11 April 2014

Congratulations to Putin: the infusion of patriotism worked perfectly

This just has to be translated.

By Вася Ложкин (Vasya Lozhkin)
Article by Vyacheslav Balyasnikov  (Вячеслав Балясников) on site Nasha Canada.

Just recently we, with the Agency for Social Research conducted a public opinion poll, a classic sample of 4200 respondents (phone calls, street questioning).

Question: "Do you support the invasion of Ukraine?", without going into details about the Crimea, Donbass and Kiev.

General result: 56.8% - yes, 19.6% - no. In enlightened, intelligent Moscow 51%/24%, in St. Petersburg 47%/31%.

Second question: "Are you ready to be drafted into the army to carry out such a mission or send your child to war?" .

52% are willing to go and kill fellow Slavs and to send their children to the meat grinder. In Moscow - our Moscow that voted for [dissident] Navalny - 49.8% are ready.

It gets better.

Multiple choice question: "Invasion of what other country would you support - to safeguard the interests of the Russian Federation?".

Maximum (numbers undisclosed) - for the Baltic countries [Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia]. Then - United States, Japan and, surprisingly at the bottom of the list - Israel.

And now hold to your seats.

Question: "Are you ready for sanctions (inability to travel abroad, foreign goods' deficit, economic hardships) in case of active use of Russian armed forces?".

General response: 50.4% "yes" and 45.2% "yes" in Moscow.

Congratulations, Putin. You've managed to create such a nation of well-rounded slaves that I'm not even scared anymore. I am just disgusted.


Lynne T said...

Well, what was the punchline in the old joke about man-in-the-street question "Excuse me sir/madam. What is your opinion of the meat shortage?" asked to a Canadian, a Pole, a Russian and an Israeli. The Canadian knew nothing of shortages, the Pole knew nothing of meat, the Israeli had no idea what "Excuse me" meant and the Russian had no idea what an opinion was.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yep. The good old one. Was worth a year or so in a nick during a certain period ;-)