01 July 2021

Linguistic differences between the far right and Progressives

 Badly brought up nasty far right people say things like:

- “You old fart” or “wrinkly” (ageist, offensive)

- “Fing immigrant” (racist, offensive)

- “B.tch” (masochist, offensive)

- “Porker” (fattism, offensive)

Sweet progressive people say things like:

- “Boomer” (smart, spot on)

- “Settler” (smart, spot on)

- “Karen” (smart, spot on)

- “Gammon” (you guessed it)

08 June 2021

Antizionist not antisemite number 84747573838474848484

Max is a “Black Hebrew Israelite”.  He has no problem with Jews. Only with the Israeli Lobby and Zionism.   Naturally, we believe him.  After all, Max has Jewish friends.

...but what am I seeing?  Nathaniel Veltman (a popular Dutch name) runs over a Muslim family in London, Ontario.  Veltman was brought up as a devout Christian.  Max does not buy it.  The murderer must be Jewish just because. 

There is more to unpack. Apparently, Jews deserve to be attacked. 

Now... Max is a run of the mill antisemite with half a braincell but you can’t say it on Twitter.  Because Twitter is a multi-billion business which is more than happy to host Max but bans people calling out antisemitism.