19 February 2011

Birthright and value-based double-talk

The Birthright (Taglit) program is one of the shining successes of the Zionist movement. Birthright offers free trips to Israel for Jewish young people in the hope that seeing is believing. Though it has probably not been able to fully exploit its potential, there is no doubt that Birthright brings Jewish young people closer to Israel and to their Jewish heritage and closer to an understanding of the achievements and challenges facing Israel.
So all's well? Yes, but then there is J-Street... Read the whole article by Ami Isseroff. You will enjoy it, or your money back...


Dick Stanley said...

I suppose the J Street version would include a quickie tour of Ramallah and Gaza with speeches by the appropirate officialdom.

Values-based is jargon that's always a tipoff that what comes next is crep.

SnoopyTheGoon said...