06 March 2011

Taking a break

Be back around mid April. Meanwhile: behave and switch off the toaster when going out.

05 March 2011

From Palmach commander to... that?

It was quite sad to read this article in Haaretz:

Netiva Ben-Yehuda, an author, poet, broadcaster and commander in the pre-state Jewish underground Palmach, passed away yesterday at the age of 83.
Yep, it's sad. One of the grand dames of Palmach passed away. At least she wouldn't have to read this (in the same article):
"Netiva was one of the last of the founding fathers," Culture Minister Limor Livnat said yesterday.
Founding fathers... oh gosh... I can imagine what Netiva would have said about this - the echo would have reverberated for weeks.

And this is the way everything goes: from a grand dame of independence movement to a dumb "Culture Minister"...

Anyway, Netiva Ben-Yehuda, RIP.

It was revenge for Afghanistan and not gratitude for Kosovo

As it comes out.

Prosecutor Rainer Griesbaum told reporters that 21-year-old Arid Uka from Kosovo said he went to the airport with the intent to shoot “as revenge for the American mission in Afghanistan.”
So, if you thought that all Kosovars feel gratitude for US intervention in their defense, think again.

And, of course:
Uka was apparently radicalized over the last few weeks by looking at Islamist websites in Germany. U.S. officials confirm that the suspect was extremely active on the Internet, specifically Facebook.

04 March 2011

How do you tell a moron that...

Sometimes a joke pays off in a way that doubles its initial value. In the wake of several conspiracy theories born as an obvious result of Joerg Haider's demise, I have written a post laughing at some of the more rabid conspinuts. Between other things, I have refurbished an old joke by Steven Wright: "I woke up this morning and discovered that everything in my apartment had been stolen and replaced with an exact replica."  In that post of mine, I have written:

During the night Mossad has stolen Haider's car and replaced it with another, identical to the smallest detail to the original one. Even the smell of Haider's underwear was replicated.
And then, naturally, I forgot the whole story. The world turns around quite speedily and something else came up, so...

But recently I have discovered a few hits to this here blog arriving from a blog named AANGIRFAN - whatever it means. I recommend this blog as an excellent non-chemical replacement to ammonia or other similar means to wake yourself to reality. After a few minutes spent on reading its lurid headlines, such as "MI6 PLOTS AGAINST GADDAFI; LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS" or "MOSSAD CHILD SEX RING?", the reality will get through to you even if you have been fed a weekly dose of hallucinogens in one seating. By the way, apologies for the overwhelming upper case, but it's not my fault.

But back to Joerg Haider: I have traced the link to Simply Jews to a post titled MOSSAD'S MURDEROUS ACTIVITIES IN AUSTRIA, DUBAI, MUMBAI, BELGIUM, HOLLAND  NEW ZEALAND (again apologies for the upper case ). And what do I see there?
Reportedly Mossad had stolen Haider's car and replaced it with another identical one. (Simply Jews: Jewish Mossad killed Joerg Haider)
So the good ole joke brought some hefty percentage, it looks like... cool with me.

Still - how to explain all this to AANGIRFAN, nice fellow that he is?

Attention: sheepling in process!

This. He he.

The Council Has Spoken!!

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03 March 2011

Zoroastrians exonerated again

Each time my suspicions point that way, it appears I am wrong once more. Details.

There is an operations room in Tel Aviv...

The dastardly Zionists never sleep, according to the Arab rulers, discomfited recently by vox populi. Vox populi, you see, decided that being fed the daily gruel of Zionist conspiracies is not enough. It, the VP, wants to see the leaders being off - either over the horizon somewhere or pushing the daisies (or, to make a correction for climate, pushing the cacti). Still, the stubborn chiefs persist with their tested Zioconspiracy line:

What impressed me in this case was the precision of the president information:
"I am going to reveal a secret," he said. "There is an operations room in Tel Aviv with the aim of destabilizing the Arab world. The operations room is in Tel Aviv and run by the White House," he said.
Yep. Since the truth is already out, here is the picture of the secret room:

More on this seemingly innocuous room here. And this is how the Israeli general in charge of Yemeni unrest looks:

Real distinguished, ruthless officer whose hands were bloodied in many secret operations behind the lines (of all kinds). And here is his American partner:

Of course, these two wily warriors have to best the Yemeni rage boy presented in that article:

But I suspect that the combined weight of ruthlessness, experience and medals will overcome the naive rage...

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi speaks

Hopefully soon we'll remember this character only as a comic one, like in this:

More where this one came from.

02 March 2011

Iran plans to introduce clean web

An interesting new initiative by whatever Ayatollah invented it.

IRI Minister of Communications and Information Technology Reza Taqipour says the country will launch a clean web and offer it to the world. 
“The starting point of a clean web will be Iran, and then, it will be offered to all humanity,” Taqipour told Mehr news agency.
To make sure that we understand the element of innovation in this idea:
The concept of a clean web is pitted against un-clean web characterized by unethical and immoral content which currently abounds on the Internet.
I guess it means that porn will be served now only to Islamic clerics of the highest rank with the need-to-know certificates. Humanity just cannot wait for the new clean Internet.
“The viewpoints of all those who have ideas... on the clean web will be shared and all advice will be utilized,” Taqipour said.
Not having any ideas on the subject, I just want to inquire - how about this kind of content:

Will it be allowed in the brave new Internet (or Allahnet)? One should hope so... after all, it's a natural response to the idea of a clean Internet.

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01 March 2011

Libya's human rights record: somewhat funny

Despite having just voted to suspend Libya from its ranks (to be finalized by the UNGA tomorrow), the UN Human Rights Council, according to the agenda of its current session, is planning to "consider and adopt the final outcome of the review of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya." According to the council's timetable, the lengthy report hailing Libya's human rights record will be presented on March 18, and then adopted by the council at the end of the month. The report, which the UN has published on the council website, is the outcome of a recent session that was meant to review Libya's human rights record.
Countries that praised Libya's record: Iran, Algeria, Qatar, Sudan, The Syrian Arab Republic, North Korea, Bahrain, Palestine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia,...

Still funny? Mmm...

More details.

Combining two good ideas

To start with, I have stumbled on this offer of adopting a terrorist for prayer.

"Where is the Christian response to terrorism?" the site says. "If the struggle against violence done in the name of Islam is primarily spiritual, then defeating it requires a spiritual response."
While not a Christian, I can see where this idea may have a point. I don't have a problem with praying (or, rather, performing a secular equivalent of same - flossing my teeth or whatever it is) for a whole list of arch-terrorists.

Then I have encountered another article, this on the the mother ship that is riding in orbit around the Earth in expectation of the Rapture, when the time will come for the Nation of Islam to take off and leave us heathens for a rather lengthy period of torment and stuff.

Without drawing any parallels (Allah forbid) between the spiritual struggle against... whatever, as outlined in the first article and the Nation of Islam folks, what if this mother ship (or the wheel), huge as it is, according to Mr Farrakhan, takes aboard not just the good folks of the Nation of Islam but also these terrorists we all are supposed to be praying for. I am sure that the issue of separating the two groups while in transit could be settled easily by so advanced a civilization.

So that's what I be praying for - in my own way I mentioned already.