20 October 2006

A new chapter in stand-up comedy

Mahmoud the Mad, the most popular Middle-Eastern stand-up comedian is not content with being recognized as such. He is striving for recognition in new markets, in this case the European ones.

Toward this goal, Mahmoud is developing several new techniques, hitherto undiscovered in this genre. One of these techniques is creative use of the nature imagery:

We inform you that the nations are like an ocean that is welling up, and if a storm begins, the dimensions will not stay limited to Palestine, and you may get hurt.
The ingenious invocation of powers of nature is very impressive, being funny as well at the same time.

Another new technique, doubtless inspired by his elder colleague Mr. Khamenei, is the use of a finger.

He is even trying to outdo Khamenei, sporting a golden ring on the hand he uses. Possibly stolen during the days of his youthful zealotry when ransacking the US embassy in Tehran...

So far the European spectators of this latest number have not responded, being obviously in deep contemplation of this novel form of self-expression. The Elders, however, are unanimously supportive of the novel approach to stand-up comedy. We have decided to offer Mahmoud this flag - to serve as a background to the scene and to remind him that there is more than one finger that could be used.

Take care, Mahmoud!

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