12 December 2019

Why does Israel seem to be such a big theme? Good question.

I am visiting Quora from time to time and get some of the articles in my feed. So I have found this long headline today:

Why does Israel seem to be such a big theme on Quora when there are so many other troubled areas in the world?
Normally I would have shrugged the whole off, mentioning the media sickish obsession with Israel in general. But the response to the query, by an Egyptian fellow, deserves to be read. Not that I agree with every single word of it, but... well, just read it.


Antoun Khalil, Gastroenterology Resident at Egyptian Ministry of Health (2015-present).

eing from Egypt, which is the biggest country on Israel's borders and historically known as the most influential Arabic state, meanwhile the country with the most bloody conflicts with Israel, I have a point.

All Arabs and I mean “ALL” excluding few christian minorities and few liberals are raised up to hate Israel. They teach this in schools. We were encouraged to paint drawings about 6th of October “Yom Kippur” war and how Egyptian Army humiliated the mystery of the unbeatable IDF! Nobody cares about the peace treaty of 1979, in fact, the great majority of Egyptians hate this treaty and wish if it wasn't held. Israel is looked to as the demon who raped the Arabic land, kills palestenians and conspires to destroy all the arabic world to form their great state from river”Furat” to river “Nile”.

Making this clear, I don't see it strange that Israel has this huge attention here and everywhere else. There is about 400 million persons who hate the existance of Israel. What's making it worse, is that one small state has a better contribution to world's science, industry and agriculture than the whole 23 arabic countries!

Nobody can deny that Arabs and Israeli have a tragic history. I myself feel angry to remember what Sharon had done to our prisoner of wars in 5-days war or the airstrikes on the primary school of Bahr Elbaqar.

But, I see that the past belongs to the past. We are neighbours with a lot of common interests. Israel is the only democracy and the most advanced state in the Middle East and collaboration will benefit Arabs as much as it will benefit Israelis. Then, we may not hear so much questions and debates about Israel.


02 December 2019

Shaniqua O’Toole vs Gateway Pundit. Spoofer: 1, Pundit: 0.

One of the signs of the time is, unfortunately, that a good spoof is practically indistinguishable from the so called "real life". Of course, we should thank our clinically confused and ridden by fake news media for this situation. But some hilarious misreadings plague even the ones that are supposed to be on guard.

Shaniqua O’Toole, one of the more successful spoofers lately, succeeded admirably to deceive the famous Gateway Pundit (not the first time he is being spoofed, by the way). Here is what caused him to lose his cool:

Here is what Gateway Pundit has said on the subject:
On Saturday Guardian contributor Shaniqua O’Toole argued in her column that the police were at fault for shooting the terrorist and should have known he was wearing a fake suicide vest.

You just can’t make this up!
A far left commentator is attacking police for shooting dead the ISIS killer.
Oh well, Shaniqua O’Toole is only a spiritual entity, and The Guardian, while they might be dying to have her on the list of their contributors, are not able to recruit her.

And the Guardian-looking page that irks so many people, is a product of a piece of software that generates such spoofs at your beck and call.

So there.

P.S. Gateway Pundit, it has to be mentioned, got wise to the nature of the spoof and eventually deleted it, but the delectable Shaniqua saved it in an archive.