09 February 2011

For your scrapbook

Strange how it works with these coincidences. While letting my fingers walk in the link list, how did I stumble on these two excellent, albeit not necessarily related, pieces? Who knows, but here they are: Insane Locavore quote of the day and The Importance of Failure. Enjoy.

Actually, they are related.


Dick Stanley said...

Interesting stuff. It's encouraging (to me) that few people have even heard of these "back to subsistence farming" types, much less would care to do it.

As for free enterprise's boom and bust cycle, only the Dems have been stupid enough to try to "fix" unemployment by spending tax money to create government jobs and pass baloney like Obamacare that stalls recovery from the latest downturn.

Painful as recessions are, especially to those in big debt, they're generally short-lived without this sort of nonsense. Which is why we can be thankful the Reps have regained the House and will soon enough regain the Senate, whether or not Barry is a one-termer.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Not having a green thumb, I will probably be naturally eliminated according to Darwin. My ability to do a famous egg sunny side up doesn't count, I guess.