28 February 2011

Iranians grokked the truth about the 2012 London Olympic Games logo

Took them a few years to recognize the awful reality... details.

Tehran believes the geometrical figures illustrating "2012" in the logo conceal the word "Zion," a term Iranian officials use to describe Israel and its government, which they do not recognize.
Conceal? Maybe from a Persian kitty...

Moammar Gadhafi and his potential heirs

By now there is an almost worldwide consensus about the need to get rid of the dictator, a consensus bucked only by a few odious characters like Hugo the Comical Chavez, Fidel the Beard Castro and, not so strangely, Nicaraguan strong man Daniel Ortega. Even Mahmoud the Mad expressed his reservations about the other madman of the Muslim world (probably looking forward to remaining alone at the summit of madness).

While the world is buzzing and loudly supporting the idea of freeing itself of Gadhafi, the question of his replacement is sounding very quietly, if at all. And it's a pity, because some strange things are happening in the background almost unnoticed, while Libyans are fighting against the regime. A good sample is this article from CNN.

Meanwhile, Libya's deputy amassador to the world body, Ibrahim Dabbashi, indicated Saturday that he and fellow diplomats "support ... in principle" a caretaker administration to lead Libya under the direction of former Justice Minister Mustafa Abdul Jalil.
The former Justice Minister Mustafa Abdul Jalil (or Mustafa Abud Al Jeleil according to Wiki) is rather an unknown entity so far. Even his career in Gadhafi's government is not yet documented (at least in English) for public. For the sake of fairness: he appeared as a good guy before the current uprising, in August 2010, when he "has reportedly taken a strong stance against arbitrary arrests and prolonged detention without trial". Good for him. His other anti-Gadhafi actions, starting with his resignation, all date several days after the revolt in Libya got serious.

But the chief point in favor of the man who, according to some rumors, has already been crowned as, at least, a head of the new interim government, is his "revelation" about Gadhafi's role in the Lockerbie bombing.
"I have evidence that Gadhafi ordered the Lockerbie," Mustafa Abdul Jalil is reported to have told the newspaper [Swedish tabloid Expressen], though the article cited no specifics.
Wow. So a hitherto unknown minister has evidence of a crime that, presented to appropriate authorities, can put the tyrant into hot (or even boiling) water indeed. This is a big deal. Or... but let's take it slowly. First of all, the tyrant in question is being deposed as we speak and, besides, he submits his readiness to die fighting anyhow. So, if the revolt succeeds, the newly surfaced evidence will hardly be of any value, unless we are talking about the history books. And anyhow there was little doubt that Gadhafi gave the order. Not that this knowledge prevented many a Western politico from exchanging spit with the bastard. But it was a side remark, let's go back to our interim chief.

So, the real question to be asked is: how did it so happen that the evidence of the tyrant's complicity in an act of mass murder surfaced only now, after the beginning of the revolt and our good minister resignation? No doubt we'll soon know more about Mr Abdul Jalil and his years in the Libyan government. However, it is highly doubtful that this evidence fell into his hands only recently. And if so, meaning if Mr Abdul Jalil knew about the evidence all these years, are we looking at a sudden inflammation of hitherto comfortably sleeping conscience? Or at something else?

If my doubt has any legs, what we are looking at is not exactly an exalted freedom fighter. And not even a rat fleeing the sinking ship. Rather a rat using the current calamity to become a captain.

And more: if Mr Abdul Jalil has chosen to come up with the truth on Lockerbie bombing right now, after years of silence, just because his boss is going to fall down hard, it makes him not exactly a hero - rather an accomplice, stupid one to boot.

We shall know soon.

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The better gender behind the wheel

27 February 2011

Muammar Gaddafi - Zenga Zenga Song


The message of the Arab revolts for progressives

There are still a great many things that are unclear about the Arab revolts. Israelis, for example, watch nervously to find out if the new Egyptian government will honor the peace treaty. One message, however, is shouted out loud and clear to “progressive” opponents of Israel in Europe and the USA. Unbelievably, nobody is talking about it:

The revolts exposed the dirty little secret of most Arab and Islamic regimes. It is a “secret” that almost everyone in the Middle East knows, and it turns all the dogmatic cant about “Zionist imperialism” and “Apartheid Israel” into ludicrous drivel.
Want to know the secret, don't you? I guess so. Then read the whole article by Ami Isseroff.

Texan - Californian dictionary

Tee hee...

Click to embiggen:

From Theo with thanks.

26 February 2011

Judge Goldstone: change of heart?

From here:

Judge Goldstone's bold statement that punishing war crimes should be "on the basis of the equality of all nations before the law" is encouraging in view of the disproportionate focus on every little wart in Israel while ignoring real gross violations of human rights elsewhere. He said that this indefensible action by the HRC:

"fueled the long-standing and repeated complaints by Israel that the Human Rights Council and the UN in general are biased against it. They repeatedly rush to pass condemnatory resolutions in the face of alleged violations of human rights law by Israel but fail to take similar action in the face of even more serious violations by other States. Until the Gaza Report they failed to condemn the firing of rockets and mortars at Israeli civilian centers."

In dealing with the recent public statement by Hamas interior minister Fathi Hammad, who quoted figures of combatant casualties in the Cast Lead Operation that roughly match the 709 claimed by Israel. Goldstone said that Israel assumed that the 250 members of Hamas who were killed in police headquarters were combatants, but that this is not necessarily so. However, he continued that, if in fact, those police officers were members of the Hamas military wing the number of combatants who were killed would approximate the number claimed by the Israeli Government.
Too late, I am afraid...

Cameron: Mideast leaders use Israel as a distraction. Indeed?

This will be the first for a Western leader addressing mainly anti-Israeli audience:

UK Prime Minister David Cameron told students in Qatar that some Middle Eastern rulers were using the Israel-Palestine conflict as a distraction from their own oppressive regimes.
I was so excited by this quote that I even forgot to ask: who of the Middle Eastern rulers said that "Israeli blockade has turned Gaza Strip into a prison camp"?

25 February 2011

Charlie Sheen, Chaim Levine, Alex Jones

You just have to enjoy this unique mutual support group of two:

As for branding Charlie anti-Semitic: it's early days still, let him either clean all the different kinds of junk out of the system or get back to the level he is used to function at. Then we shall see.

The Council Has Spoken!

Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

A snapshot of today’s United Nations

Some nifty statistics about the activities of this august organ:

Here are some vital statistics on the current crisis in the Arab and Muslim world and the role not being played by the “global leader,” the United Nations:

The UN Security Council job description 
(The Charter of the United Nations) 

The Purposes of the United Nations are: (1) To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace...


Number of UN Security Council presidential statements or resolutions on the current atrocities perpetrated against their own people by Arab and Muslim dictators in Iran, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain.


Number of meetings called by the Security Council to discuss and consider a possible resolution or presidential statement on any of these countries.



The UN Human Rights Council job description

(General Assembly Resolution A/RES/60/251)

The General Assembly (1) Decides to establish the Human Rights Council…(2) Decides that the Council shall be responsible for promoting universal respect for the protection of all human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, without distinction of any kind and in a fair and equal manner; (3) Decides also that the Council should address situations of violations of human rights, including gross and systematic violations, and make recommendations thereon…(10) Decides further that the Council…shall be able to hold special sessions, when needed… 

Number of special sessions called by the Human Rights Council to draw attention to, discuss, consider a possible resolution on the current atrocities perpetrated against their own people by Arab and Muslim dictators in Iran, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain. 


Number of resolutions or decisions adopted by the Human Rights Council about the lack of democracy and brutality of the governments of Arab and Muslim dictators in Iran, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia,Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain. 



Membership Qualifications for the United Nations Human Rights Council
– its lead human rights body (General Assembly Resolution A/RES/60/251)

8. Decides that…when electing members of the Council, Member States shall take into account the contribution of candidates to the promotion and protection of human rights…9. Decides also that members elected to the Council shall uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights… 


Current Members of the UN Human Rights Council

Saudi Arabia

Egypt just concluded a three-year term in 2010.

On the other hand, 

Number of Special Sessions on country situations called by the Human Rights Council on Israel 

50% (6 of 12)

Number of Resolutions and Decisions adopted by the Human Rights Council critical of the human rights record of specific states directed at Israel 

50% (41 of 83)

Sean Hannity vs Anjem Choudary: America is discovering Choudary

It's a good skit. No need for comments.

24 February 2011

Colonel Gaddafi and UN: the love story

Of course, the list of speakers reads like a list of comedy club members (or prime candidates for a early morning meeting with a firing squad, depends on your mood). But then UN in later years is something of a comedy club, albeit too monotonous...

General MacArthur and expediency

As told by Jams here.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: another fine standup performance

You have to read it, but even then it would be hard to believe:

Iran's president warned on Wednesday that the wave of protests sweeping the Middle East will spread to Europe and North America.
And this is just for warm up, here is the main sketch:
Speaking on state TV Wednesday, the president also condemned Libya's use of force against demonstrators and urged Libyan leaders to give in to the demands of their people.
The AP journalist who has written this article has taken it so seriously that he just had to respond:
The calls for solidarity with protesters across the Arab world came in stark contrast to its own actions to crush dissent at home. Two people were killed and dozens arrested in Iran last Monday when thousands of opposition supporters in Tehran and other cities took to the streets in defiance of a heavy security presence to back uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia that toppled their leaders.
So what should we expect next from Mahmoud the Mad? Will he join the Third International now?

23 February 2011

Peace in the Middle East now? You bet...

You have to watch the clip to the end, but it's less than 3 minutes. And educational too:

The Indonesian mimic octopus

A real wow animal:

Watcher’s Council Nominations – On, Wisconsin Edition

Another good week here.

22 February 2011

And your candidate for the Senate is...

A few days ago I have posted a clip about the decision of my friend Andrew Ian Dodge to run for US Senate for the state of Maine. I do not understand, am not involved or interested much in the US internal politics, so the attraction of the whole story for me is rather personal. But as the time goes, one naturally develops some curiosity, since the news coming in from Maine is so exciting. Andrew's started the campaign with an impressive communique, rounded up by the interview you could see in the link in the beginning of this post and another one here.

And than IT started. By "IT", I don't mean Stephen King's (one of the most famous Maine citizens) probably best and scariest horror novel. After all, Andrew can cope with horrors on his own, since he dealt with the genre himself. I refer to the witch hunt that was started by assorted "patriots" and connoisseurs of another genre: that of defining what an ideal politician for their beloved Maine should look like. In short, the woodwork started to disgorge its contents, and in some ways Stephen King could take heed of and profit (in a literary way) from the proceedings.

I have compiled a few of the critical remarks and outright accusations, not to mention some stronger expressions that were already addressed at our contender. So here it goes:

  • Hound of hell (here)
  • Practitioner of witchcraft (same source as above)
  • Goth (here)
  • Born with a silver spoon in his mouth (same source as above)
  • Narcissistic personality (same source as above)
  • Pasta boy (same source as above)
  • Looks an awful lot like porn actor Ron Jeremy (?) (same source as above)
  • Reminds some other person ("Chairman") of Arafat (same source as above)
As you can see, even the appearance of the candidate is legitimate fodder for denigrating remarks among some of the connoisseurs. Imagine that character what compares other people with a male porn actor... A good answer to this category of idle bums was given in the same forum:
I would really like to see pictures of all of you who base your votes on the appearance of the candidates. You must all look like Calvin Klein underwear models.
Good point, Old Dame Fortune! I might go even further and say that these characters might happen to look more like used CK underwear, but I wouldn't...

But the real good skinny comes from a man who is named Steve Martin (not the well known comedian) who is going all out to bash Andrew and throwing at him everything he can cook up in a hurry. Here it comes:
  Andrew Ian Dodge: Who annointed this guy??
Notice the double question mark and the misspelled "annointed". Now to the gist of the ire:
This guy is getting so much FREE Mainestream press (must be an agent for the other side). The severity of the accusation is obvious, and Steve Martin not the comedian isn't going to let Andrew of the hook easily. He follows up with a barrage:
We don't all dress like bums, have Wicca connections, weird sex stuff on our websites, hang out in dark bars, etc...
Yeah, "we" use a photo of "us" taken in the pose of a deep thinker - very impressive and "we" are too straight for Wicca connections and undefined "weird sex stuff". And "we" obviously cross the street to avoid being caught near a dark bar, etc...

Then he catches up with a remark made by another Tea Party activist, one Pete Harring:
I think that the press would have a field day with him, just because of his connections over in England -- there's questions about whether he's a citizen or not.
Leaving aside the stupidity of that sentence - how could one's British connections invalidate one's birth certificate? - Steve Martin not the comedian takes this idea even further:
I have a hard time with the Mainestream "press" in this State picking a NON-CITIZEN who is into witchcraft and weird sexual stuff as a spokesman for the "tea party" in Maine.
Now the object of his cutting criticism became confirmed as a NON-CITIZEN. Case closed, and another birther affair is launched. Well, if it doesn't work with one's political enemy, it just might work with somebody of your own party...

All this was only for appetizers: Steve Martin not the comedian pushes forward:
The Libertarian Party is an uneasy partnership of convenience between Constitutionalists types and Libertines.
Wow... libertines... what can one say? Mr Dodge must immediately rethink his dastardly sexual practices he no doubt indulges in all over the fair state of Maine. Or else... I would like just to inquire whether Steve Martin not the comedian has a slightest idea about the meaning of "libertine" - he is certainly feeble on the subject of libertarians too. Anyway, his ignorance doesn't bother him, and his next shot concerns Andrew the libertine:
Right now, the Libertines are speaking out more loudly and the press is glad to follow them around with baited breath hanging on their every word, because, again, the end game is world government, and Libertines have no real loyalty to a country they see as having been established on misguided principles.
Only Steve Martin not the comedian knows how the sinister Libertines are connected to the world government, but we all know the kind of guys that connect everything they hardly understand to the world government, whatever it means to them. Don't we? The shadows of the black helicopters should be seen already over the best lobster ares off Maine coast, I say. And Steve Martin not the comedian doesn't stop here, he quotes from (unlinked source) another tidbit about Libertarians (or does he mean Libertines? who knows by now...):
We have taken to ourselves the Marxist-Leninist tool of agitprop.
Of course, it makes our subject, on top of being Libertarian and Libertine, also a closet Marxist-Leninist... enough? By now all Mainers should already seek FBI / National Guard / Army protection from this monstrous Marxist-Leninist non-citizen Wiccan warlock, sexual deviant for the world government that hangs out in dark bars and dresses like a bum. And don't forget that ominous "etc."

I, as an Elder, am authorized to divulge a glimpse of more things to come. Sit up and listen, ya'll, it's coming now.

While there are no Jews in Andrew Ian Dodge's genealogical tree and his DNA was checked and considered completely Jew-free, during his travels abroad he was abducted and kept for the necessary period of time in captivity, totally unconscious all the time. During this period a secret biochemical device with a secret trigger mechanism was implanted in a secret location in his body, to be activated after he obtains the post of US senator. Upon activation of this device, his genes will be modified to become totally Jewish, with all the derived changes in his beliefs, allegiances and personality. And then... imagine Maine in the clutches of Rotschilds, Freemasons, Illuminati, Mossad and George Soros... Nah, I had thrown in Soros for pure shock value, you can relax.

For the moment there are no contacts between Andrew and Mossad, Freemasons or any other known arms of the world Jewry. The photo below that catches him in conversation with a 6ft lizard is just a result of a random encounter with an Illuminati field agent and doesn't have any impact on the plan outlined above.

However, for the sake of openness it must be stated here and now that the neighbors of Dodge family have noticed that their dog refuses to partake of lobster, spare ribs and cured ham - in short, any non-kosher items that any other dog will gladly kill for. We are not saying more on the subject - let those who are able to make their conclusions. And, incidentally, to make their peace with what is expected to happen to Maine...

As for Steve Martin not the comedian: after all, he is a bit of a comedian. No more than a bit, though, cause he is too stupid to be a good one. Still, I do feel for him, after all he is trying... And since he obviously never read Running For Governor by Mark Twain, I warmly recommend this educational and inspiring account as a guide to production of high quality and deadly slander.

The point, dear Steve Martin not the comedian, is that the slander (libel), as you should learn in this story, should be of a kind that is impossible to disprove or to sue for. Unlike your pathetic bleating about the birth certificate, sexual practices etc. And thank your fate that Andrew Ian Dodge is not (yet) Jooish - otherwise by now hordes of merciless shark-toothed Jooish lawyers would have been at your worthless carcass... etc.

Haveil Havalim #305

Lovingly prepared and cooked by Susan of To Kiss A Mezuzah. Served here. Enjoy.

21 February 2011

Libya’s Gaddafi Could Find Refuge in Israel

Stole the headline here, so check it out there.

An outlandish idea, what? Unless... as a lawn ornament, after being stuffed. But I don't have a lawn.

Update: SWMBO told me we do have a lawn and I need to get out more and get a life. OK.

Katsav hearing and the JP on-line editor

Here is a snapshot of the JP breaking news ticker:

The ticker is updated quite frequently as you can see from the timestamps. However, the coincidence that put together this two items is still intriguing, isn't it?

Jim Fitzpatrick: the putz who designed your T-shirt

Now you know whom to thank for the garbage your kids (or your own self) are dragging in from the street.

Hat tip: Louise.

Anthropically speaking...

Norm offers a challenge to physicists and/or philosophers. The challenge stems from this article that says, between other things:

Some physicists have theorized that only universes in which the laws of physics are "just so" could support life, and that if things were even a little bit different from our world, intelligent life would be impossible. In that case, our physical laws might be explained "anthropically," meaning that they are as they are because if they were otherwise, no one would be around to notice them.
Not belonging myself to the two categories Norm is addressing, I still feel a need to throw in my half penny.

On the physical front: the matter of uniqueness of relationship between physical constants' values and possibility of development of life is more in the mind of the physicists who support the thesis. This is something that is never going to be proved - only disproved, and it came very close to being disproved recently. And, by the way, it is not the physicists who should lead the investigation of the issue.

On the philosophical front: first of all, I would dearly wish physicists considered themselves a bit less of philosophers and a bit more of trained dogs that bring the philosophers new trinkets to get busy with. Some of the physicists succeeded in sitting in the two chairs, but most didn't. In any case, most physicists are sold on the positivism branch of philosophy. Their answer to the question about that tree falling in the middle of a forest will be uncomprehending silence: after all, if the fall wasn't or couldn't be measured by one of the senses and means available to science, what need is there to talk about it? It is just outside of the positivism's scope.

So yes, the anthropic (or, rather, anthropocentric, let's face the truth) explanation will be only natural to these folks. In spite of this, there might be countless parallel universes with the physical constants skewed a bit and still supporting life - as we don't know it. There might be -  probably are - multiple populated worlds out there in our own universe, built on the same constants ours is. The lack of contact bemoaned by  so many is rather obvious - just look at us...

More on anthropic principle here. And anyway, why don't I pass the buck to Francis?

20 February 2011

Muslim Brotherhood: loves / does not / loves / does not...

Seems to me that I am getting a headache from the endless repetition of the topic in the media. It become so trite that more astute editors succeeded to express two polar opinions in a single article. Check out this headline from WaPo:

Interestingly, the article itself is titled: Egypt's unknown element, and its author, David Ignatius, is far from being certain about this element. The conclusion of the article:
It's a roll of the dice, creating a fully democratic Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood could become a dominant force.
I have an idea: why don't we all just wait and see?

Signals. He is receiving now.

From English Russia.

19 February 2011

A new PC term for cannibalism

The news didn't come as a big shocker:

Scientists working at a site in Somerset, England, have found the first evidence of cannibalism in the British Isles, including the use of skulls for drinking cups, according to a study published Thursday by the Public Library of Science.
After all, who of us can claim with any level of confidence that his ancestors didn't partake... So Brits could now join the rest of er... humanity.

What came as a real surprise was a fast recovery and an immediate relief, if not a solution, of the thorny issue:
"New analyses of human remains from Gough's Cave demonstrate the skilled post-mortem manipulation of human bodies," write researchers Silvia M. Bello, Simon A. Parfitt and Chris B. Stringer with London's Natural History Museum and University College London.
So what all the others, unwashed heathens that they are, knew as simple down to earth cannibalism, was in the British Isles "post-mortem manipulation of human bodies".

Lovely. I think that from now on every time I happen to consume some meat I shall call it... well, you can guess.

Anyhow, please amend your PC dictionaries, folks.

P.S. Pisa, I remember discussing with you not so long ago a related subject. Now you know...

Birthright and value-based double-talk

The Birthright (Taglit) program is one of the shining successes of the Zionist movement. Birthright offers free trips to Israel for Jewish young people in the hope that seeing is believing. Though it has probably not been able to fully exploit its potential, there is no doubt that Birthright brings Jewish young people closer to Israel and to their Jewish heritage and closer to an understanding of the achievements and challenges facing Israel.
So all's well? Yes, but then there is J-Street... Read the whole article by Ami Isseroff. You will enjoy it, or your money back...

18 February 2011

Slavoj Žižek - the fourth option

Norm comments on Žižek's approval of liberty-seeking Egyptians. Precise, short and painful.

He concludes with:

From which one may infer either that Žižek has now had a change of heart, or that he says whatever suits the moment, or that democracy for him is precious except when it isn't.
I would offer a fourth explanation: Žižek doesn't really care about being correct or consistent. What he cares about is the visibility value of his verbal shenanigans.

In this regard he reminds me of the Russian expression "эпатировать обывателя", so popular in Russian arts and letters circles somewhere in the first two decades of the last century. The most close translation will be probably "to shock and confuse the philistine". For a short while Žižek was good at it. But only for a short while.

Update: That Russian expression (thanks to Miriam) comes from French "epater les bourgeoisie".

The Council Has Spoken!

Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

F-35 - a layman's question

This headline caused me some concern:

Bipartisan House Coalition Hopes to Cut Money for Second F-35 Engine

Does it mean that from now on the prime USAF (and IAF, incidentally) fighter jet will have to do with one engine only instead of the two planned?

Well, at least there is some duality in the House Coalition, it being bipartisan...

17 February 2011

Spokesman, spokesman, burning bright...

We are used to laugh at our own IDF (and some other) spokespersons, but here comes one that leaves them in the dust.

Israel Defense Forces soldiers shot and killed three Palestinians near the Gaza Strip border zone on Thursday, said Palestinian medics who recovered the bodies.
Then there follows an IDF spokesman's version:
An IDF spokesperson confirmed that the troops had opened fire after observeing the Palestinians approaching the security fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip attempting to plant explosives.
Of course, the Gazzan counterpart couldn't leave the scene without a parting shot:
A spokesman for the armed wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine - a small group that only rarely carries out attacks - sent a text message to reporters identifying one of the men as a member of the group " killed during a mission carried out by our military wing."
Palestinian identified the men who were killed as aged 20, 25 and 29, and said all three were unarmed fishermen.
(Emphasis mine).

No comments... unless... perhaps they were digging under the fence for worms - purely for bait, you know?

Andrew Ian Dodge on the warpath in Maine: Ms Snowe, take heed!

Andrew Ian Dodge - a rocker and writer turned politician recently, officially announces that he is filing papers with the FEC and running for the United States Senate against Olympia Snowe. He sits down with Jarrod LeBlanc of Maine Web News to discuss the launching of his campaign.

Notice that he feels quite comfortable with his war paint (the three piece suit) and he is going to prove to some people that Maine is about more than Stephen King* and lobsters. Maine could and should rock!

Good luck, Andrew!

(*) Nothing against Stephen King, mind you.

The Orwell treatment

I am a great believer in treatment by 2x4 - as in "using exaggeration to convey your point". Still, the only universal truth is that there aren't universal truths. Orwell didn't corner the universal truths market too, and sometimes... but it was just a universal disclaimer.

Otherwise - what Terry Glavin says.