07 October 2006

A richly deserved death

Let's leave politics aside for the moment. After all, it's Shabbat, so we can just allow ourselves an idle chit-chat about some miscellaneous stuff. Here, for instance.

Gunmen shot a Palestinian extremist Saturday as he walked through a refugee camp in south Lebanon banging a drum to wake Muslims for their pre-dawn Ramadan meal, security officials said. Bilal Salloum, 39, a member of the Asbat al-Ansar group, died instantly after being struck by four bullets in Ein el-Hilweh camp, Palestinian officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity as they are not allowed to speak to the press.
Of course, it is (again) an uncritical copy job by Haaretz using AP as a source, and of course they are trying to make it look as a politically inspired murder. When the truth looks one in the eyes! What could be more deserved than killing a sadist that wakes up people at such ungodly hour?
Salloum was killed while performing as a "mesaharati" - a person who uses a drum to rouse faithful Muslims for prayers and breakfast before dawn during the holy month of Ramadan, the officials said.

The attackers promptly fled the scene, the officials added.
Sure. They have just closed the windows and went back to sleep. Cannot say I blame them.