04 February 2011

Islamic socialism, caliphate, Tariq Ramadan

These three search terms are dominating the intertubes lately. Anyway, its' not the blogger's part to question why. I will try to explain (mainly to myself) some of that, at least.

1. Islamic socialism

Just another way to make caliphate (see below) and associated religious oppressive regime more palatable. In general, the word "socialism" suffers easily all kind of add-on qualifiers. Like "Islamic" in this case. Like "National" in another case. Etc...

2. Caliphate

Just a convenient term to identify a geographic entity, inside which the Islamic socialism (see above) will reign. Needs a caliph, of course, an army, a religious police and associated means of persuasion, but there is nothing new in all that. Tried, worked and considered tested.

3. Tariq Ramadan

A fellow traveler whose mission in life is to make you accept the fact (oh well) that the two things mentioned above are all you were dreaming about, hoping for and, indeed, richly deserving.


Dick Stanley said...

What's a few kibbutzim, more or less? It's that national socialism you got to watch out for. And I see the Pali "soldiers" already have the stiff arm salute down, caliphate or no caliphate.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, Hamas soldiers already feel the heavy hand of the caliphate.