13 June 2016

Alison Chabloz without ad hominem attacks

Alison Chabloz as a product of our civilization is described sufficiently by Aussie Dave in his post Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Alison Chabloz. My attention was recently attracted by the lady's response to the massacre of LGBT folks in Orlando. Here is her comment, in all its naked glory:

How should an average person react to this? Just to remind you who Alison Chabloz is:

If you are not familiar with the specific gesture on display above, here it is.

All in all, my personal response normally would have included a few words that, while richly deserved by the lady in question, could have made this response a string of ad hominem attacks, which, while fitting this here blog, are not really required in this case. I have chosen another way to respond, letting the images of Ms Chabloz speak for themselves. So here you go, without prejudice and ad hominem.

(Hat tip - Jennanne Simpson).

Warning: click "Read more" only if you are 18+, don't suffer from a heart disease and are not pregnant. Indifference to your mental state could be also a good indication for viewing.

Correction: the image before the last one has crept in by mistake. The editor was severely punished, but there wasn't time to remove the image before publishing.