02 March 2011

Iran plans to introduce clean web

An interesting new initiative by whatever Ayatollah invented it.

IRI Minister of Communications and Information Technology Reza Taqipour says the country will launch a clean web and offer it to the world. 
“The starting point of a clean web will be Iran, and then, it will be offered to all humanity,” Taqipour told Mehr news agency.
To make sure that we understand the element of innovation in this idea:
The concept of a clean web is pitted against un-clean web characterized by unethical and immoral content which currently abounds on the Internet.
I guess it means that porn will be served now only to Islamic clerics of the highest rank with the need-to-know certificates. Humanity just cannot wait for the new clean Internet.
“The viewpoints of all those who have ideas... on the clean web will be shared and all advice will be utilized,” Taqipour said.
Not having any ideas on the subject, I just want to inquire - how about this kind of content:

Will it be allowed in the brave new Internet (or Allahnet)? One should hope so... after all, it's a natural response to the idea of a clean Internet.


Anonymous said...

Woopie. Allahnet, indeed. Count me out.

Dick Stanley said...

Guest, huh? That was me.

Louise said...

Speaking as one with delicate olfactory nodes, I'm glad that gas burns.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yep. As usual, Echo...

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Uhu... it does. Brightly ;)