10 October 2006

A brief lesson in Russian

I was going just to post a brief report on innuendo in Russian pro-government press about the possible culprits behind Anna Politkovskaya's murder. However, a recent post on Zionation on the subject of the endless conspiracy theories sounded strangely in tune with this subject.

Ami Isseroff says: "Only the vilest and most demented minds could have dreamed up the conspiracies attributed to Zionism." I am not sure that I agree. I concur with Ami's guess that very soon we'll hear that Zionism is behind the North Korean nuke test, but this is not the point.

From times immemorial the pagans invented various gods and goddesses responsible for every disaster - be it one concocted by nature or by inexplicable abnormality of human behavior. Later, in the age of monotheistic enlightenment, the need for these gods/goddesses has not abated, but was replaced by the constant lookout for the dark power behind the same disaster. And of course, Jews became that handy power in most cases. And it does not take an especially vile or demented mind, I would say...

Now we can go to the Russian example.

"Жиды погубили Россию": or, phonetically, "Zhidi pogubili Rossiyu". Or, in plain English: "The kikes ruined Russia". This call, familiar for the last two hundreds years (at least) of Russian history, frequently uttered just before (or in the middle of) throwing up due to excessive intake of cheap vodka, is nothing new. Not always, though, it is related to sheer drunkenness alone. It was and is used quite seriously on many occasions when a handy explanation for a recent disaster or any other event is required, and the blame clearly applies to the authorities.

It is difficult to break the mold, and so it goes: year after year, regime after regime. The current murder of Anna Politkovskaya is not an exception. The body is still warm and Pravda and Isvestia have already found the way to link the dreaded Zhidi to the dastardly deed:

Version that links Leonid Nevzlin* or, for example, another "exile", Boris Berezovsky**, to the murder, could seem delirious at the first sight. But it could not be denied that some of the persons who left the motherland, must sustain abroad the image of Russia as a country where a person could die for his/her convictions. (Izvestia)

Anna's murder could have been of advantage to the forces of opposition, for example these surrounding Khodorkovsky*** (Pravda)
See how easy it is. Surely the Pravda and Izvestia people are not that vile and/or demented - they are good fathers/mothers, friends, colleagues that just do their jobs, that's all. Same as their Iranian colleagues in IRNA and their Syrian, Saudi and other colleagues. They just have to have that dark power to explain everything away.

As if to add insult to injury, numerous inquiries of the sort "Is Anna Politkovskaya Jewish" are running across Internet as we speak...

(*) Nevzlin - a Jewish-Russian billionaire in trouble with Russian authorities. Currently resides in Israel. Seems to be getting in trouble here too.
(**) Berezovsky - a Jewish-Russian billionaire in trouble with Russian authorities. Currently resides in UK. Seems to be getting in trouble there too.
(**) Khodorkovsky - a Jewish-Russian billionaire in trouble with Russian authorities. Currently resides in Russian jail. Seems not to be in any special trouble there.

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