29 February 2016

And this re academic freedom, professor Sucharov

Mira Sucharov is Associate Professor of Political Science and Assistant Dean at Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada, and a blogger at Haaretz.
It was my first encounter with Ms Sucharov's blogging - this article in Haaretz titled Crying Wolf on Campus anti-Semitism: The Vassar College Talk Was No Blood Libel, and I have to say that, even being somewhat familiar with the subtleties of the modern progressive discourse, I spent the reading time in amazement and disbelief. Political Science is marching forward, leaving us heathens in the dust.

There is much to fisk in the article, but I shall leave it for later, trying to focus on something that seems to me (at the moment) to be a very important point. Which in this case is the famous issue of stifling the anti-Zionist discourse and freedom of speech, so dear to prof Sucharov's. "Academic freedom", as she specifies it. The danger to freedom of speech, academic or not, according to prof Sucharov, comes from an article in Wall Street Journal, titled Majoring in Anti-Semitism at Vassar, which expresses a highly negative opinion of goings on in Vassar in general and of the lecture by an anti-Zionist professor, one Jasbir Puar, in particular. The WSJ article, co-authored by two respected scientists with a good deal of experience in education, riled the progressive community so much that, according to prof Sucharov,
Meanwhile, hundreds of faculty members from across the United States have issued a statement to Vassar’s president asking her to “write a letter to the Wall Street Journal…condemning in no uncertain terms the unjustifiable attack on Vassar and on Professor Puar.”
In one particular example of the condemnation:
Ian S. Lustick, a professor of political science at University of Pennsylvania, told me by email that he signed the statement “to show solidarity against the campaign to restrict the space of politically correct discussion on anything pertaining to Israel and Palestinians.”
So the article in WSJ is restricting the "politically correct" (how absurd is that - you be the judge) discussion and stifling the academic freedom? I have read that article twice and can't, no matter how I tried, find a shadow of an attempt to stifle anything. Derision - yes, criticism - in droves (not that prof Sucharov even tried to respond to it) - but nothing to suggest that the authors propose to forbid or otherwise restrict the disgusting phenomenon.

While I can't compete with a political science or gender studies professors in arcane uses of professional English, there are two English words that the nowadays progressive scientists might re-learn, to their benefit. The first one is "debate":
Debate (Noun): A discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal
Here is an example of debate:

The other word is "stifling". The word is a beloved battle cry of the modern anti-Zionists, trumpeted everywhere from the very same platforms the said anti-Zionists claim to be not allowed to.
Stifling (Noun): Forceful prevention; putting down by power or authority. "the stifling of all dissent"
And here is an example of stifling, practiced far and wide in the institutions of high learning in North America lately, with total lack of resistance (and sometimes even with support) from the progressive teachers:

So, to conclude this part: The WSJ article is a good example of debate. Nothing to do with stifling - of academic or any other freedoms. And, speaking about Vassar - here is more stifling, in all its revolting glory.

The rest of this text is about fisking prof Sucharov's Haaretz blog post. Click on "Read more..." if of interest.

27 February 2016

A (limited) list of interlinked Zionist atrocities in Gaza

For a regular peaceful person what minds his/her own business and doesn't deal with all kinds of the cloak and dagger stuff on daily basis, connecting some dots to get a full picture is close to impossible. So this post is going to help y'all out, folks, with a veritable net of the above mentioned atrocities and connection thereof to each other.

What, you might ask, do items like flooding, chewing gum, eagles and piranhas have in common? Let's find out.

Several years ago, after a few years of field use, Hamas scientists got on the case of a secret aphrodisiac Mossad was pushing into Gaza.
“This ‘sex chewing gum’ is a product containing aphrodisiacs. It boosts sex drive. One of the ingredients is 'royal jelly', or honey bee milk. It stimulates the central nervous system and acts as an aphrodisiac. This type of product is banned by international law,” states the director of Gaza medical services Mutaz El Khaldy.
At the time, the secret aphrodisiac ingredient could be kept stable only in the chewing gum, but our boffins have overcome this limitation since. Now it could be added to any liquid, and there isn't even a need to drink it: a mere skin contact will suffice to produce a raging 24 hours erection in any male from age 11 to 120. But the water supply in Gaza is tightly controlled by Hamas intelligence service, so another way to introduce the aphrodisiac had to be found.

And the nature provided it. As you know, it is a time honored tradition* that every year the Zionists open the dams to flood the defenseless inhabitants of Gaza. The bright egghead that proposed to add a few vials of the aphrodisiac to the water every time a dam is prepared to being open, got a commendation from the Elders HQ. And thus the operation "Wet and Horny" was conceived. And is being executed as we speak.

But the wondrous chemical was only a part of the deal. Not only does the perpetual state of horniness make the swimming in the flood waters extremely uncomfortable, the Zionists trained sharks, piranhas and the nightmarish pacu to feed on any outstanding bits of the swimmers' anatomy.

But what, you will ask, if the enterprising erection-suffering swimmer decided to use the backstroke style, thus protecting that extremity from the waterborne attackers? The answer to that question is an additional masterpiece of the operation.

The avian operatives, like the Agent P98, presented above, with make mincemeat of the situation in no time. As will do many other, trained by Mossad, birds of prey. With pleasure.

More disclosures of the diabolical Zionist atrocities to follow.

(*) Of course, Zionists always tell that there are no dams to be opened, that Gazans should build better drainage with all that mortar and metal they use for the tunnels and Qassams etc. They have even forced their puppets at Al Jazeera to publish a retraction. But you know how they control everything, media included.

26 February 2016

Akaky Akakievich and The Gay Marriage Conspiracy

I was trying to find a short quote from this excellent post that will reflect the glory of it in the best possible way. But after finding that any quote from this text is the best one, I've despaired and can only tell you to read it by yourself. I guarantee that you couldn't find a better reading than that, no matter how wide is your net cast.


And the joker of the month is...

Secretary of State John Kerry lamented Wednesday that a terrorist who the Obama administration released from the military prison at Guantanamo Bay subsequently returned to fight for al Qaeda, telling lawmakers “he’s not supposed to be doing that.

24 February 2016

Tzipi Hotovely and the unbearable goodness of our foreign relationships

But this post must start not with Ms Hotovely, our valiant Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, but with her boss, one Benjamin Netanyahu aka Bibi, holder of the Minister of Foreign Affairs portfolio.

It is difficult to explain why the said portfolio is held in a kind of an escrow or, rather, in a indefinite limbo by our PM. Of course, after a long row of smashing successes by its previous holder, Evet (Avigdor) Lieberman, it might be understandable that Bibi is cautious about assigning the job to anyone. There might be other explanations to the empty chair, such as:
  1. Bibi is keeping the portfolio to award it to one of the potential newcomers to his coalition, in case of emergency - such as Herzog or Lapid.
  2. Bibi hates the mere thought of handing the portfolio over to his enemy and coalition partner Naftali Bennett.
  3. Bibi considers himself the only citizen of Israel able to carry on his wide shoulders the burden of our foreign affairs.
  4. Bibi's passion for micromanagement prevents him from trusting this, second most important post in the government, to anyone else.
  5. Bibi prefers to handle the important foreign contacts and negotiations either himself or via officials and friends he keeps close to him.
Whatever the reasons for the phenomenon are, the results are rather sad: constantly dwindling funds for the foreign ministry, closure of some embassies and consulates, considered less vital, reduction of staff positions abroad, almost permanent state of unrest in the embassies and in the ministry itself due to frozen salaries and poor working and social conditions, especially abroad etc. Frequently, in cases considered by Bibi important, he entrusts his emissaries with handling the contacts abroad directly, over the head of the serving ambassador or other embassy functionaries.

Here comes a telling example of Great Britain, hardly fit for classification of "less important". At the time of this post (February 2016), 7 months have passed since the previous Israeli ambassador in London left. Still no replacement in sight. And meanwhile:

Hundreds of London tube trains plastered with anti-Israel ads
BDS activists target 500 trains in what local government calls ‘an act of vandalism’ at start of Israeli Apartheid Week
And here is our response:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he asked Foreign Ministry chief Dore Gold, who is currently in London, to demand that the British government see to it that the offending posters were taken down.
Nice to know Dore Gold happens to be in London... Or this:

Israelis accused of rape and organ harvesting at SOAS
Last night SOAS lecturer Rafeef Ziadah hosted SOAS’ first “Israel Apartheid Week” panel event in front of 300 students and it wasn’t long before the sickening propaganda started flying.

Sahar Francis of Addameer, a prisoner support group, said that Palestinian hunger striker Islam Hamed was threatened with rape by his guards and that Israel’s prison authorities hoped he would die so the courts would implement a “forced feeding bill”.

She continued that Israel has been rumoured to harvest organs from its own car accident victims and from dead Palestinians.

But, you might say, this could happen with or without the ambassador's presence. Only here is another aspect of forsaking the embassies:
“Israeli Apartheid Week” continues for the next two weeks at SOAS where there is an exhibition of photos of Palestinian rock-throwers and dead Palestinians with claims that they have been “executed” by Israel. All this is going virtually unchallenged as is the case throughout the country. [emphasis mine]
Richard Millet, the author of the post linked above and quoted here, asks on his Facebook page:
Tonight at SOAS Jews living in Israel were accused of using rape as torture and of organ harvesting their own dead people as well as Palestinians. On the way out one woman was giving out Christian Zionism leaflets and yet I had nothing to give. Why can't the ZF, BOD, JLC, We Believe help out? Please someone answer......
Yes, Richard didn't mention our embassy, probably knowing the futility of such expectations. And whose job it is to challenge the waves of anti-Zionist and antisemitic incitement abroad? Hon. Dore Gold's - during his visits?

And here comes our brave and gormless Tzipi Hotovely with a radiant expression on her face, bubbling about our superb international standing. The article is in Hebrew, so only a few choice examples of government-sponsored sloganeering:
  • Reality shows that Israel is not a pariah, but is being wooed.
  • Warm breeze is blowing towards Israel from the countries that for years were in alliance with the Arab world.
  • When Europe meets today the Prime Minister, the issue is how to fight terrorism.
  • Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely is certain - Israel's international situation is excellent.
  • We are an island of stability, but [we] don't know to appreciate it.
Well, enough already, methinks. Something warm is blowing indeed, breeze or not - you decide.

And yes, I know that our "Strategic affairs minister", Gilad Erdan, is put in charge of the good fight against BDS. Well, the man is known to make shambles of most of his projects, and he already started this one on a wrong foot:
... and intends to appoint 10 anti-BDS coordinators to central embassies around the world. Erdan’s plan was met with mixed emotions in the Foreign Ministry...
Another fiasco in the making, but enough said.

And so it rolls. Right, Bibi?

23 February 2016

Separated at birth?

Disclaimer: this post is not an endorsement of one of the two candidates for the POTUS job in US of A, presented here.

The first separated twin is easy to identify, what with him being so popular at the moment:

The second one might warrant a quick view of this historical document.

21 February 2016

BBC - stepping through the looking-glass*

In the wonderland where BBC creates its information policy, you just can't figure out their logic without a reference to a fairy tale. This case carries all the necessary traces of magic - as opposite to logic.
So what the BBC is actually saying here is that it makes use of the term “Jewish terrorists” – including not in direct quotes and in apparent contradiction to BBC editorial guidelines on ‘Language when Reporting Terrorism’ – because Israeli officials use such wording.

However, the rub lies in the fact that Palestinian officials will never be found using comparable terminology to describe their own citizens who carry out attacks against Israelis and so the BBC will not apply similar practice when reporting those stories.

The obvious outcome of that is a double standard according to which the accuracy of the terminology used by the BBC is dependent upon the honesty of the government or authority concerned – and that is clearly a big problem for a media organisation supposedly committed to accurate and impartial reporting.
Only, if BBC are such sticklers to the terminology used by others, why not go ahead and call them "Shahids" ("martyrs", if the push comes to shove) and be done with it?

(*) With deepest apologies to the memory of Lewis Carroll.

18 February 2016

Justice Scalia: murdered by Mossad - like Mahmoud al-Mabhouh?

As the clock continues to tick away from the discovery of Justice Scalia's body, the unrelenting stream of new data paints a grim picture of a cruel gang of murderers using the methods eerily similar to those used in assassination of a person from a totally different circle in a far away place, e.g. Abud Dabi.

Evangelist Anita Fuentes claims a doctor was sent body pics of Scalia showing a puncture in his chest next to his heart & bruises all over his body showing murder?
So, the pillow on his head was just a part of the diabolical plot. Gunshot wounds, ice pick in the heart, strangulation - what will come next and which untraceable poisons will be found in various vials left in his room?

Not many of you remember Mahmoud al-Mabhouh (PBUH) - the man of a thousand deaths. To remind you, the man was found in his room in a luxurious Abud Dabi hotel with the following signs:
  1. Multiple stubbing wounds - check
  2. Electrocution - check
  3. Poisoning - check
  4. Strangulation (one pillow, lightly used) - check
  5. Injected by a drug that caused heart failure - check
And here comes the proof of the troof:

Notice that, according to the good doctor, Justice Scalia had more than one heart, since the doctor repeatedly refers to the "left heart". The assassins, apparently, wanted to be sure and used multiple ways to stop all these multiple hearts from beating.

I don't know about you, but to my taste Mossad fingerprints are all over that story. That pillow clinches the issue for me.

Now the only thing left is to come up with whys.

P.S. And here you are: the first one.
What everyone is missing. You will in all likelihood see the appointment of a Jew or a Jewish sympathizer to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Etc. Well, it figures. More to come, I bet.

16 February 2016

Darvin the Jew, north African monkeys and genetically modified Ayatollahs

No worries, this dense headline will be totally illuminated soon. The story starts in Turkey, where a local scientist, one Seyfi Sahin, came up with incontrovertible proof that:
The theory of evolution was put forward by a Jew called Darwin. Therefore, it is an opinion. The aim of this theory is to turn the non-Jews away from their religion, to harm their faith, and to make them suspicious about their religion. Darwin, being a Jew, believed, lived, and was buried according to his religion. His real targets were the Muslims. Most likely, Darwin knew about these Koranic verses. In the Holy Koran, Allah responded very well to these perverts.
Difficult to argue with that discovery, you would agree. But this is only for starters, there is more:
I believe that the gorillas and chimps living today in the forests of North Africa are cursed Jews. They are perverted humans that have mutated. This thought is much stronger and scientific than Darwin's theory.
Even if I wanted to object to this thesis, the first thing that came to mind stopped me cold:

What can you say after this? Yep, the forests of North Africa are teeming with all kinds...

And in totally related news, Iranian Ali Karami, specialist in medical biotechnology, got on another diabolical case of Zionist scientific mayhem.
Imports of genetically modified products are a “Zionist plot” to infect Iranians with diseases and a “serious example of infiltration,” a researcher says.

Ali Karami, specialist in medical biotechnology and genetic engineering, believes an “import mafia” is behind the distribution of GMO products in the country.
Press TV, the Iranian news agency that posted the article, even succeeded to catch the Zionist eggheads in flagrante:

I am only allowed to give you a hint, but this hint will tell you how it may be too late for Mr Karami's warning. Them GM products have already changed the DNA of most Iranians, including some very well known figures, like that one:

I am sure you can connect the dots between Tehran and north Africa now, without my prodding.

So there.

15 February 2016

Loathing the Valentine day: not only in Islam

The media was abuzz with the story about Pakistan's president lecturing against celebration of this holiday. Of course, the media wouldn't care (or dare?) to dig just a bit deeper to learn that the prohibition of that specific holiday is part of Sharia fatwas. But whatever.

So, to balance the story about Islamic rejection of the Valentine day, here comes a rejection from a rather unexpected quarter: the RoC (Russian Orthodox Church). Translation, as usual, Google and I.
Orthodox activists in Krasnodar opposed the celebration of Valentine's Day. They have unfurled a banner with the inscription "You kiss her, and Judas kisses us all" on the so called Bridge of Kisses in the city. The banner appeared there on the night of February 14, but the morning after it already was in the river Kuban, as reports portal "Yugopolis".

In an official statement, representatives of the so-called orthodox "Gimena"* movement called Valentine's Day a "tragedy of modern Russia". "Love - a false value, alien to Russian culture," - they say - "Russian marriage is based on mutual respect of spouses, honoring traditions and faith in God."

"Love was invented by the West, which is the center of demonic and fatal passions. Tristan and Isolde, Romeo and Juliet - behind all those masks hides Judas, who betrayed Christ," - activists say. In their view, "assembly-line production of valentines and lustful exchange of saliva" "glorify the Antichrist".
And I don't even want to guess what the orthodox folks in Jerusalem say about the Valentine day at this stage, but my guess will be not something complimentary too.

So there.

(*) I've decided to leave "Gimena" as a slavish transcription of the movement's name, but there is no circumventing the fact that the only use of the word "Гимена" ("Gimena") is as an outdated synonym for "hymen". It is a somewhat strange name for a group of orthodox people, but there is no site on the 'net, so the only working assumption be that this is what they stand for...

14 February 2016

Hot, cold, hot, cold...

The best way to start this post will be a good cliche. So here it is: there is less vitriol, politics and public ignorance in all other branches of science together than in climate-related sciences. So there, I am done with the cliche part, now we can go to the whys of this post. Simple - another mind-numbing CNN article: 150,000 penguins perish after giant iceberg traps colony. It starts with really sad news:
About 150,000 penguins have died since being stranded by a vast iceberg that became lodged off the coast of Antarctica six years ago, according to the journal Antarctic Science.
The reason for the demise of penguins is described quite succinctly:
Combined with expanding ice, the B09B iceberg, which at 1,120 square miles is almost the size of Rhode Island, has cut off the Adelie penguins' food supply and changed the landscape of their home, according to a February report in the peer-reviewed journal published by Cambridge University Press.
The ending of the article, however, is quite surprising:
Deglaciation, the gradual melting of glaciers, is a key driver in the Adelie penguins' population over a millennium, according to scientists.
Yep. Tell it to B09B...

While there are enough worrying signs from Arctic, where the ice is melting with increasing speed indeed, the Antarctic is going the other way, its ice cover increasing at a good clip.

But, as you can see, cliche is stronger than life.

11 February 2016

Jasbir K. Puar, homonationalism, stunted growth and effective use of body parts

Jasbir K. Puar is a US-based queer theorist, presently an associate professor in the Department of Women's and Gender Studies at Rutgers University. Puar is author of Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times. Puar is a proponent of divestment from Israel and a board member of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.
There are several lessons one could learn from the excellent article by William A. Jacobson about a remarkable appearance of Rutgers Associate Professor Jasbir Puar at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Read it all, it is a clear sign of the times, when an institution of higher learning invites a hatemonger of such an exquisite quality to promote her absurd views in public, without challenge, without any attempt of a free discussion or criticism.

As a curious technicality, I was struck by a strong sense of deja vu when reading this quote from Ms Puar's learned presentation:
These [Israeli actions] are all pivotal elements. These are also about the machinery of biopolitical control itself, the experiment of expanding and entrenching power to such an extent that at certain moments it can barely be recognized as this incorporative mechanism. Israeli computational sovereignty is invested in entities and populations far below and beyond the human form and territories far more complex than the proper ownership of land that is invested in the control of controlled self. Algorithmic computations are rationalized in the service of a liberal yet brutal humanism and humanitarianism...
The impenetrable language adopted by certain circles of modern academia, the terms such as "biopolitical control", "incorporative mechanism", "computational sovereignty", the foggy definitions such as "proper ownership of land that is invested in the control of controlled self" are the only defense of many a quasi-scientist against richly deserved criticism and derision.

In this case the source of the language became quite clear after reading this: "Puar has an M.A. in Women's Studies from the University of York and completed her Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies at University of California at Berkeley in 1999." Indeed, and who do we know in University of California at Berkeley who is both rabidly anti-Israeli and perfected the art of super-dense "scientific" gobbledygook? Yes, of course. Say no more.

But as an Elder, I was horrified by the two following quotes:
Maiming and stunting then forces bodily change. It weaponizes bodily change. The objects of gendering and genreing then are about biopolitical calculations, population metrics, reproductive capacities, biogenetics and eugenics.
Technologies of measure, algorithmic computing, architecture and infrastructure — prehensive gendering operates at the sub, para and intimate levels as body parts and the kinds of changes that come with epigenetic deterioration take hold. In the context, then, of Palestine, hacking is not a computational metaphor, rather a distinct practice of reshaping the forms of human bodies and parts informed by computational platforms.
While the speech was met by thunderous applause (it is Vassar college, after all, the bastion of progressive thought), I am certain that nobody in the auditorium really understood how far reaching is that "distinct practice of reshaping the forms of human bodies and parts informed by computational platforms". So, with permission from the Elders' HQ, I shall disclose some of our nefarious activities in the field of biogenetics and eugenics.

We have already surpassed the earlier stages of biopolitical gender-insensitive mayhem, when our experimental subjects belonged (initially) exclusively to the animal world. The highly trained Mossad sharks, including the man-eating and the laser-equipped freaking varieties, the remote controlled venomous snakes, the monster piranhas, the spying eagles - all this, while remaining in our arsenal and useful, has fallen far behind our rapidly moving leading edge.

Our biologists, informed by computational platforms (but of course), are able to produce any shape and structure of a living being, according to parameters defined by the needs of the far reaching Zionist enterprise. It goes without saying that the necessary human bodies and parts of thereof come from our neighbors, while some more exotic spare parts have to be acquired elsewhere and from various animals that conform with our specs.

While I am not allowed to show the battle-ready creations, especially the miniaturized ones, created from the Palestinian (and other) body parts via use of nanotechnology, I can only report that their "weaponized bodily change" makes every single one of these nano-fighters more deadly than a squadron of F-22. And it must be made clear that after a suitable process of computational sovereignty investment, they are more Zionist than the whole Knesset.

But I can disclose here some of our living beings that were created for use in entertainment industry. Here you go:

I only hope you understand from these, ostensibly peaceful, examples, how deadly are the battle-ready beings we have at our beck and call.

And shall take care accordingly.

08 February 2016

Donald Trump: a clear and present danger

It's not that I like to deal with other nations internal politics. Moreover, I can easily confess to being fairly innocent about these politics. However, the man mentioned above - in my opinion - crossed a red line between endearing (or revolting, depends on your taste) posturing into a subject that, should he indeed become a POTUS, could bring catastrophic consequences to US. Actually, considering the many ways US is connected to the most of the rest of the world, it might mean catastrophic consequences to all of us. Here it comes.

Even when it comes from an ignorant moron, confined to a limited environment of his/her near and dear, it could cause trouble in the long run, with local flare-ups of infectious diseases of all kinds.

But when the know-nothing moron aspires to the highest executive post in the land, having a good chance to get there - well, read the headline. When I say "a clear and present danger" - I really mean it.

07 February 2016

Hi, Irena, here is my question

According to the article and the photo above:
A leaflet advertising a cleaning service has caused an online uproar on Friday, as it appeared to offer varying rates according to the ethnicity of the cleaner.
According to the leaflet, a photo of which was posted on Facebook by Israeli journalist and blogger Tal Schneider, the rate for hiring an African cleaning woman was 49 shekels an hour ($12.6), while a cleaner from eastern Europe was slightly costlier at 52 shekels ($13.4).
Most expensive was an eastern European cleaner with Israeli citizenship, costing 69 shekels an hour ($17.7).
That price list is obviously in need of finer tuning. Because, Irena*, that darn DNA test I went through indicated that I have some North African blood in my old veins. So, while formally qualifying for the highest rank of "an eastern European cleaner with Israeli citizenship", I cannot in clear consciousness demand this wage due to the blemish in my blood.

What am I to do now?

(*)The leaflet indicated no company name but only gave the phone number for someone called Irena.

04 February 2016

EU decision to mark settlement products and a less boring response

That decision* was a subject for concern, scorn and/or applause for quite some time, so I wouldn't waste your time on deriding (or lauding, deity forbid) the infinite wisdom of EU officials, blessed be their jobs. If you want to find this or other material on the subject - happy googling.

I am glad to introduce a less routine response that - verily life is full of surprises - comes from a Russian social site ВКонтакте ("In touch" - a Russian version of Facebook) and many other Russian sites. The author, Alexandr Lisovsky, is apparently located in Israel, though. So here it goes:

Regarding the marking by EU of products produced by Jews in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Golan Heights: below is shown an example of a product produced by Jewish settlers in Bethlehem, Judea.

Already marked.

Start boycotting.

(*) Especially this part of that text:
Since the Golan Heights and the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) are not part of the Israeli territory according to international law, the indication ‘product from Israel’ is considered to be incorrect and misleading in the sense of the referenced legislation.

03 February 2016

Osama bin Laden dead - long live Osama bin Laden!

The minds of conspiracy nutters produce some irresistible results:

A study in 2012 by Michael J. Wood and his colleagues at the University of Kent found that those who believed Bin Laden was dead prior to American intervention are more likely to believe he’s currently alive.
It figures, innit?

More of the hilarious study results in that link.

02 February 2016

Plumb right - another book not to read

I never read books belonging to the genre called "Apocalyptic". I wouldn't go into the various versions of the doom that is awaiting us, according to the authors of these books - anyhow they are all wrong, it will not end with a bang. Or the bang will come from a direction not a single one of them predicted.

The blurb of that book attracted my attention for another reason, though. Judge for yourself:

If you believe Osama bin Laden blew up the world trade centers, "global warming" is real and political representation means that politicians work to help you then this book is not for you. If you have the courage to look into reality, this book may connect some dots and give you a better grounding to see what is around you.
Nyah nyah nyah.

(Plumb is the last name of the author).