16 October 2006

WTF is uguagliance?

Spiritof1976 has dedicated a post to the unsung supporters of the glorious DPRK and its leaders. My initial impression was that he is pulling the collective leg of his readers, but there indeed is a forum for these people, where they come under the cover of darkness (I guess) to share their love to the diminutive Kim and his unbelievable Workers' Party (WPK). It takes all kinds...

Spirit, however, not being versed in the WPK lingo was stumped by the following quote:

Is beautiful that in the DPRK there is uguagliance and a lot of free servicies, contrary to other western countries where the proletarians live the black book of capitalism...
  • To start with - uguagliance is an alliance of GULAGs - it's basic WPK-speak and has nothing to do with no Italian language, as another commenter there guessed (wrongly).
  • The free services provided in uguagliance are: 24x7 guard, shooting the escaping folks and subsequent burial.
  • The access to the library of successive Kims' books is optional.
  • "The black book of capitalism" is a typo: it should read "The black bock of capitalism".
That's more or less the end of the in-depth analysis of the quote. As a useful side result, however, it could be derived that the person quoted considers DPRK to be another western country. However, if you circle the globe from NK in the eastern direction, the first serious land mass will be that of Mexico (more or less). Strange, that...