03 October 2006

Aha! Its Brian again...

Opening the "World Latest" page of the Guardian today, I had my attention drawn by the headline "Coming out in Arabic" subtitled: "Brian Whitaker reports on a lesbian group's struggle for acceptance in the Middle East". Knowing quite a bit about our dear friend Brian and his habits (journalistic ones, I mean), I said to myself "uhu". Or was it "aha", I am not quite sure at the moment. I have this custom of saying "uhu" or "aha" to myself lately. Nothing good comes with age, I can tell you.

Anyway, I was on the subject of Brian Whitaker here. This deranged venerable anti-Israeli rarely misses an opportunity to deliver a knee-bite to the deeply hated Zionist entity. So my "uhu" (or "aha") was, most probably, in expectation of that bite.

What does the struggle of a lesbian group, justified as it is in the stuffy atmosphere of religion of peace and tolerance, has to do with the Zionist entity, you may ask? And you will be absolutely right to ask it, you know. But this is the Guardian and this is Brian, and he writes about Middle East, so something is bound to happen.

Oh boy, and happen it did! The reality grossly exceeded my wildest expectations. It started in the middle of the article and it did not stop. To convey the style, I will use only a limited quote.

At the same time, highlighting Israel's association with gay rights has made life more difficult for gay Arabs, adding grist to the popular notion that homosexuality is a "disease" spread by foreigners.
And more, much more in the same vein, but I wouldn't spoil it for you. Go and read it yourself, it is a regular litany of Zionist oppression and depravity.

I do not know and, frankly, do not care what are Brian's personal sexual proclivities. We, the Elders, are absolutely not bigoted, believing in one simple advice: "If it fits - go for it!".

So, we sincerely hope that the following recommendation we are going to issue to Brian, will not cast any aspersion neither on Brian and his choice of sexual preference, nor on us regarding any remote possibility of our bigotry, male/female chauvinism or, indeed, lack of sensitivity.

With the above fully understood and agreed upon, here is our advice:

Brian, dear - go and fuck yourself.

An update from another Elder: vigorously.