybe, every nation and tribe). Such weapon will be exempt from security restrictions, provided, of course, that the person carrying it has a solid proof of his/her national/tribal identity.

Of course, I have immediately started to think about a Jewish national weapon. At first, king David's slingshot came to mind. But slingshot is too outdated, unlike the Swiss army knife. So here is what I propose:

Of course, once the proposal is accepted, carrying one micro-Uzi should be made mandatory for every citizen, and then is naturally follows that the manufacturer must start thinking about satisfying the aesthetic requirements of a wide spectrum of customers. All kinds of colors, decorations and additional attachments should be designed and offered. This idea opens new horizons for the military industry, and no need to thank me.

Let's move, people!