03 February 2011

Mossad's Egypt dept: more clarity, please, folks

When the going gets tough, Mossad is always handy: besides having its proverbial finger in every proverbial pie, it's always good for some creative scapegoating. Interestingly, while the number of pointing fingers is steadily growing, the people who point these fingers cannot make their mind up re one simple question: what, precisely, is the role of the darn Mossad in the whole Egyptian do?

To start with, the example of the Pissed Cousin* who is blaming Netanyahu, Mossad and, for good measure, also Obama in standing fast behind the dictator (Mubarak, if you need a finger pointed in this case). Just check out his site. Facts? Proof? Who cares, it works on those who are already converted.

On the other hand, the last two or three days brought up another way of thinking: that Mossad is actually behind the anti-Mubarak faction. Unlike the grim and obsessed characters like Pissed Cousin, these are sometimes hilarious:

Pro-government protesters and Egyptian military have attacked reporters from numerous media sources around the world during Wednesday's riots in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Two Swedish reporters were held for hours on Wednesday by Egyptian soldiers accusing them of being Mossad spies, the reporters' employer, daily newspaper Aftonbladet, reported. The soldiers reportedly attacked the reporters, spitting in their faces and threatening to kill them.
That was cool... the Zion lovers of Aftonbladet spit upon as Mossad spies. Talk about poetic justice. But real Israelis (one of them an Arab) were arrested too:
Four Israeli journalists have been reportedly arrested in Egypt while trying to cover the escalating violence as protesters clashed with President Hosni Mubarak's supporters. According to some foreign media reports, the four were arrested for violating curfew in Egyptian capital Cairo as well as for entering the country with tourist visas instead of work visas.
There is nothing about spitting in this case - more poetic justice... But this foursome is neither here nor there, besides they are already released or being released. There is a more interesting (well, more titillating) case:
Pro-government TV channel interviews woman who claims she was sent to Qatar by US organization, trained by 'Israelis and Jews'. Why confess? Mubarak 'was like father to me', she says.
Read the story: the only thing missing there is a Mossad-trained incubus that visited the lady by nights to produce a satanic offspring. Anyhow, either the finger-pointers just cannot make their minds up or, which is also possible, there are two warring factions in the Mossad: one pro-Mubarak and one anti-Mubarak.

(*) On the subject of Pissed Cousin aka Angry Arab: he is really entertaining, and I regret not knowing about his blog (which he delusionally calls News Service) earlier. How can one remain indifferent to an outcry (or is it outmoan?) like this one:
We have to wait for Mubarak's downfall to learn of this crazy scheme (cooked up with full US/Israeli/Saudi support). I mean, who decided that camels should be used? What was the origin of that scenario? I swear but I really smell the dirty smell of an Israeli Orientalist in the background. Did Mubarak ask Israel to form a joint Egyptian-Israeli working group to dream up scenarios? I won't be surprised.
Delicious. Totally beyond chemical intervention, I say. Due to him being a professor, I am inclined to see him as the academic version of the Rage Boy. Remember the Rage Boy?


Update: It looks like Mossad's role of intelligence gathering cum assassination here and there is over: IDF is taking the lead in Egypt. According to a character that calls himself Terminal X (and his site looks terminal, I agree), this is what really happens:
Intelligence sources for Terminal X in Egypt suggest that the "Sayaret Matkal" סיירת מטכ"ל or "General Staff Reconaissance Unit" of the Israel Defence Forces have disguised themselves as Muslim Brotherhood activists using their elite units and commandos.

Objective: Ignition of a bloody confrontation and clash between the Egyptian Army and its people

Route: Direct

Expected Target Time: 3 to 12 hours

The news has been verified by Egyptian intelligence sources and warnings have been issued. Talks are underway with Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas officials.
Well, this is it. I have to say that the precision of the information is impressive, although 12 hours is a bit over the top: this is the usual target time for takeover of big countries like USA or China. Egypt should be over in something between 4 and 5...

I would like to offer a visual aid to this news:

In the foreground: vanguard unit  of Sayaret Matkal is taking over the Al-Tahrir square. In the background: the last supporters of revolution are escaping with their lives.

The last scoop thanks to Nizo.


Francis Sedgemore said...

Anything on Comment Is Utterly Worthless? Sorry, I can't bear to look myself, not having the stamina of a seasoned zionist operative.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I would say the usual hodge podge of stuff:

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To Michael Tomasky whose headline tells it all:

The US, Egypt, Israel and morality


Of course, Obama gets lots of valuable advice:

Barack Obama must accept the Muslim Brotherhood is likely to be part of Egypt's post-Mubarak government


(What I don't get is what (and why) Obama could do otherwise)

There is some interesting stuff, factual and to the point:

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Some strange stuff by Jonathan Freedland: I frequently have trouble with understanding what precisely he is trying to say (aside of people be nice to each other):


And only one man got an excellent point in:

What happens across the Mediterranean matters more to the EU than the US. Yet so far its voice has been inaudible



Pisa said...

You know what's really funny? I crashed on the Angry Arab's site via the Happy Arab News Service. Talk about mood swings!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Bipolar? Hmm...