02 February 2011

Google: Sting proves Bing copied search results

Wow, that's a biggy:

Suspicious of their new rival, Google engineers set up random results on their site for a series of unlikely search terms, such as "hiybbprqag." (Google arranged for the nonsense word to point to a Los Angeles theater seating plan on its search engine.)
"Within a couple weeks of starting this experiment, our inserted results started appearing in Bing," Google said in a statement on its official blog Tuesday.
Google said it welcomed honest competition, but sneered at Bing's "recycled search results from a competitor."
This tendency of Microsoft to "adopt" things was quite clearly shown in relatively new response to erasing the spam e-mails (they call it "junk") from the Hotmail Junk folder:

Compare with Gmail old and familiar:

Of course, there is no copyright on the words "Hooray" so far. Still, pathetic...


modernity said...

Yep, Bing copies Google, good story, more please...I'd cover them but politics is getting in the way.

Snoops, you need to do more on Linux!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, well, MB - I know that I'll lose the last remains of respect from you when I confess that the last OS I knew professionally was MVS... if you are old enough to know what MVS was ;)