17 February 2011

Andrew Ian Dodge on the warpath in Maine: Ms Snowe, take heed!

Andrew Ian Dodge - a rocker and writer turned politician recently, officially announces that he is filing papers with the FEC and running for the United States Senate against Olympia Snowe. He sits down with Jarrod LeBlanc of Maine Web News to discuss the launching of his campaign.

Notice that he feels quite comfortable with his war paint (the three piece suit) and he is going to prove to some people that Maine is about more than Stephen King* and lobsters. Maine could and should rock!

Good luck, Andrew!

(*) Nothing against Stephen King, mind you.


Dick Stanley said...

Yeah, good luck, Andrew. Snowe is not only a Rino, but she has to be one of the strangest looking creatures on the planet.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

There is more to come on the subject of Andrew's election woes.