25 April 2014

How to miss and opportunity yet again: sign a unity pact with Hamas

It's just on the net newspapers (at 21.05 British Summer Time, 24 April): the PA and Hamas have signed a "unity" deal. Some unity: the terrorists and the "governing" body that keeps threatening to dissolve itself. Indeed, there are some 7 articles on the Times of Israel issue for 24 April, and I've linked to a couple of them below. More importantly, according to BBC radio news, Bibi has suspended negotiations with the PA, declaring that "Abbas has taken a giant step backwards".

Can't argue with that. The only caveat I have with that is the idea that Abbas ever really wanted a genuine peace deal with Israel as opposed to settlement that saw Israel, in the medium to long term, gone. We all know that was never going to happen. Pity that Obama and Kerry didn't either.

Here are some of those Times articles: (Liberman: deal impossible as long as palestine unity deal stands); (note the title: unity deal a kiss of death for Abbas - nice picture that creates!); and this (Israeli ministers mull new sanctions over the deal - not actually the title of the piece, but the substance of the article).

Spend the rest of your day reading this and the other three, then despair over the stupidity of the Palestinians. Remember Abba Eban's most famous quote over this issue: "The Arabs (read Palestinians) never miss and opportunity to miss an opportunity".

They've done it again. Unfailingly, they prove the truth of Eban's aphorism.

By Brian Goldfarb.