08 April 2014

Remembering the obvious is important

We need to remind ourselves of the downright obvious every so often. Thus Ruth Lieberman, in this Times of Israel article, reminds us of the visual contrast between Israel and Jordan, as seen from 30,000 feet, and what that contrast means.

There, as she says, is the Negev blooming, and there, while returning from Amman, is Jordan failing to bloom. Here (in Israel) is technology employed to utilise every drop of water available, every brain cell willing to devote itself to economic and scientific advancement; there (in Jordan) is a king who "has asked his cabinet to come up with a plan to revive Jordan’s failing economy and promote growth. Compared with Israel’s huge defense budget, Jordan does not bear that burden. And yet, the Hashemite kingdom has not found a way to channel its resources for its own prosperity."

No, rather they choose to hate and blame those they hate for their own failures (even if the Hashemite kingdom does have a peace treaty with Israel and that argument may not apply, totally, to Jordan as to others), rather than work out how to use what resources, human and physical, they do have.

Read the whole of the article and see how much you think her argument holds up.

By Brian Goldfarb.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Heh, that's a good one ;-)