01 February 2011

People of Egypt: between a rock and a hard place

If you are watching the Egyptian uprising and don't feel like this about the possibility that the dictator could be deposed, I am not sure I really want to know you (or about you).

When, on the other hand, you consider the most probable replacement of the current regime, which is the notorious Muslim Brotherhood (the latest Pew poll gave Islamists majority of the votes), if the thought of the largest Arab country falling into the fundies' hands doesn't bother you, I surely don't want to share my pita with you.

Other choices? Slim to nonexistent. Check out this clip (via JudeoPundit):

If you consider the guy speaking from London to be a London-specific exception - think again.

P.S. Consider this too:

If you believe that al-Baradei, with no real political experience or any organized movement behind him, can dominate the Muslim Brotherhood, I have a bridge over the Nile I'll sell you. But it's even worse than that. It has been well-known in Egypt that much of al-Baradei's presidential campaign has been run by the Brotherhood. He's certainly not their puppet but to a considerable extent he is their pawn.


Dick Stanley said...

Interesting argument on al Jizz, thanks.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

It's thanks to Judeopundit.

Pisa said...

An arab from Tira recently told me that arabs are not ready for democracy. Everything is family and/or clan related. I hope he's wrong. I'm afraid he's right - he lives with it. He also told me that the Muslim Brotherhood is a peace loving moderate political organization. He's a peace loving citizen himself, so if this is what people like him think of the MB then they're definitely not ready for democracy, and we're in trouble.

Egyptians don't have internet, but they still have Twitter. They are somehow able to tweet from their cell phones without an internet connection. Egyptian bloggers are still kicking:

(Cell phone technology was developed in Israel...make your zionist math...)

Now, from one secular microbe to another: it's lunch time here, and I certainly agree with the "fundies' hands bother" stuff. Where's my half pita?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

In the mail ;)

And I do follow Sandmonkey too.

Dick Stanley said...

Well, I see our idiot Kerry is urging Mubarak to step down "gracefully." I wish we could get Kerry to go live in Cairo during the changes he so wants to occur, without bodyguards, of course. Fat chance.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Perhaps Kerry has a recipe for the next step too?