27 February 2011

The message of the Arab revolts for progressives

There are still a great many things that are unclear about the Arab revolts. Israelis, for example, watch nervously to find out if the new Egyptian government will honor the peace treaty. One message, however, is shouted out loud and clear to “progressive” opponents of Israel in Europe and the USA. Unbelievably, nobody is talking about it:

The revolts exposed the dirty little secret of most Arab and Islamic regimes. It is a “secret” that almost everyone in the Middle East knows, and it turns all the dogmatic cant about “Zionist imperialism” and “Apartheid Israel” into ludicrous drivel.
Want to know the secret, don't you? I guess so. Then read the whole article by Ami Isseroff.


shira said...

<span>if Egypt would back away from the peace agreement, beside shoving it into the US & EUs face, would that mean we can have the Sinai again?</span>
<span>(this question is purely a technical one and does not reflect the commentators opinions about the peace with Egypt the Palestinians or indeed peace in the world as an ideology) <span> </span></span>
<p><span> </span>

SnoopyTheGoon said...

First of all, the answer should be yes, even if it isn't. 

As for peace in the world as an ideology - it is practice and so far rather an intermittent one.