05 February 2011

Statement on Suleiman assassination attempt retracted and other news

"It appears to be a tire puncture," said the German diplomat who started this news item, "And regarding the rumor about two of Suleiman's bodyguards killed: I never said 'killed', I said 'kissed' and the typo is easily explained in the hectic circumstances".

All's well that ends well. In related news:

Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau said that Israel is prepared for unexpected disruptions in the supply of natural gas from Egypt, such as the one experienced Saturday.
We have never worried, Uzi dear. We know there is a lot of gasbags in that ugly building on the hill in Jerusalem.
Egypt's foreign minister has told Iran to mind its own business after Iran's top leader praised the Egyptian uprising as an appropriate response to dictatorial rule. Ahmed Aboul Gheit told reporters Saturday that Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei seems to have forgotten about the crushing of widespread protests in Iran two years ago.
Ain't it a pleasure to see two people on both sides of an argument being completely correct?


Dick Stanley said...

Kissed, eh? Some typo.

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