12 October 2006

Dan Plesch and la-la land of the appeasers

I haven't suspected that I will have to post something in defense of Bush Administration. But the piece by Dan Plesch in Comment is Free left me breathless for a while. Starting with the headline:

North Korea's nuclear policy is not irrational at all

Surely everything in NK is rational, from starving to death hundreds of thousands of its citizens to conducting murderous test of chemical and biological weapons on humans, to kidnapping citizens of other countries, to spending a quarter of its budget on weapons while its citizens starve...

But this is beside the point for Dan Plesch in his zeal to get the world free of nuclear weapons. The first step on the road to this goal, of course, will be to find the guilty party. And of course, here it comes:

Faced with a US government that believes the communist regime should be removed from the map, the North Koreans pressed ahead with building a deterrent.
See how simple - it is the US government, of course, the dreaded Zioneocon imperialist Bush.

First of all, some news for Mr. Plesch: there are lots of people who are not exactly neocons or imperialists or [choose your label] who would like to see the above mentioned murderous regime removed (from the map or otherwise).

Secondly - the aspiring Guardian angel should learn a bit of history. It is amazing how any world problem gets blamed on the current administration. Maybe this picture will help to refresh some memories?

No, it is not the Santa Claus meeting Easter Bunny. Try again, Dan. Then take a look at this timely spoof

Of course, the spoof is not totally fair - many say that, but is it fair to blame the mad Kim on Bush?

But the whole article could be explained easier after reading this:
But for my Iranian friends, waking up to a Pakistani bomb can be compared to living in a non-nuclear Britain and waking up to find Belgium had tested a nuclear weapon.
My Iranian friends, indeed. One has just to remember that Dan Plesch is one of the CND activists, the same CND that is ready to protest US, UK and Israel's nuclear weaponry but falls strangely silent when Chinese nukes or Iranian attempts to get some are being questioned.

Tell me who your friends are, indeed.