• Elise Ronan at Liberty’s Spirit has a fine new piece up at The Times of Israel, April is World Autism Awareness Month: Heck, We are Autism Awareness
  • Dave Schuler at The Glittering Eye has a very interesting piece on China at Over The Beltway, No Meltdown But the End of 10% Economic Growth for China
  • VA Right’s Tom White did a great interview with Freedom & Prosperity Radio that played at 10 or so stations around Virginia. The interview, which concerned Virginia politics can be heard on his site here or by accessing the show’s archives here.
  • Debra Heine at Nice Deb has another fine piece on Breitbart concerning the always pathetic White House press secretary, Carney: Republican Opposition To Paycheck Fairness Act Just Like Their Opposition To Civil Rights
  • And yours truly at Joshuapundit has a piece up at American Thinker entitled Endgame: Israel, ‘Palestine’ And The Post Peace Talks Era, as well as a piece up at The Times of Israel on the recent conviction of a former Israeli prime minister, Justice: Former PM Ehud Olmert Convicted
  • This week, Midknight Review, Right Reason, Maggie’s Notebook and The Pirate’s Cove earned honorable mention status with some fine articles.
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