27 October 2006

London JCC JCast - the first ever

  • How can Jewish community help the Islamic community in UK in its time of trouble? Opinions differ. (Yes, Jews played an important role in the fight against apartheid in US and helped the black community quite a lot, but in this case the community is not that receptive...)
  • Ethnic/religious schools in UK. As far as I am concerned, all religions could go packing, but let's not be too prejudiced.
  • JDate - success and horror stories. I cannot say I don't see the possibilities, but for me it's a bit too late.
  • Borat - is he good for the Jews? A good question.
And much more. On top of it, the JCast airs the "strangely posh voice" of David T from the inimitable Harry's Place - all for the same price of listening for half an hour to this tightly packed high quality podcast.

Even if you happen to be of anti-Semitic persuasion, it is worth listening to. You shall be exposed to some high quality English, like what your mom wanted you to master, but did not succeed.

Good stuff, JCC!