08 February 2016

Donald Trump: a clear and present danger

It's not that I like to deal with other nations internal politics. Moreover, I can easily confess to being fairly innocent about these politics. However, the man mentioned above - in my opinion - crossed a red line between endearing (or revolting, depends on your taste) posturing into a subject that, should he indeed become a POTUS, could bring catastrophic consequences to US. Actually, considering the many ways US is connected to the most of the rest of the world, it might mean catastrophic consequences to all of us. Here it comes.

Even when it comes from an ignorant moron, confined to a limited environment of his/her near and dear, it could cause trouble in the long run, with local flare-ups of infectious diseases of all kinds.

But when the know-nothing moron aspires to the highest executive post in the land, having a good chance to get there - well, read the headline. When I say "a clear and present danger" - I really mean it.