07 February 2016

Hi, Irena, here is my question

According to the article and the photo above:
A leaflet advertising a cleaning service has caused an online uproar on Friday, as it appeared to offer varying rates according to the ethnicity of the cleaner.
According to the leaflet, a photo of which was posted on Facebook by Israeli journalist and blogger Tal Schneider, the rate for hiring an African cleaning woman was 49 shekels an hour ($12.6), while a cleaner from eastern Europe was slightly costlier at 52 shekels ($13.4).
Most expensive was an eastern European cleaner with Israeli citizenship, costing 69 shekels an hour ($17.7).
That price list is obviously in need of finer tuning. Because, Irena*, that darn DNA test I went through indicated that I have some North African blood in my old veins. So, while formally qualifying for the highest rank of "an eastern European cleaner with Israeli citizenship", I cannot in clear consciousness demand this wage due to the blemish in my blood.

What am I to do now?

(*)The leaflet indicated no company name but only gave the phone number for someone called Irena.