01 February 2015

Saving a man or Aaron Dover on my couch

Dedicated with gratitude to A.B.

My (virtual) acquaintance with Aaron Dover started with an article he produced for that peculiar gang of British Jews that calls itself JfJfP (Jews for Justice for Palestinians). The article was titled God Promised Antisemitism to the Zionists. I have emphasized "was", because after a short while somebody in JfJfP decided that it was too overboard even for the outfit that is overboard most of the time. The article remained in Google's cache for now, so you can both enjoy it and check where it has originated. It is also kept (at least for now) on the Soupy One blog, but somebody in JfJfP wages a Twitter war against the blogger, demanding that the article be removed. Meanwhile, the article was picked up by the notorious Gilad Atzmon and a Palestinian site "SHOA - The Palestinian Holocaust", under a tag "Zionazi". The thrust of the article could be conveyed via very few quotes:

“Antisemitism” is a word and a political construct.
Antisemitism is a danger not to the purported victims of said antisemitism, but to the actual victims; those accused of it. Everyone lives the antisemitism minefield.
The world is tired of the Jewish victimhood song, and tired of this victimhood being used as a weapon, as a means to bully people into observing Zionist taboos.
Enough, I think. It might be worthy of notice (or, possibly, not, who knows?) that Aaron Dover is billed on JfJfP as "JfJfP's social media strategist". He is also active on a website called very subtly "The Zionion" - probably a reflection on sense of humor typical for its members. He appears there a few times, although the above quoted article was withdrawn from The Zionion as well (update - it is back again). No wonders why.

Well, the seriously over the top - one might say raving - style and contents of the article, plus his hysterical Zionion appearances obviously called for what we, the Elders, do best - a character assassination. So I decided to take a closer look at the author. Starting with his Facebook page.

This Facebook avatar of Aaron Dover is worth your attention. The field of flowers and the blue sky on the background: well, being British, pining for blue sky, vitamin D and some respite from color grey is only natural. But the text on the avatar: who forces Aaron Dover to be afraid of Muslims? Strange that. Katsaridaphobia - that I can dig, but fear of Islam?

Thus I've started to look for more info about our subject. And instantly the feeling of alarm started to overwhelm me. Beginning with this:
I must have lost a HUNDRED plus people from my life ranging from friends to acquaintances, plus ALL my non-immediate non-London family. My own cousin... who moved from Scotland to a f***ing settlement overlooking Bethlehem... printed and handed me HOLOCAUST LITERATURE when I popped in.
To compensate for the loss, our hero got a message from... Greta Berlin:
Just look at all the wonderful new friends you have gained!!
Yeah... after a message like this I would run for the hills, but Aaron Dover is, probably, a better man. Unless there are no hills in his neighborhood. Anyhow, while there are multiple signs of trouble in all of the above, still nothing prepared me for this:

'Police hunted me down with 10 cars and a helicopter… and I was just having coffee'
IT consultant could sue after being sectioned in 'Hannibal Lecter' ward


Hampstead IT consultant ‘hunted like suicide bomber’ and wrongly sectioned on secure psychiatric ward

This, I have to say, was too much even for you, my fiendish Zionist friends. There are some limits. And even if there are no limits, there ought to be some. But let's slow down a bit and try to make some order in this TMI (Too Much Information) situation. Although I have a problem now - how to cope with a melody that keeps playing in my brain, since I've started the plunge into these depths of depravity - but let's leave it for now. Let us piece together the story from the available sources.
A former hedge fund boss is considering legal action after being “wrongly sectioned” in a maximum-security psychiatric ward.

Aaron Dover, 39, claims he was detained against his will for 10 days, physically restrained and forcibly injected with sedatives at Highgate Mental Health Centre.

Mr Dover, of Hampstead, was held after his wife became concerned for his well-being and called the NHS 111 out-of-hours number. Authorities feared he might be suicidal and the Metropolitan Police launched a helicopter search. He was having a coffee nearby.
A former hedge fund boss and lately IT consultant. A respectable person like that, and look where his anti-Zionist activities brought him, after annoying a powerful and ruthless Zionist enemy:
He admitted being under pressure due to an employment dispute and said he had at times suffered from depression, but claimed the response was completely over the top:
I was brought into hospital by a manhunt of more than 10 police cars, police with dogs trawling Hampstead Heath, and a police helicopter, while I was out quietly having a coffee on Flask Walk.

I was hunted down like a nuclear suicide bomber rather than someone out for Sunday breakfast.

I was held against my will with patients who were terrifying. Some of them were quite aggressive and there were frequent fights. It’s basically the Hannibal Lecter ward of Highgate.
Where they keep this manner of men, to remind you:

While Aaron Dover, thanks to the Evening Standard, looks like this:

Mostly harmless, I would say, and you would agree (of course, if you know what is good for you). Perhaps you might want to remark on the somewhat askew mouth, but wait, you haven't heard the whole story yet. There are a lot of good reasons for the mouth to look as it does.
Mr Dover, an intermittent user of cannabis for 24 years including highly potent skunk, admits he was under intense stress but believes his sectioning was based on hearsay and not enough was done to verify his account of events.
Apparently a man can't smoke some quality weed on account of all King's men hunting him down like a freaking fox? Of course, keeping in mind the real culprits behind this inhuman hunt, the troof is easy to see. The big Z in action, even if I, an Elder, say so. Let's hear now the complainant summarizing the case in his own words:
The metatarsal in my right foot was broken when nursing staff at Highgate Mental Health Centre dragged me through a doorway and it got caught. The fire alarm had gone off and staff blamed me. I feared they were going to assault me in response and I was refusing to come in from the yard which was on CCTV cameras. They did so anyway and broke my foot in the process. I was sitting cross legged in the yard at the time. After that they dragged me to my bed where I was pinned face down and injected twice with a sedative and an anti-psychotic. Following this I was moved to the psychiatric ICU ward the next day. Staff refused me an X Ray and I walked around on the broken foot for ten days until I was released by the tribunal. I went to get an X Ray the following day at the Royal Free Hospital. The hospital trust denied my FOI/DPA application for the CCTV footage. The injury is not on any medical notes that I have managed to obtain. The trust will not confirm whether they acceded to my request to preserve the footage and we are now four months later. This incident is currently under investigation by the police.
And the most tragic finale:
The NHS have destroyed my career, my health, damaged or destroyed all my personal relationships and my reputation is in tatters. They have ruined my life.
Are you still in the LMAO (laughing your arses off) state, you fiends? Tell you what, there will be no character assassination. I am now totally on the side of the aggrieved party. Try and imagine what you would do to someone who broke your metatarsal (whatever it is and wherever it is). Now picture what you would do multiplied by about 1000 in case someone broke my metatarsal... so there.

And this is what I've decided to do. I'll put Aaron here on my couch (well, an imaginary one, the one that wouldn't break no one's metatarsal. Then I'll hear him out, maybe ask a few questions here and there. Anything to help a man in dire straits. So here is our dialog ("A" for Aaron, "Me" for I):


Me: Do you think, Aaron, that the Zionists (Mossad, whatever) offed first all these people in the Charlie Hebdo place and then the four Jews in the supermarket, all that to put a wedge between the French folks and their Muslim brothers and sisters?

A: Mmm...

Me: Aaron, it is I who is supposed to say "Mmm..."!

A: Aha...

Me: Do you think, Aaron, that Zionists do what they do (mayhem, atrocities etc.) in your name?

A: Er...

Me: No worries on that account, Aaron. Usually we don't do it, but in your case, which is certainly special, we'll issue a certificate "Not in your name", signed by duly appointed and authorized Elders. Is it agreeable?  

A: Oh yeah...


Me: Do you think it's funny, Aaron?

A: Urgh...

Me: The planet depicted in this poster - is it Earth?

A: Aha...

Me: Are you sure?

[no response]


Me: Do you see yourself as part of persecuted minority, Aaron?

A: Erm...

Me: Shouldn't your T-shirt say "Jew against..." and not "Jews against...", Aaron? Do you think there are more than one person in this picture? How many of them are inside that shirt, you think? And what is that whitish stain on your shorts?

A: Oy...

At this point of the session the patient's blood pressure and breathing returned to normal. Aaron's demeanor improved markedly and it was agreed that there is no need to prolong the session. 

(*) The visual aids used above belong to Aaron Dover's Facebook page.

To: The Elders Mind Control Department (restricted communication).

The patient, one Aaron Dover, displays clear symptoms of being hit by mind control radiation from the out-of-focus ray intended for another person. In view of the subject's acquaintance with several persons of interest (such as Deborah Fink), I recommend an immediate intervention of the Chief of Mind Control Dept into the daily operation of the Team UK, to ensure that the operatives switch off the ray while resting, to avoid future cases of bystanders harmed by unintended irradiation.

Yours... (signature illegible)

Now I can tell you about this invasive, maddening melody that is occupying my mind since encountering Aaron's case:

Try to cope with it yourself and see what happens. Meanwhile let our Aaron go!


Excerpts from 1983 Mental Health Act

31 January 2015

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wants to be like the British Queen

Well, no one can say it's illegal or something. But - if I may - there is no need to go to the expense of £384 million palaces or other extraordinary measures like that. It's enough to start with these:

Here. And:

Here. And:

Here. And then something basic like:

Here. Of course, being of male persuasion, I can't advise on colors that will match the mustache and the nose, but I am sure that professional consulting could be obtained. And look at the prices, they are eminently reasonable. I freely confess to be completely lost where the hats are concerned, and I know that the monarch in question frequently uses them, but this too could be settled by an expert, I bet.

Then a bit of hormonal therapy and related arrangement, and voila! Queen of Turkey...

The Council Has Spoken!


The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week's Watcher's Council match up.

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practise to deceive! " - Sir Walter Scott, Marmion

Peace is purchased from strength. It's not purchased from weakness or unilateral retreats. - Benyamin Netanyahu

"Obama's got something against Israel." - Broadcaster Rush Limbaugh, 2009

""Ahmadinijad was stupid enough to be a wolf in wolf's clothing, to expose his teeth and nails and alert the west. I can be a wolf in sheep's clothing. I have all the diplomatic and rhetoric skills to do so." - Hasan Rouhani - President of Iran

"Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are." - President Barack Obama


This week's winning essay,Joshuapundit's Obama, Netanyahu And Congress: The Real Inside Story Raises Further Questions is my analysis of the real story behind the ginned up controversy of Israeli PM Netanyahu accepting an invitation from congress to address a joint on Iran's illicit nuclear weapons program...and what ultimate questions it raises. Here's a slice:

President Obama's latest escapade involving Israel says a great deal about his deep animus towards Israel. And it raises an important question.

Our story starts with Speaker of the House John Boehner inviting Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress on Iran and on Islamist terrorism in March.

Boehner's rationale for this was a widely popular bi-partisan bill up in congress calling for large scale sanctions on Iran if the Obama administration is unable to craft a deal limiting Iran's nuclear weapons capacity. President Obama, who watered down the previous sanctions and unilaterally dispensed with them said bluntly that he'd veto any legislation regarding Iran, and made a special point of mentioning this in his State of the Union address.

President Obama's logic is that he and Secretary Kerry just need a little more time....in spite of three missed deadlines for a deal that have seen Iran's nuclear stockpile actually grow.

There’s really zero transparency about what’s actually going on. IAEA inspectors have not been allowed inside major Iranian bases like Fardo, and among many things, Secretary John Kerry was apparently 'misinformed' when he claimed over a year ago that he had an agreement with the Islamic Republic that to cease operations at their heavy water reactor at Arak, a facility with no peaceful applications designed to produce weapons-grade plutonium. The IAEA hasn't been allowed to inspect Arak either. Nor has it been shut down, as Kerry originally told us. Meanwhile, the Iranian Majlis is on the verge of passing legislation mandating that Iran increase its nuclear enrichment.

Small wonder Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), a co-sponsor of the senate version of the bill called what President Barack Hussein Obama had to say about Iran as 'talking points straight from Tehran.'

Even the Washington Post awarded the president “Three Pinocchios” out of a possible four for his dishonest and delusional remarks on Iran during his speech.

So it's quite natural that Speaker Boehner would want the Prime Minister of Israel, who's been outspoken on Iran's nuclear threat to address congress to increase consensus on a bill that would almost certainly have to override a presidential veto. And Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu, whose country gets threatened with annihilation by Iran every other week was happy to accept.

That's when the White House literally went berserk.


The president claimed that congress had disrespected him by not clearing Netanyahu's visit with the White House, although in fact congress has the legal right to invite anyone it wants to to address a joint session.

But the president's special wrath was directed at Benyamin Netanyahu,and that was no accident, as we'll see. The president announced that he would not meet with or otherwise acknowledge Netanyahu's presence during his visit. And unnamed White House officials were quoted in the press as saying that Netanyahu had 'forgotten that Obama's going to be president for another year and a half', and that Netanyahu was 'spitting in our faces' by daring to come to America without an official presidential invitation. There were dark statements about how there would 'be a price to pay.'

The president tried to justify this by saying that the invitation by congress was a breach of protocol, and against U.S. policy to meet with a head of state this close to a national election.

He lied about that too.

For instance, a couple of months before the British general election, President Obama invited British PM David Cameron to the White House in a high profile visit that was essentially an endorsement. And just a couple of weeks ago, only four months before what's shaping up as the tightest UK election in years, the president, who is more popular in the UK than he is here did the same thing,having a meeting with Cameron, a lavish photo-op and calling him 'a great friend' and one of his "closet and most trusted partners in the world."


There have been other occasions. Remember the president's love affair with former Islamist Egyptian leader Mohammed Morsi in the run up to the Egyptian elections?

The president also had the White House release a leak alleging that Israeli Mossad Head Tamir Pardo had personally warned US senators against further Iran sanctions.

At that point, I got fairly concerned, because to my knowledge no one in Israel's security apparatus has ever said anything like that..if anything the reverse, that increased sanctions had the best chance to bring Iran to the table for real concessions. For the head of Mossad to say this would amount to him creating his own private foreign policy.

I can tell you now without any doubt whatsoever that this was a complete fabrication by the White House, and I heard it directly from several people who definitely ought to know.

Moreover, the Mossad released a public statement on the matter. And it was not exactly diplomatic in tone.

A senior Israeli official delivered an uncommonly harsh attack on US President Barack Obama's administration Thursday evening, following the American report that alleged that Mossad Head Tamir Pardo had warned US senators against further Iran sanctions, in contradiction of Israel's official stance.

"The fraudulent claims against the Mossad Head were raised by the Americans yesterday, despite a message that had been transmitted to them on Tuesday by Intelligence Minister [Yuval] Steintz,” the senior Israeli source told Channel 2 news.

He added that Israel had gone over the minutes of the meeting between Pardo and the delegation of senators, and that Pardo had not said what was attributed to him.

"Leaking the Mossad Head's statements, even if they had not been falsified, is a serious breach of all the rules,” the senior source added. “Friends do not behave like this. Information from a secret meeting must not leak out.” [...]

"The Head of Mossad did not say that he opposes additional sanctions on Iran,” said the spy agency Thursday.

"Mossad Head Tamir Pardo met on January 19, 2015, with a delegation of US senators,” Mossad said in a statement. “The meeting was held at the request of the senators and with the prime minister's approval. At the meeting, the Head of Mossad stressed the extraordinary effectiveness of the sanctions that have been placed on Iran for several years in bringing Iran to the negotiating table.”

"The Head of Mossad noted that in negotiating with Iran, a policy of 'carrots and sticks' must be adopted, and there are not enough 'sticks' nowadays,” it added.

Furthermore, said the agency, he “said specifically that the agreement that is being formed with Iran is bad and could lead to a regional arms race.”

Both the Mossad and the Israeli government are livid over this, and that can't help but affect the relationship with the U.S. This indeed is hardly the way an ally acts.

Of course, the real reason for all this goes well beyond the president's ego. It’s very much about the Israeli elections.

Much more at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal with an interesting piece, How to Lose, and Win, Graciously submitted by The Watcher.

Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

30 January 2015

שלושה חברים וסרט

הכותרת לקוחה מכתבה ב- YNET המתארת 3 חברים שיצרו סרט פשוט נפלא.
"את לי לילה".
הסרט מתאר שתי אחיות הגרות בשכונה קשת יום בחיפה. האחת מאותגרת שכלית ומוטורית והשנייה מטפלת בה במסירות כמעט על אנושית (אכן "על" ב-ע' כי היא כמעט מלאך).
במהלך הצפייה בסרט הרגשתי באופן בסיסי ביותר את הקשר העמוק בין היוצרים של הסרט: בין הבמאי לשתי השחקניות ובין שחקנית אחת לרעותה.
ברור לגמרי הקשר המיוחד בין שלושת היוצרים שאיפשר להם להגיע לרמות של רגש שדי נדיר לראות בקולנוע.
הסיפור די פשוט בעצם, אבל קשת הרגשות שהוא מעורר בך, הצופה, היא מאד מאד רחבה.
החל בפליאה על המסירות של האחות המטפלת, דרך רחמים משולבים באהדה לאחות המטופלת, ועבור לכעס על הרשויות אשר מאלצות אחות אחת לוותר לגמרי על חייה כדי לטפל באחות שניה, ואמפטיה עצומה לבחור שנכנס לחייהן.
בקיצור - סרט מאד מומלץ.
אני לא היחידה שחושבת כך....
ביקורת אחת
ביקורת שנייה
ביקורות גולשים

A new keyboard for Palestinian supporters

Courtesy of my FB friends.

Click on the picture to embiggen.

די! נמאס! צריך להחליף!

פוסט קצר, רק שני קישורים, למה צריך להוריד את המלך ביבי ועוד יותר את המלכה שרה מכס השלטון.
בן כספית מתאר את קשר השתיקה סביב בני הזוג והתנהגותם החזירית, האופורטוניסטית והמנצלת, וב- YNET מסופר על תקציב האלכוהול בבית ראש הממשלה.
ועוד לא דיברנו על מדיניות חוץ ופנים וביטחון ועוני וחינוך ובריאות.

29 January 2015

The IDF gender-related conundrum

Richard Millett, a man who goes where not many normal people dare, visited the joint Palestine Society and Feminist Society event held at the London School of Economics, one of the most prestigious universities on this planet. Accidentally, the event was held on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Here is what he witnessed:

Zena Agha portrayed Israelis as rapists of Palestinian women (see footage below). She said that “in Israel the view of Palestinian women is very derogatory and that rape had become a very prevalent idea. Rape for Israelis was almost a weapon of war against Palestinian women.”
So IDF is using rape as a prevalent idea (not sure what exactly this means, but one can guess).

This is another case where Palestinian supporters have mastered what some people of learning will probably call dichotomy. To give you a typical example: many of these supporters will deny that the Holocaust happened, only to regret on another occasion that Hitler didn't finish the job.

This is what happened to the issue of rape as well. First an elegant scientific construct is created, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that IDF soldiers don't rape Palestinian women. Because, you see, the Jooish view of Palestinian women is very derogatory. The theory spreads, its proponents get their doctoral degrees, publicity etc.

Then the opposite part of the dichotomy is embraced, and now IDF soldiers happily rape Palestinian women. Why? Oh, just because the Jooish view of Palestinian women is very derogatory.

Now you figure out a way for the Jooz the IDF to get out of this noose.

Thanks to Richard Millett, follows a recording of the new wave of Israeli atrocities described and decried.

OneVoice, V15 and other animals

Of course seeing an article like this in Haaretz is startling.

With the help of American money and a former campaign adviser to President Barack Obama, V15 is trying to replace Israel’s government. The money and organization comes from V15’s partnership with OneVoice.
I have only two remarks:
  1. Doesn't OneVoice and whoever stands behind it understand that the only result of this rude and crude intervention will be the opposite of what they desire?
  2. The fact that Haaretz published this could be explained only by one plausible reason: Haaretz competes with V15 for the funding from OneVoice. Or am I too cynical?
  3. Wouldn't... oops, two remarks limit. 

Our Weasel Of The Week!!

Fanfare, everyone!It’s time to present this week's statuette of shame, The Golden Weasel!!

Every Tuesday, the Council nominates some of the slimiest, most despicable characters in public life for some deed of evil, cowardice or corruption they’ve performed. Then we vote to single out one particular Weasel for special mention, to whom we award the statuette of shame, our special, 100% plastic Golden Weasel. This week's nominees were all slime-worthy,but in the end the winner by a nose was....the envelope please...

Legend In His Own Mind And Rotund Radical Rabble Rouser Michael Moore!!

Watcher’s Council Nominations – Snowed In Edition

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28 January 2015

Putin Repeats Stalin's Lie At the Jewish Museum

Today at the Holocaust ceremony in Russia, Putin decided to promote the old Stalinist lie: 

Of course, the main burden of the fight with Nazism was carried by the Russian people, 70% of all fighters of the Red army, officers - they were Russian people.  And the main sacrifices to the altar of Victory came from the Russian people.
This statement almost word for word repeats what Stalin's propagandist Shcherbakov said in January 1942: "The Russian people-the first among equals in the USSR's family of peoples - are bearing the main burden of the struggle with the German occupiers".

Here is why this is a lie:
  1. In terms of contribution to the victory, Putin's claim altogether ignored the role of the allies. Because the Red Army took horrible losses in the theatres of fighting, its ranks were filled by local Belorussian and Ukrainian conscripts both in the beginning and at the end of war. The deported people of Caucasus and Crimea had seen a higher percentage die in the Red Army than had the Russians. Jewish soldiers had been more likely to be decorated for valor than Russian soldiers.
  2. In terms of "burden" and "victims" even if we take only Soviet Union, more Jewish civilians were murdered by the Germans than Russian civilians, even though Jews represented only 2% of the population. For that matter, Poles, Ukrainians and Belorussians suffered more than Russians.

27 January 2015

On the murder of Alberto Nisman: no shame at all, Dr Margalit?

I assume that by now all readers of this blog know the tragic story of Alberto Nisman, the Argentinian prosecutor that did his best to unravel the web of lies and corruption behind the bombing of Jewish community center in Buenos Aires and the coverup of Iranian involvement by the government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. If you need a refresher, here is a timeline of the events.

I don't think that by now anyone still doubts that Alberto Nisman was murdered, only a day - nay, even less than a day - before presenting his findings about Kirchner's involvement to the Argentine congress. It is quite difficult to see how anyone -  aside of people close to Ms Kirchner and/or Iranian intelligence services - was involved in the murder. Of course, the reality sometimes is stranger than anything a thriller writer could concoct, and nothing is impossible. However, one Dr. Meir Margalit*, with helpful assistance of Haaretz, succeeded to boldly step... nah, boldly jump into a cesspool of a conspiracy theory to beat any existing one so far. Happily spreading the contents of the cesspool over anyone not careful enough to keep his/her distance. Here it comes, the headline of his piece:

Argentina’s Jews are serving the far right’s silent revolution

I shall try to condense the revolting article to a few bullet points for your convenience (but by all means, read it all if your stomach could bear):
  1. Dark forces from the past are returning, keen to reap vengeance on the Kirchner family.
  2. The murder of Alberto Nisman is a well-timed right-wing conspiracy, in cahoots with former police and army officials, to overthrow the government.
  3. True, the affair revolves around the 1994 terror attack on the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires — and the 85 victims who were buried underneath. BUT:
  4. In the 1970s, the number of Jews murdered by the junta by Israeli-made arms was several times greater than the number of Jews later murdered by Tehran’s minions in Buenos Aires.
  5. The Jewish community doesn’t notice that the far right is latching onto the legitimate protest and building the revolution's foundations based on its criticism.
  6. Nisman was infected by the obsession with Iran that infected the entire community.
  7. Nisman was nourished by materials that Israel gave him [here the Zionists surfaced eventually!], and was used by the right wing.
  8. Israel probably isn’t directly involved in the affair, but is an extremely(sic!) powerful player making things complicated for two major reasons: first, because this is a chance to strike at Iran; second, because Israel has a score to settle with Latin America’s “left-wing” governments that embrace the Palestinians and vote against Israel at the United Nations.
In short: forget Nisman's murder, forget Kirchner's corruption (in cahoots with Iran), forget even the 85 victims (Argentine junta killed more people, after all). Essentially: forget the truth and mind the right wing cum Zionist conspiracy to depose the progressive regime in the free and democratic Argentine!

Mind-boggling, isn't it? And I can make the above even shorter:

Dr Margalit: you are a scumbag of the first order, and I am ashamed of the fact that your feet tread the same ground I do.

(*) Dr. Meir Margalit - a freaking beacon of progressiveness.

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26 January 2015

Islamic State group nearly out of Kobani

Good news for a change.

Back under the stone you crawled out from under, vermin.
And I hope you will be found even there and squashed.