13 February 2011

Is the barbarism unimaginable? Maybe, but it's all part of self-defence, a freedom-struggle, martyrdom

Kaye Wilson, a person whose personal courage is hard to describe, tells in mute tones, much of it  understatement, about the horrific experience at the hand of two petty criminals turned terrorists. They butchered her friend, Kristine Luken, they stabbed Kaye repeatedly and then they returned to finish her off, the part she doesn't tell in this article. Only her superb self-control, her ability to keep quiet when they stabbed her again, saved her life.

Wilson was stabbed 12 times, four of her ribs were broken, along with two other bones in her chest, and she underwent surgery to repair damage to her diaphragm. She walks slowly now, with visible pain. Her dog, who was also stabbed in the attack, never leaves her side.

The four mugs above have a long history of mayhem:
Police believe that the same cell carried out the murder of 53-year-old Netta Blatt-Sorek, a resident of Zichron Ya'akov, whose body was found a year ago near the Jerusalem-area monastery of Beit Jamal last year. The militants are suspected in two cases of attempted murder, one count of rape, another of attempted rape, seven incidents of robbery, seven cases of breaking-and-entering, and for shooting at an Israeli military jeep.
Two murders, one woman mutilated, rape, robbery, and only one case of something that could be remotely classified as "resistance". It is significant that their "freedom fight" was assisted by the legal hurdles related to the missing part of the border fence (the "wall" in the do-gooders language):
The gap in the separation fence in the Hebron Hills area, through which the terror squad uncovered Wednesday apparently entered, is the the largest gap to adjoin a residential area. The hole extends for about 12 kilometers, from southern Jerusalem to the village of Jaba, south of the Gush Etzion settlement bloc.The delay in building the fence in this area apparently stems from a petition to the High Court of Justice. But Shaul Arieli, an expert on the fence from the Council for Peace and Security, claims that were the state determined to build the fence in this area, it could do so without any problem.
But back to the question raised in the headline of this post. To answer it, let's look and see what a man of learning, respected philosopher, Ted (Edgar Dawn Ross) Honderich has to say on the subject:
Terrorism, as in this case, can as exactly be self-defence, a freedom-struggle, martyrdom, the conclusion of an argument based on true humanity, etc.
I guess now, partaking of the wisdom of higher learning, you, the reader, will be able to imagine the barbarism.

Of course, knowing some of you, I guess that a stray thought about our professor getting stabbed 12 times, with some of his ribs broken, along with some other bones, while on a walk around, say, Quebec (by a French separatist) or in, say, Northern Ireland, by a zealous Catholic insurgent...

But perish the thought. You see, neither a French brave nor an Irish zealot will do this.

So, imagine...

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Dick Stanley said...

Obviously, that hole in the wall needs plugging.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

So does Ted (Edgar Dawn Ross) Honderich.

Dick Stanley said...

Heh. Good dpoint.