05 March 2011

From Palmach commander to... that?

It was quite sad to read this article in Haaretz:

Netiva Ben-Yehuda, an author, poet, broadcaster and commander in the pre-state Jewish underground Palmach, passed away yesterday at the age of 83.
Yep, it's sad. One of the grand dames of Palmach passed away. At least she wouldn't have to read this (in the same article):
"Netiva was one of the last of the founding fathers," Culture Minister Limor Livnat said yesterday.
Founding fathers... oh gosh... I can imagine what Netiva would have said about this - the echo would have reverberated for weeks.

And this is the way everything goes: from a grand dame of independence movement to a dumb "Culture Minister"...

Anyway, Netiva Ben-Yehuda, RIP.


peterthehungarian said...

There is no doubt that Limor Livnat is one of the most competitive participant for the dumbest Israeli politician marathon but this is an obvious mistranslation from the Hebrew word מייסדים.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

OK, granted it was " אבות המייסדים"


Dick Stanley said...

Surely she meant the generic father as in saying mankind.

peterthehungarian said...

If she said "אבות המייסדים" then I apologise, she is THAT dumb. Now that I have been absolved by the pope and not considered a participant in deicide anymore I can take on myself some new sins like mistakenly trying to explain of the stupidity of our Limor.
Mea culpa, even the maxima one.