08 October 2006

More from Russia - a miracle and the routine

The Moscow draw 1:1 is a miracle for our national football team - don't let the voices of disappointment to deceive you. Aside of the usual schwitzing (compare that "I'm in form and we'll play to win says Benayoun" with "'It's a very good result,' Benayoun told reporters after the match."), this is more than our pitiful state of football (or football State) deserves.

But I really could care less about the football itself. What is really interesting is the effort made by the Russian football fans to make our team to feel at home. Reports the Russian press:

80 fans were detained during the game. Out of this number:
  • 66 were drunk
  • 5 were lighting firecrackers
  • 9 were detained for what is defined "minor hooliganism"
Security during the game was provided by 2,700 (!) militiamen (30,000 fans present in all).
Indeed, one could not expect more. Aside of a different ratio of drunks/hooligans, it was just like home!