28 June 2020

What is the best social media platform?

Don’t know about you but the Elders prefer Blogger.

Millions of years ago, when Blogger became a thing, people had the patience to read more than 100 symbols. In those ancient times there was zero risk that a Malaysia-based plonker would misinterpret your sarcasm as “antisemitic”. That’s the kind of “hate speech control” that both Twitter and Facebook excel at.

And we made friends all over the world, the ones we got to meet in real life. Takes more than regular retweets or a few FB reposts to make a real long distance friend. With the rough and tumble of  the Blogger, you knew who was for real. You knew who had read the right books. You knew who was by your side. You knew who was on the same wavelength. And who caused a smile. Every time.

Today Blogger feels a little older but is still true to form of being a genuinely open and free platform. Meanwhile Twitter is going all Soviet. The other day they censored a gay politician for quoting  Muslim Brotherhood and pointing out MB wants to kill gays.

Facebook regularly deletes pro-Israeli posts while protecting the right of Islamists and the far left to spread anti-semitic conspiracies.  That’s not enough for some; the people are begging for more censorship.

Today we bid farewell to the good old platform. The Blogger is changing. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.